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Sweet Home Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?

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Sweet Home is one of the most famous Netflix Original horror Korean dramas based on the same-named webtoon comic by Yongchan Hwang. The series is produced by Studio Dragon, which has previously produced blockbuster K-Dramas such as My Holo Love, Love Alarm, Arthdal Chronicles, and Crash Landing on You.

Sweet Home season 2, the follow-up to Netflix’s new K-Drama horror series Sweet Home, has been canceled. Many fans are looking forward to Sweet Home season 2 after a fantastic first season. Recently, rumors circulated that filming would commence in December 2021, but Netflix refuted the reports. In this article, we will be informing you of all the information related to Sweet Home Season 2 and what can be the expected plot.

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What Happened in Season 1 of Sweet Home?

What Happened in Season 1 of Sweet Home
What Happened in Season 1 of Sweet Home

In Season 1 of the Sweet Home, one of Lee Eun-comrades hyuk’s stabs him and throws him out of the building, killing the rest of the team and leaving only one alive. Yui-myeong is his name, and he appears to be a demon-like Hyun-su. He claims to be the only survivor of the church and that he joined the mercenaries to hide.

As the elevator doors open, Hyun-Su introduces Umyeong to the other survivors. The gang comes to a halt when he says that he is exactly who he is. Sang-wook is supposed to be replaced by Hyun-Su, but Ui-myeong kills the two survivors. Hyun-su then transforms into a monster that can be defeated at that point. Du-sik made the ultimate sacrifice.

The army is on its way as well. According to him, the survivors would be taken to security camps, while the infected will be handed over. Hyun-Su challenges the military as a bandit causes the apartment building to fall owing to an explosive explosion. Eun-nose hyeok dies in the accident when his nose bleeds.

After going through the tunnels, the survivors reach higher ground and are transferred to a security camp. Yi-Kyung advises the survivors to cling to their lives and form a group. After an encounter with the military, Hyun-Su wakes up in an armored car and is immediately greeted by Sangwook. Ui-Myeong has since taken over for Sangwook.

New Storyline of Sweet Home Season 2

New Storyline of Sweet Home Season 2
New Storyline of Sweet Home Season 2

Season 2 of Sweet Home is a full-fledged fairy tale with a storybook feel, complete with demon characters and terrifying circumstances. Sweet Home’s plot isn’t exactly as sweet as its name suggests, since the homes in which all of the series’ characters live turn out to be a nightmare.

The purpose of this horrible website is to allow people to alter their personalities secretly and reveal their dark side by transforming it into something we can’t conceive. Sung Kang, who plays Cha in the show, is faced with a difficult situation and devises a plan to conquer it. The story will be continued in the second season of Sweet Home.

Sweet Home Season 2 will have to resume up where the first one left off unless something unforeseen happens. Chan Hyon-soo awakens in the last minutes of their first season finale to find that he has survived the dreadful conditions in which they had been held captive. When Pyeon Sang-Wook pushes him, he realizes he’s in an armored vehicle. Following that, viewers found that Pyeon Sang-Wook is Ui-Myeong who has only assumed the Sang-shape.

Season 2 of this TV show will be called Sweet Home. Because Sweet Home Season 1 did not have an ending, this is the case. In the new season, certain questions will be answered. Sang-fate Wook’s fate will be revealed.

Season 2 of Sweet Home is scheduled to be set in a new locale. The previous one may have vanished as well. “Sweet Home” is a show about people who adore horror movies. It’s also a wonderful show for thrillers and zombie aficionados. They might enjoy shows like The Walking Dead, Lovecraft Country, and The Strain.

There’s little denying that Sweet Home has found a home in the hearts of many since its premiere in December. While fans have been screaming for a second season, there have been no official announcements. According to Soompi, the K-Drama horror Sweet Home Season 2 has yet to be decided. Netflix, on the other hand, has not yet announced any renewals.

When Sweet Home Season 2 will release?

When Sweet Home Season 2 will release
When Sweet Home Season 2 will release

Sweet Home Season 2 was a 140-episode webtoon that was quite long. The first season of Netflix, which was just launched, did not, however, cover everything that this webtoon has to offer. It will be disappointing for webtoon viewers if the creators end the episode on a cliffhanger.

A few major characters from the first manhwa are still unknown. As a result, in a recent interview with Eung-Bok, the director stated that in the coming season, he would fully honor the webtoon and would not disappoint both the writers and the viewers. As a result, Season 2 of Sweet Home is set to premiere in 2022.

A trailer for Sweet Home Season 2 has yet to be released, as has a release date. Stay tuned with us for more information on the South Korean drama series.

Reviews on Season 1 of Sweet Home

Reviews on Season 1 of Sweet Home
Reviews on Season 1 of Sweet Home

Season 1 of Sweet Home garnered mixed reviews. The drama has been panned by some critics for being too slow and dull, while others have lauded it as a fantastic horror show with many horrific scenes. Season two of Sweet Home has yet to be released, so it’s tough to say how fans will react to the sequel.

Despite favorable reviews, no news on whether Sweet Home Season 2 will be renewed. Netflix guarantees that its audience appreciates a show before renewing it. We’ll have to wait a long time for our show to return. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemonium, some people are unable to work.

There are several unfinished endings in the Sweet Home show that viewers are curious about. Sang-Wook (Lee Do-hyun), the man who saw death in the pool, what happens to him? If Lee Eun-hyuk (Lee Do-hyun) is alive or dead, he was discovered buried beneath the rubble of the apartment building. Will the military be able to stop the survivors from turning into monsters?

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