Roar Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Updates, and More

‘Roar’ is an anthology series based on the short story collection titles ‘Roar’ written by Cecelia Ahern. The black-comedy drama is created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch. The series is produced by Leanne Moore and Barbara Gibbs. 

Roar Season 2 Release Date & Updates

Roar Season 2 Release Date & Updates
Roar Season 2 Release Date & Updates

The first season of the American series ‘Roar’ has a total of eight episodes with a running time of around 37 minutes each. The first episode was released on April 15, 2022. This series is completely different from any other normal drama. The series is a collection of different experiences that women face throughout their lives.

It shows women’s perceptions as well as others’ perceptions. Season one has created an impact on the audience and they are demanding a second season. Since the series is a collection of many short stories it won’t be much difficult for creators to come up with season 2. Season one was released in April, so it is still early to ask for season 2.

But seeing the audience response there is a high chance for the creators to come up with season 2 of the series. Let’s wait and watch. 

Roar Cast And Crew

Roar Cast And Crew
Roar Cast And Crew

Issa Rae, Griffin Matthews, Lauren E. Banks, Nick Kroll,  Nicole Kidman, Judy Davis, Simon Baker, Betty Gilpin, Daniel Dae Kim,  Cynthia Erivo, Jake Johnson, P. J. Byrne,  Merritt Wever, Justin Kirk, Riki Lindhome, Jason Mantzoukas,  Alison Brie, Hugh Dancy, Christopher Lowell, Ego Nwodim, Jillian Bell,  Meera Syal, Bernard White, Julie White, Peter Facinelli, Rizwan Manji,  Fivel Stewart, Kara Hayward, Alfred Molina. 

Roar Season 1 Plot Summary

Roar Season 1 Plot Summary
Roar Season 1 Plot Summary

The series s a collection of short stories based on women and it is labeled as ‘darkly comic feminist fables’ it clearly shows what it means to be a woman and the different experiences that women face in their lives. 

The first episode ‘The Woman who disappeared’ features Issa Rae as Wanda. Wanda is a novelist whose book about her life became a bestseller. She gets invited to Los Angels to discuss converting her book into a movie. As soon as she walks into the airport in LA, she felt racism in the air. She experiences racism even in small things, like her cab randomly getting canceled; staff doesn’t even mind her when she goes to purchase party wear from a shop. All this kills her from inside.

The main purpose of her coming to LA was to turn her book into a movie but when she talks with the producer she realizes they want to turn it into a VR game but not a movie. She gets tired of everything happening around her and wishes to disappear from there.  

The second episode ‘Women who Ate Photographs’ stars, Nicole Kidman. This episode shows the overdose of nostalgia is dangerous. Reliving memories are good but too much of it will spoil the present. Nicole plans to bring her mother Judy Davis to her place because her mom is forgetting things because of dementia. In order to keep an eye on her mom, she decides to make her mom stay with her.

She goes to Davis’s place to pick her up and sees the photo album from her childhood. She sees one of her pictures where she eats ice cream. Out of nowhere she takes that picture and eats it. She takes the album with her and visits all the places in the picture and continues eating the photos. She does this because she wants to convince herself that these memories are within herself and won’t disappear.

The third episode ‘The Woman who was kept on the Shelf’ stars Betty as Amelia. The series shows how too much beauty is a bane. Amelia works as a model and she always abides by what her mother says. Amelia’s entire life was designed by her mother. The only decision she has taken by herself is moving in with Henry. Their married life goes smoothly until one day when Amelia sees Henry building a shelf and when she asks, he says it’s for her to sit.

He wants her to sit on it daily so that he can get inspired and do his job but when she says that she has to go to work, he asks her to quit the job. Before she could process everything, he persuade her to sit on it. First few days he treats her like a queen but later on, he ignores her because of his work pressure. Before she gets back to her work, it becomes too late. This episode explains that beautiful women are always considered trophies that are kept on shelves. 

The fourth episode ‘The Woman who Found Bite MArks on her Skin’ stars, Cynthia, as Ambia. This episode tells the story of all the working mothers and throws light on postpartum depression. Ambia gives birth to her second child Zoe. A year after the birth of Zoe, she continues to go to work and Greg takes care of their children.

She starts noticing bite marks all over her body. She suspects that it’s Zoe’s doings but won’t take it much seriously. When bite marks become so evident each day, she gets tensed and faints. This shows the tension, stress, and difficulties a working mom faces in her life. Family life, sex, and workplace politics tear her apart. 

The fifth episode ‘Woman who was fed by a Duck’ stars Merrit as Elisa. This episode shows a clear picture of a male feminist who wears the mask of a gentleman. They fake sympathy, and empathy and uses luring words to encourage us. But once they realize we have fallen for them, their mask slowly fades away and they turn into a monster who orally and physically abuses women. Elisa and Lily are sisters. Lily is already married and Elisa is in the dating phase.

Though she wants to date she considers men as ducks. Larry is one such duck that admires her. He persuades her with fake words that make her fall for him. After completely falling for him. They move in together at her place. That’s when he reveals his real character. He always abuses her and shits on her place. Thankfully before it gets too late she comes out of that toxic relationship. 

The sixth episode ‘The Woman who solved her own murder’ stars Alison as Becky. Becky’s murder case was handed to two useless investigators Bronson and Durst. When she realizes that these two are distracting the case and are not putting any effort to find the murderer, she decides to find the murderer herself. When she investigates on her own she comes across a picture of hers with her friend Christiana.

When she connects the dots she concludes that she is the murderer. But before finalizing it she coincidently hears her conversation with Chad, who had a crush on Becky. When she follows him she finds enough and more evidence that shows Chad is her killer. She collects the evidence and gives it to Carol, a sincere police officer. She solves her own murder and vanishes into rainbow-Esque dust.

The seventh episode ‘The Woman who returned her Husband’ stars Meera as Anu and Bernad as Vikas. This episode throws light on the typical South Asian tradition mage of a husband and wife, with a mix of modern culture. Anu and Vikas have been together for many years now. And just like any other couple that is so done with each other.. Anu gets annoyed with him to a point where she decides to sell him in the supermarket.

Yeah, in reality, they can exchange their husband for a new one in the supermarket. Anu exchanges Vikas and gets a new one. But she never felt comfortable with any of them. Finally, she decides to be single and go on a trip to Italy. When she sees a changed Vikas with another woman, she regrets her decision. This shows how South Indian women are so used to their counterparts that they cant leave them no matter what. 

The eighth episode ‘The Girl who loved Horses’ stars Fivel as Jane. This episode shows the lawlessness, sexism, racism, and oppression that existed during the olden period. Jane lives with her father Jim. Being a teenager she needed her own space and privacy from her father. Once Jim asks her to accompany him to the market but she refuses to do so. He never returns back, when she goes to the market she finds that her father was killed by a man named Bacall. The rest of the episode shows how she kills him. This shows the determination woman has when it comes to a revenge mission. 

Where to Watch ‘Roar’?

The series ‘Roar’ is available to be watched on Apple TV+. No other official sites stream this series. 

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