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Pagan Peak Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Updates & More

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We all love to watch investigation and crime thriller series right? If the killer, is a serial killer, then no matter what, we won’t stop unless and until we find out who the killer is. We will finish the entire series in one go. Well, then ‘Pagan Peak’ is an interesting investigation series that is a must-watch.

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‘Pagan peak’ also known as ‘Der Pass’ is an Austrian-German crime thriller drama created and directed by Cyrill Boss and Philipp Stennert. It was inspired by Boren/ Bron(The Bridge) by Hans Rosenfelddt. It is an investigation thriller where two cops hunt a serial killer who goes on killing people on the Austria-Germany border. The crime fiction series stars Julia Jentsch, Nicholas Ofczarek [de], and Franz Hartwig in the lead roles. 

Pagan Peak Season 3 Release Date

The inspired series has two seasons with 16 episodes in total(8 episodes each), with a running time of 45 minutes each. The first season was released on 25 January 2019 and it got an 8/10 rating with wonderful audience response. Two years after the release of the first season, the series came back with the second season. It got released on 21 January 2022. Season 2 got even more audience support and it also got an 8/10 rating.

Yeah, the investigation series has actually attracted the audience with its storyline and suspense. Now that season 2 has also gained success, it’s time for us to question the creators regarding season 3 of the crime series. The creators haven’t made any official announcement regarding the release date of the series. But yeah, looking at the success level of the series, we can expect season 3 anytime soon. 

Pagan Peak Season 3 Cast And Crew

Julia Jentsch as Ellie Stocker: Traunstein senior detective inspector, and enthusiastic officer, is in an affair with Claas, her boss. Hanno Koffler as Claas Wallinger: Traunstein police commissioner, has an affair with Ellie. Nicholas Ofczarek [de] as Gedeon Winter or “Falcon”: Salzburg detective inspector, becomes obsessed with catching the “Krampus killer”. Franziska von Harsdorf [de] as Yela Antic: Traunstein police investigator, mentored and trained by Ellie. 

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Dominic Marcus Singer [de] as Alexander “Xandi” Gössen: serial killer, younger brother of Wolfgang, who hunts, tortures, and kills women. Christoph Luser as Wolfgang Gössen: manager of Gössen family company,  and protective older brother of Xandi. 

Erol Nowak [de] as Manni Krois: hunter, works for the Gössens, instructs Xandi in folklore, and prepares deer corpses. Andreas Lust [de] as Manuel Riffeser: Corrupted Salzburg detective chief inspector, in charge of Tonia’s and subsequent murder investigations. 

Franz Hartwig as Gregor /”David Zeller”, a survivalist, and tech-savvy, who takes advantage of Krampus legends for his own ends, he also pretends as David to become Ellie’s neighbor. Lukas Miko [de] as Sebastian Brunner: doomsayer/survivalist, Six Brothers cult leader, Nataša Petrović as Milica Andov, mountain inn employee exploited by her boss, Sara

Lucas Gregorowicz as Charles Turek: Munich newspaper reporter, writes a book on the Krampus killer, Martin Feifel [de] as Christian Ressler: Austrian criminal profiler and case analyst. 

Pagan Peak Plot Summary

Pagan Peak Season 1

The story sets on the Austria-Germany border,  where two cops set out to capture the merciless serial killer. The two cops Gedeon and Ellie take the serious case of the serial killer, Gregor who wears a Krampus mask. Soon they realize that Gregor is not merely a serial killer, but he knows techy stuff as well. Gregor hacks Ellie’s computer to know their next move and to keep them under his surveillance.

The cases increase as the days pass by and they feel pressured by their higher officials. Unfortunately, they wouldn’t be able to find the killer. So they find a copycat killer and arrest him, and close the case. A year later, Gedeon (who knows that they haven’t arrested the real killer) feels guilty and uncomfortable. He persuades Ellie to reopen the case and find the real killer. Gregor gets to know this. The story takes an unusual turn when Gregor moves to Ellie’s neighborhood and becomes the guy next door. But the season ends with a happy note where Gregor gets arrested. 

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Pagan Peak Season 2

The story begins a year later after the serial killer Gregor’s case. Ellie trains and mentors her junior detective Yela. Gedeon also joins as a policy advisor. They get to another serial killer, Xandi, who tortures and kills women victims. Though they catch Xandi, things get messed up when they realize he is protected by his older brother Wolfgang, his employee Manni and even the investigation chief detective Manuel. 

Where To Watch ‘Pagan Peak’?

The crime thriller series ‘Pagan Peak’ season one and season two are available to be watched on Disney+ Hotstar. No other official site streams this series. 

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