King Of Stonks Season 2 Released Or Cancelled?

King of Stonks season 2 released or cancelled? To find out all about the statement of King of Stonks Season 2 stay tuned with us.

A dark comedy crime series oh How a startup company lands up in trouble with unethical means of climbing the ladder of the capitalist realm.

About King Of Stonks Season 1

About King Of Stonks Season 1
About King Of Stonks Season 1

King of Stonks, the series that was released recently is known by Cable Cash. The series King of Stonks is a German TV show which is directed by Isabell Šuba, Facundo Scalerandi, and Jan Bonny (head director). The show is run by and produced by Philipp Käßbohrer and Matthias Murmann. The show King of Stonks was shown at the Munich Film Festival under the New German Television section on 25th June 2022.

The series King of Stonks was later released on the platform Netflix on 6th July 2022. The series scriptwriters are script Philipp Käßbohrer (lead author), Jan Eichberg, Fabienne Hurst and Mats Frey. The music of the series is composed by Konstantin Gropper and Ziggy Has Ardeur. The series was produced by bildundtonfabrik, a German production company.
There are a total of 6 episodes in King of Stonks season 1, where each episode is 45-50 mins.

King Of Stonks Season 2 Cast

King Of Stonks Season 2 Cast
King Of Stonks Season 2 Cast

As there is no news of King of Stonks season 2. The cast of the series of King of Stonks season 1 is listed with the characters they have played.

• Thomas Schubert played the character Felix Armand

• Matthias Brandt played the character Magnus A. Cramer

• Larissa Sirah Herds played the character Sheila Williams

• Sophia Burtscher played the character Alex Eriksson

• Altine Emini played the character Sascha Renzel

• Thekla Viloo Fliesberg played the character Steffi

• Andreas Doehler played the character Tom Wieland

• Kais Setti played the character René Lückenroth

• Eva Löbau played the character Desirée Maletzki

• Bibiana Beglau played the character Ariane Cramer

• Maryam Zaree played the character Eva Maiwald

• Mehmet Ali Salman played the character Fabian Hermann

• Uschi Glas played the character Genvieve

• Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht played the character Till Hermann

• Roozbeh Farhangmore played the character Rooz

• Julian Sark played the character Marco

• Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg played the character Jutta Katz

• Birgit Linauer played the character Renate

• Reinhold G.Moritz played the character Rudolf

• Jean Luc Bubert played the character Klaus Mackmann

• Nino Porzio played the character Vito

• Daniel Seniuk played the character Thorsten

• Andrei Viorel Tacu played the character banker

• Manfred Böll played the character Hans Ueli

• Steffen Will played the character Olli

• Sohel Altan Gol played the character Commissioner (flashback)

• Thomas Rudnick played the character Leonard

• Jasin Challah played the character Mike Silver

• Jonas Friedrich Leonhardi played the character of sound engineer

• Stefan Lampadius played the character Albert

• Martin Aselmann played the character of a sound engineer

• Alexander Koll played the character of a Reporter

• Christian Tramitz played the character, Tony

• Joachim Król played the character Christian

• Samy Challah played the character Alexis

• Felicia Chin-Malenski played the character Janine Lee

• Thomas Perkins played the character Clay Anderson

• Miriam FiordepontiAngela

• Leander Gerdes played the character of a Policeman

• Thandi Sebe played the character Ellen

• Viet Anh Alexander Tran played the character Simon

• Mi Hae Lee played the character Narisara

• Anna Larissa Grosenick played the character Nele

• Errol Shaker played the character Rick

• Deborah Jo played the character Julie

• Matthias Breitenbach played the character Dr. robbing

• David Vormweg played the character Milo

• Pingting Zang played the character Yuki

• Lucas Brosch played the character of a Cameraman

• Henry Appiah played the character of a Security Officer

• Sammy Shrine played the character Ben

• Atalay Sahinbas played the character of a Fan

King Of Stonks Season 2 Release Date

King Of Stonks Season 2 Release Date
King Of Stonks Season 2 Release Date

As the series King of Stonks season 1 has released in the year 2022, there has been no news of the release of King of Stonks Season 2. We may hear about the continuation of the series later this year or next year but that’s all time will speak. As of now, there is only season 1 and also season 2 has not been cancelled.

Where To Watch King Of Stonks Season 2?

There is no news or information about the release of King of Stonks season 2. For the time being King of Stonks season, 1 is out and is there to watch. For anyone who wants to browse the King of Stonks season 1, it is available on the platform Netflix. The trailer of the series King of Stonks season 1 is available on YouTube.

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