Interspecies Reviewers Season 2 Plot, Recap, Release Date, And More

Interspecies Reviewers Season 2 is the second sequel of Interspecies Reviewers, a Japanese series written by Amahara and illustrated by Masha. Interspecies Reviewers season 2 is the second season of the show. The series falls under the genre of fantasy and sex comedy manga. A 12-episode television anime adaptation of this series was aired from January to March 2020 and was produced by Passione. The story of the series is set in a world where prostitution is legal and there exist various brothels with many different species called “succu-girls”.

They have succubus blood running through them which is the blood of a demon in female form that appears in dreams to seduce men usually through sexual activity. It is the story about a few visitors who become reviewers rating their experiences with various species of succu-girls and publishing them in the local Tavern. The protagonist of the series is as follows- a human called Stunk, an elf named Zel, and an Angel named Crimvael. 

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Interspecies Reviewers Season 2 Plot Summary And Recap

Interspecies Reviewers Season 2 Plot Summary And Recap
Interspecies Reviewers Season 2 Plot Summary And Recap

The story revolves around a world setting where prostitution is legal and how three species in male form- A human, an elf, and an angel go around reviewing brothels and “succu-girls” from each species. The show opens with Stunk, the human, and Zel, the elf arguing over who is better between a 500-year-old elf woman and a 50 years old Human. They were asking their friends from other species what were their views about it. Both of them rescue an angel, with a broken halo named Crimvael and become friends by treating him to a catgirl succu-girl.

Crimvael takes up a job at Ale and Eats Tavern. At the Tavern Stunk, Zel and Crimvael get the idea of going to a birdwoman brothel after being inspired by the tavern’s waitress Meidri who is also a birdwoman. The three males soon claim themselves to be the interspecies reviewers.

Stunk and the other males learn that each person is limited as to who they can hire based on their own “size” due to the fairies’ small size when they explore a fairy brothel. A representative of the demon party asked the reviewers to review a demon brothel to improve the image of the demons but the group gets distracted and reviewed the minotaur brothel instead.

The guys are curious about how it is to be like women, so they visit the gender swap inn and take the potion that transforms them into girls, they try out the new bodies with the associated succu- girls and get varying results. The males come across a black alley brothel that was priced extremely low because of the deadly nature of the pure-bred Lilin but even after all the warnings stunk zel and bruise are excited to try out but regret their decision soon.

The reviewers then stop by a store where they can eat food off a hot salamander woman. After some time the reviewers get an anonymous request to review a cyclops brothel. Cyclops is a giant-eyed creature and the group learned that was the main selling point of the succu-girls.

Unique mushroom girls are provided to each of them by the hostess of the myconid brothel as per their needs. The group next goes to a golem brothel where they have to build their own desired partners as per their choice from various parts but all end up building their models after Meidri, the waitress at the tavern, although Meidri gets to know about that and punishes three of them. The rules then go to the will-O-the-wisp brothel where the succu girls are so bright that they all have to share the same room. 

The reviewers then visit an establishment where they can watch soccer girls lay eggs and bid on them. Later Mitsue, the human succu-girl announces which succu-girl is the most popular among humans. The reviewers then visit a brothel-based on roleplay. The gang visits this succubus tower where they can have real succubi take any form they request. These succubi have a catch that they leave their customers completely drained for days on end. Stunk, Zel, and Bruise come across an undead brothel offering everything from zombies to vampires. Crimvael also visits a magic slime brothel by himself.

The group learns about an establishment that got a perfect score by all four reviewers of some other group and hence begin traveling towards the magic metropolis to try it out themselves. At magic metropolis the reviewers’ money allowed them to spend three days doing whatever they want with a decoy doll.

An incubus is offended by the reviewers’ negative reviews and takes it upon himself to review these establishments and give them all perfect scores although after some time he is stabbed by a vengeful lover. Later, the gang gets drunk and goes to a leprechaun brothel for succu-girls. Although in the morning they realize that they have spent all their money on alcohol and girls and their reviews were written too drunkenly and they decided to take on a proper adventure request to get their fortune back.

The reviewers then finally visit the demon brothel where they are given special treatment. As the new year arrives and all of the favorite joints of the reviewers are already booked the ferry brothel owner introduces them to a dream eater brothel where they can revisit their choice of succu-girls inside their dreams. 

Interspecies Reviewers Season 2 Characters And Voice Artists

Interspecies Reviewers Season 2 Characters And Voice Artists
Interspecies Reviewers Season 2 Characters And Voice Artists

The main characters of the Interspecies Reviewers Season 2 show include

  • Stunk Voiced by Junji Majima, a male from the human species who is a part of the interspecies reviewer
  • Zel Voiced by Yusuke Kobayashi, a male from the elf species, also a part of the interspecies reviewer
  • Crimvael Voiced by Miyu Tomita, an angel who was rescued by Stunk and Zel
  • Meidri Voiced by M.A.O (Japanese) and Brittany Lauda (English), a bridesmaid waitress at the Ale & Eats
  • Mitsu Voiced by Kyo Yoaya An elderly human female prostitute
  • Kanchal Voiced by Kaede Yuasa
  • Bruise Voiced by Kenji Hamada, a dogman reviewer with a preference for plump succu-girls
  • Narugami Voiced by Kengo Kawanishi

Interspecies Reviewers Season 2 Release Date

Interspecies Reviewers Season 2 Release Date
Interspecies Reviewers Season 2 Release Date

The first episode of the show was released on January 11th, 2020 and the last episode premiered on March 28th, 2020. Currently, the show sits at a rating of 7.4 out of 10. As far as the second season of the show is concerned there is no official information out yet. We don’t know if the show would be renewed for a second season or not. Although if the show is renewed there is a good chance that season two would be released in 2023. Although we are hoping for the best and keeping our fingers crossed. 

Where To Watch Interspecies Reviewers Season 2?

You can watch Interspecies Reviewer’s show on Amazon Prime, 4anime, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

Interspecies Reviewers Season 2 is expected to be released on the same Platforms.

For more information about Interspecies Reviewers Season 2 stay tuned. Until then, Ciao.

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