Deaimon Season 2 Released? Check The Dates Here

Wondering when and where Deaimon Season 2 is released? Worry no more you are at the right place. To know more stay tuned with us.

Anime Deaimon in Japanese であいもん is adapted from the manga series which was written by Rin Asano. It was published by the company the Kadokawa Shoten in the year 2016 in their manga seinen magazine named the Young Ace. The manga of the adapted anime Deaimon, which has thirteen volumes till now. Deaimon is directed by Fumitoshi Oizaki.

The anime credits in writing go to Reiko Yoshida. Ren Takada is the music composer for the film. The movie Deaimon is produced in the studio of Encourage Films. The movie Deaimon was broadcasted over the following broadcasting networks: Tokyo MX, BS11, KBS Kyoto, SUN and AT-X. The anime series Deaimon has a total round of twelve episodes. The anime Deaimon has received a good rating and a positive attitude overall from the audience.

Deaimon Season 2 Cast

Deaimon Season 2 Cast
Deaimon Season 2 Cast

Deaimon anime season 2 may have the same characters and as of now, there is no information about Deaimon season 2 release. Focusing on the Deaimon cast and the characters

• Nagomu Irino is our main protagonist. Our protagonist wants to pursue his ambition of becoming a great musician and later he had to come back home to look after his family business. His character voice-over was given by Nobunaga Shimazaki.
• Itsuka Yukihira our second character is a lovely lady living at Nagomu’s home where she lives with his parents. For living there and to help run the store she was adamant about inheriting the store where the father of Nagomu also wanted her to inherit the store even though Nagomu is supposed to be the original inherent of the store. The character Itsuka Yukihira is played by Kozue Yūki.
• Heigo Irino is the real owner of the store Ryokushō and he is Nagomu’s father who became sick over time. He is voiced by Rikiya Koyama.
• Fuki Irino was the sweet person and the mother of Nagomu. She is voiced by Sayaka Ohara.
• Masa Tatsumi played by Hiroshi Iwasaki
• Auntie Otsuru or Otsuru-san played by Satsuki Yukino
• Saki Seto played by Takuma Nagatsuka
• Mitsuru Horikawa played by: Minori Suzuki
• Kanoko Matsukaze played by Minami Takahashi
• Hiiro Kisaichi played by Saori Hayami
• Shinri Yukihira played by Maaya Sakamoto, is the mother of our lovely girl Itsuka.
• Tomoe Yukihira, is Itsuka’s father. His character is played by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka.
• Masayo Irino is the grandmother of our male protagonist Nagomu. She is played by Miho Yoshida.
• Ikkō Irino is Nagomu’s grandfather who is deceased, he is played by Izō Oikawa.

Deaimon Season 2 Story

Deaimon Season 2 Story
Deaimon Season 2 Story

Deaimon’s anime story is adapted from the manga which has 13 volumes. The Deaimon anime plot is based on a pretty wholesome story. Starting with our male protagonist Nagomu, who wants to pursue his ambition and henceforth leaves Kyoto to travel to Tokyo. Nagomu wanted to become an achieved musician. Nagomu further leaves the shop with his father and goes away. Meanwhile our female protagonist Itsuka comes in.

Itsuka is a young generous and beautiful lady who is acknowledged by both Nagomu’s parents. Nagomu’s parents become a kind of foster parents for Itsuka. Itsuka also meanwhile becomes attached to them, she stays with them and helps them out at the store. While Nagomu’s father wants Itsuka to become the future owner of the store. While the original future owner Nagomu comes back again to take care of the store when his father falls sick. Determined to not let Nagomu have the shop she adores so much Itsuka steps in, making it her goal.

Deaimon Season 1 Episodes

Deaimon Season 1 Episodes
Deaimon Season 1 Episodes

For the anime series Deaimon season 1 has a total of 12 episodes.

  • Episode 1: Nagomu and Itsuka
  • Episode 2: Echoing Through the Hydrangea
  • Episode 3: A Summer Night’s Accompaniment
  • Episode 4: A Blue Wind Rustling Fresh Leaves
  • Episode 5: Welcoming the Spirits
  • Episode 6: Autumn’s Potato Moon
  • Episode 7: Dancing in Autumn Colors
  • Episode 8: Chestnut Retrospective
  • Episode 9: Long-Awaited Warmth of Spring
  • Episode 10: Reminiscing About Waiting for Spring”
  • Episode 11: Is It Good
  • Episode 12: Red Sea Bream for a Spring Dawn

The first episode of Deaimon was released on 6th April 2022 and the last episode was released on 22nd June 2022.

Deaimon Season 2 Release Date

Deaimon Season 2 Release Date
Deaimon Season 2 Release Date

The anime series Deaimon season 1 has come out very recently and has ended already. For the Deaimon season 2 to release there is no information about it yet. Maybe it will take time before there is a release of Deaimon season 2 but as of now, there is no information about the release yet.

Where To Watch Deaimon Season 1?

Where To Watch Deaimon Season 1
Where To Watch Deaimon Season 1

Deaimon season 1 is available to browse on Crunchyroll, 9anime, and also on gogoanime. For Deaimon season 2, there is zero information with us regarding its releasing platform as its release date is also not yet confirmed. But we can assure you if Deaimon season 2 happens, it will surely get its place over these platforms.

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