D.P. Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More!

D.P. Season 2 (an acronym for Deserter Pursuit) is a South Korean streaming TV series directed by Han Jun-hee, from a scenario by Kim Bo-tong and Han, founded on the Lezhin webtoon D.P Dog’s Day by Kim. The series co-stars Jung Hae-in, Koo Kyo-hwan, Kim Sung-Kyun, and Son Seok-Koo. It premiered in 6 parts on Netflix on August 27, 2021

The series enlarges the undesirable nature of the military, particularly within a South Korean context. The wide bullying and hazing, as well as the attitude for the “survival of the fittest,” are rife, with those alleged the “weakest” thrown to the last of the pile and served horrifying knowledge at the hands of their superiors and nationals.

Isolated Ahn Joon-ho and Corporal Han Ho-Yul both squad up to find the runaways and end up on a daring journey. So here we bring the cast plot!

D.P. Season 2 Release Date

D.P. Season 2 Release Date
D.P. Season 2 Release Date

D.P. season 2 has only been established so far. Neither Jung Hae In nor Koo Kyu Kwan has been described to be working on any other series as of scripting this article. Motion-picture photography for D.P. season 2 might begin onetime in 2022, and seeing the quick turnaround for K-dramas, the sequel can be predictable to land on Netflix by early or mid-2023.

There are manifold reasons why D.P. was critically commended throughout its announcement and continues to be deliberated in South Korea. The show spent eight weeks on Netflix’s top dramas list in its home-based country.

Founded on a webtoon titled D.P Dog’s Day, the show efforts to show society the looking glass to the extreme mistreatment and hazing culture widespread in their military.

D.P. season 2 will have the equal production cast as season 1. Director Han Jun will also co-write the script with Kim Bo Tong.

D.P. Season 2 Expected Plot

D.P. Season 2 Expected Plot
D.P. Season 2 Expected Plot

Season one of D.P. ended on a captivating high note, venting like a volcano. Everything that the show has been talking about since the beginning – the hierarchical structural abuse, power abuse by seniors, political connections, graphic stories, and emotional backstories – has culminated in the final two episodes.

Joon Ho walked away from his unit commander’s decisions in the finale. As the rest of the group turns one way, the D.P. member turns the other way and begins to walk away. There aren’t many places Joon Ho can go, given that his conscription is set to end in over 500 days.

The first season also focused on his strained relationship with his mother. So returning home is also out of the question. However, D.P. season 2 may reveal why Joon Ho has a strained relationship with her.

Then there’s Ho Hyeol, who repeatedly defied his immediate superior, Sergeant First Class Park Bum Gu (Kim Sung Kyun), in front of all the juniors. Ho Hyeol, the veteran D.P. member, did get a second chance after returning from the hospital, but his D.P. position could be taken away with a power play in some episodes.

He could be “punished” by being assigned as an ordinary soldier or to military police, which would prevent him from leaving the barracks (for one thing Ho Hyeol is the fondest of).

Hoon Jo and Ho Hyeol’s palpable and unmissable bromance will undoubtedly be kept in the upcoming season.

D.P. Season 2 Cast

D.P. Season 2 Cast
D.P. Season 2 Cast

The conclusion of D.P. Season 1 left many questions unanswered. The show has always addressed issues such as emotional oppression, power exploitation, command ragging, and much more. In the final episode of Season 1, Joon Ho refused to obey his unit commander’s orders. Joon’s escape is different because there is no way out of the country. After all, the military has closed all of the exits.

Another plot involves Ho Hyeol, who repeatedly disobeyed his superior, Sergeant First Class Park Bum Gu, in front of all his subordinates. He was given a second chance after being released from the hospital, but political power abuse can increase the level of conflict in the community.

If the military discovers Ho’s hideout, he may face punishment in a court-martial conducted by the Korean military court. The bro code of Hoon and Ho will undoubtedly pique the interest of the audience.

The main cast members are expected to be Jung Hae-in, Koo Kyo-hwan, Kim Sung-Kyun, and Son Seok-Koo. In addition, Jo Hyun-Chul, Shin Seung-ho, Park Se-Joon, Park Jung-woo, Kim Dong-young, Lee Jun-young, and others are expected to appear in supporting roles.

Where To Watch D.P. Season 2?

The streaming service also revealed that two new actors would be joining the cast: Ji Jin-hee (Designated Survivor: 60 Days) and Kim Ji-Hyun (Thirty-Nine). “Their unfinished story,” Netflix Korea wrote, alongside photos of the cast.” D.P. Season 2 is solitarily available on Netflix.

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