Dead Still Season 2 Renewed or Canceled?

Will Dead Still season 2 gets a renewal? To know about it in detail, stay tuned with us to find out all about the amazing show Dead Still.

Dead Still is a period drama, crime thriller, and mystery suspense series. The drama Dead Still season 1 is divided into 6 parts. It is a television drama series of Irish-Canadian. The drama Dead Still, was first broadcast on Acorn TV (American OTT platform) on 18th May 2020 and over Citytv(television broadcasting network) on 15th May 2020.

It was produced by the Deadpan Picturan es (Irish production company) and by  Shaftesbury Films (Canadas production company) which makes this drama more mesmerizing. The story of the series Dead Still season 1 is written by John Morton. And the story was formulated by both John Morton and Imogen Murphy. The series Dead Still season 1 was directed by both Craig David Wallace and Imogen Murphy. Paul Donovan and Christina Jennings are the executive producers of the period drama series Dead Still season 1.

Dead Still Season 2 Cast

Dead Still Season 2 Cast
Dead Still Season 2 Cast

The amazing show had an amazing set of cast in its season 1 and that’s why there weren’t any hurdles for the series to be a blockbuster hit for the same. The list of those outstanding cast is mentioned below:

• Michael Smiley, who played the character of Brock Blennerhasset

• Aidan O’Hare played the character Frederick Regan, who is an officer of the Dublin Metropolitan Police.

• Eileen O’Higgins played the character Nancy Vickers. She is the niece of Brock and also an emerging actress.

• Kerr Logan played the character Conall Malloy. He is the assistant of Brock.

• Jimmy Smallhorne played the character Cecil Carruthers

• Mark Rendall played the character Percy Cummins

• Martin Donovan played the character Bushrod Whacker

• Aoife Duffin played the character Betty Regan

• Peter Campion played the character Henry Vickers

• Rhys Dunlop played the character Ronnie Roper

• Fiona Bell played the character Abigail Vickers

• Gemma-Leah Devereux played the character Hanna Dubby

• Patrick FitzSymons played the character William Glendinning

• Jordanne Jones played the character Lily Molloy

• Laura Murray played the character of Eva Lambert or The Ghost Queen

• Mary Murray played the character Aline Lambert

• Lynn Rafferty played the character Bessie Bulger

• Shane Lennon played the character Harry Farrelly

• Natalia Cooper played the character Vicenta

There is no certain information about the cast of Dead Still Season 2 by now but it can be anticipated that many amon the cast will reprise their roles for the next season that is Dead Still Season 2.

Dead Still Season 2 Episodes

Dead Still Season 2 Episodes
Dead Still Season 2 Episodes

As of now Dead Still season 2 has not been released, and neither there has been any confirmation about the continuation of Dead Still season 2. So, as of now, the cast who played the characters for Dead Still season 1 are only known. The same goes for the episodes, as of now only Dead Still season 1 episodes are there in the known list, followed by the first episode of Dead Still season 1 that got a release on the 18th of May 2020 and the last episode of which have been released on the 15th of June 2020.

Episode 1: Photochemistry ( 18th May 2020)
Episode 2: Development (18th May 2020)
Episode 3: Daguerreotype ( 25th May 2020)
Episode 4: Camera Obscura (1st June 2020)
Episode 5: Snuff (8th June 2020)
Episode 6: Only Memories Remain (15th June 2020)

Dead Still Season 2 Release Date

Dead Still Season 2 Release Date
Dead Still Season 2 Release Date

The show has its big bang entry on 18 May 2020 with the first episode of its first season. The show deliberately left the fans to gaze over the next eason that is for Dead Still Season 2. But as per the official reports, the next seuqel has not been canceled or announced for a renewal. Nothing yet has been released as in the information about the release of the series in 2023 as crazy fandom assumes it to release originally.

The makers of the show are asking the fans to wait for little more while until they have something stiff to be announced on.

Where To Watch Dead Still Season 2?

Where To Watch Dead Still Season 2?
Where To Watch Dead Still Season 2?

The Dead Still Season 2 is still not confirmed and that is why it is hard to reveal the platform for its release. However, Dead Still Season 1 is available on AcornTV, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, and Vudu.

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