David Makes Man Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More!

David makes man Season 3 is the third sequel of David makes man which is an American television field created by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Tarell Alvin McCarney and falls under the genre of drama. The show is set in South Florida. The story of “David makes man” revolves around a 14-year-old boy named David who was born in the projects but receives his education from a school for academically gifted youngsters. It follows the steps of how David tries to become successful and get his family out of poverty. In 2019 the series was renewed for a second season which premiered on June 22 2021 the first season of the show premiered on August 14th, 2019. 

The show received the Peabody Award in the Entertainment category and was also nominated for Gotham Awards and Critics’ Choice Television Awards.

David Makes Man Season 3 Recap

David Makes Man Season 3 Recap
David Makes Man Season 3 Recap

Season 1

Season one of “David makes man” is all about David’s world, David seems to have a lot of friends and jokes around at school and tries to live a normal life, but the truth is he lives in the most dangerous parts of the project and has to act as a protector to his younger brother JG. David admires the environment of Serene’s home and family when he spends the night with him to get help in making the “where I came from” presentation. His mother, Gloria has to face rude customers, sexual harassment, and a bad fall, all in one day, and also gets fired.

She comes across a new problem when she gets back home and realizes that JG had caused issues with the landlord after he set his bed sheets on fire. Gloria is an alcoholic and struggles with unemployment as well as her sobriety all at the same time. David tries to steal prescription pads to sell them for money to pay for rent but Dr. Bree suspects him of the same.

Serene goes missing and his parents claim that David had something to do with it. Although the prescription drug scheme leads to a loss of life and also David finds out about Raynan’s involvement in Sky’s murder. David ends the prescription card scheme and concluded that he has to find a way to get rid of Desmond, Shinobi, and Teo for good. 

David Makes Man Season 2

David Makes Man Season 3 Recap
David Makes Man Season 3 Recap

Season two of the show is set after years. David is now a strategic marketer for urban planning, and JG is a cop. JG is married with a teenage daughter and Gloria their mother is now 15 years sober, running a home for foster children. While making a trip to the Ville, JG tries to break apart a fight and is accidentally shot, he makes it to the hospital on his own but the doctors say that there is internal bleeding which would require surgery. David is woken up from a dream when he gets a phone call from his mom asking him to come to the hospital immediately.

The dream was a flashback to David’s sophomore year where he is constantly reminded of how he’s different from other boys at his school and eventually gets suspended for fighting after one of his friends provoked him with a racial slur. JG’s Condition improves but the doctors recommend inducing a coma. JG is released from the hospital after being in a coma for five days.

David not being able to cope goes back to therapy just to quit but his therapist recommends that he should continue. David Tries to stop the environmental work. He spent some time with Mr. Elijah at home for the first time in 15 years. JG and his wife appeared to be fighting and their daughter hears everything and considers running away.

David reunites with Serene on the night of the charity event. David stages of plea to try to get Joe, from work, to change his mind about the mall and develop homes instead which Joe accepts. JG struggles with the fallout of the shooting But to make things more difficult for him his daughter Trenise goes missing. Gloria, Gigi, and David look for her in the Ville. David is surprised when he gets back home just to find Trenise sitting there. Elijah along with the rest of the Ville residents team up for a major turnaround with the board meeting which turns out to be a success.

David Makes Man Season 3 Cast 

David Makes Man Season 3 Cast 
David Makes Man Season 3 Cast 

The main cast of the show includes:

  • Akili McDowell as David
  • Kwame Patterson as Adult David (season 2)
  • Alana Arenas as Gloria, David’s and JG’s mother
  • Phylicia Rashad as Dr. Woods-Trap
  • Nathaniel Logan McIntyre as Seren
  • Isaiah Johnson as Sky
  • Ade Chike Torbert as Rayna
  • Jordan Bolger as Shinobi
  • Cayden K. Williams as JG (Jonathan Greg), David’s younger brother
  • Travis Coles as Mx. Elijah
  • Arlen Escarpeta as adult JG (season 2)

The show is expected to have the same cast in the third season too.

David Makes Man Season 3 Release Date And Expected Plot

David Makes Man Season 3 Release Date And Expected Plot
David Makes Man Season 3 Release Date And Expected Plot

The first episode of season one of David makes the man on August 14th, 2019 and the last episode aired on October 16th, 2019. The second season premiered on June 22, 2021, and was continued up until August 24th, 2021. The show currently stands at a rating of 7.1 out of 10 on IMDb. As far as the third season of the show is concerned there is no official information but we are hoping for the best. The show has neither been canceled nor renewed as of now, but for further updates stay tuned.

The first two seasons of the show depicted the struggles and life of David and how he tries to get himself and his family out of poverty, the show also talks about racism and the difficulties of living on projects. We are hoping to see more of these struggles of David’s family and the residents of Ville just so they can survive, and we’re looking forward to the show getting more awards. 

Where To Watch David Makes Man?

You can watch the show on Amazon Prime, Yidio, and HBO Max. Season 3 is expected to be released on the same platforms. For more David makes Man information keep in touch. Until then, Ciao.

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