The Inmates Season 2 Release Date, Plot, and More

The Inmates Season 2 is awaited by its crazy fans that are no longer ready to wait for the sneak peek.

The Inmate, also known as El Recluso in Spanish, is a 2018 Telemundo International Studios production. It debuted on the network on September 25 and ran through October 11 of the same year. El Marginal, a tv show produced in Argentina by Sebastián Ortega and Adrián Caetano, is the basis for this adaptation. In the series, a former marine investigates the kidnapping of the daughter of a well-known US judge after entering a maximum security jail on the border with Mexico.

Lázaro Mendoza, a former marine from the United States (Ignacio Serricchio), enters Mexico’s La Rotunda maximum security facility under a false name and is charged with three suspected murders. His objective as Dante Pardo is to infiltrate a deadly gang of guards and inmates that operates both inside and outside the jail. They are the primary suspects in the kidnapping of John Morris’ adolescent daughter, who is a judge in the United States (Guy Ecker). Lázaro must investigate La Rotunda to identify the perpetrator of the kidnapping and learn the girl’s location.

The Inmates Season 2 Cast

The Inmates Season 2 Cast
The Inmates Season 2 Cast

Most likely, the cast of The Inmates Season 2 will be the same as that of season 1. Let’s meet the cast and their characters.

  • Ignacio Serricchio as Lázaro Mendoza / Dante Pardo
  • Ana Claudia Talancón as Frida Villarreal
  • Flavio Medina as Jorge Peniche
  • Luis Felipe Tovar as Mariano Tavares
  • David Chocarro as Juan Pablo ‘Santito’
  • Mariana Seoane as Roxana Castañeda
  • Guy Ecker as John Morris
  • Isabella Castillo as Linda Morris
  • Bradley Stryker as Jack
  • Gustavo Sánchez Parra as Cuauhtémoc
  • Leonardo Ortizgris as Florentino
  • Alejandro Calva as La Foca
  • Rodrigo Oviedo as Silvestre Chávez
  • Ramón Medina as Marcial Navarro
  • Erik Hayser as Jeremy Jones
  • Diego Calva as El Rubio
  • Kristyan Ferrer as El Syka
  • Juan Pablo Castañeda as El Picudo
  • Héctor Suárez as Salvador Valencia ‘El Procurador’
  • Amador Torralba as Balin
  • Armando Espitia as Bocinas
  • Hector Kotsifakis as El Muerto
  • Luis Daniel Muñoz as Cumbias
  • Ricardo Esquerra as El Sobaco
  • Moisés Arizmendi as Porfirio Mendoza
  • Pepe Alonso as El Elegante
  • Tiaré Scanda as Azucena Tavares
  • Adriana Barraza as Guadalupe Mendoza
  • Jolien Rutgers as Camila
  • Vanesa Restrepo as Elvira
  • Nacho Tahhan as Evaristo Galindo
  • Cesar Ramos as Julian Mora

The Inmates Plot

The Inmates Plot
The Inmates Plot

Lázaro Mendoza, a former Marine accused of triple killing, enters the prison’s La Rotunda under the guise of Dante Pardo to complete a mission: save Linda, Judge Morris’ daughter. Dante is given the authority of the courtyard in place of La Foca by Tavares, the boss of the gang that runs the jail. Dante learns that La Gringa, the young woman he must save, suffers a setback. Dante travels via a tunnel to reach Linda’s cell using a map and the instructions of an elderly assassin who is still detained in La Rotunda. They relentlessly harass him, and his life is in jeopardy.

Porfirio blackmails the court and receives a half-million dollar payment using the information Dante gives him about Linda and behind the back of the undercover soldier. Despite being in a free state, El Elegante will not leave. Santito is assigned the task of transferring Linda by Tavares. Dante takes part and is able to filter the area of the Ranch where they take her. Jack is dispatched by Judge Morris to save his daughter. Now that the effort has failed, it’s time to free Linda from jail and take some precautions to avoid getting caught.

Peniche receives a message from Frida announcing the start of an inquiry. Morris snipers are stationed all around the ranch where they keep Linda. Amid the shooting, the Tavares band is taken by surprise, and Dante is hurt and tricked. Peniche grants Dante permission to go away while also obtaining a passport, cash, and a weapon. He crosses the border to find Morris. Pablito, his son, gives him a call. Despite Dante’s request that she not contact the police, Frida takes a chance and contacts an agent who is the brother of a convict, explaining to him that the inmate is a youngster who lost the couple that cared for him.

The complete background of Dante as a former soldier and his rescue operation at La Rotunda, in which he was betrayed, come to Frida’s attention when she is trying to locate Pablito. Frida confronts Dante about his actions. After Frida pays Linda a visit in Texas, the judge’s daughter poses as Dante to visit the prison and assist him in finding his son. A murder occurs to Santito’s father. Tavares promises retribution.

Lázaro gives Frida a kiss and asks her to come with him when he decides to go back to the US, where Dante Pardo does not exist and has no legal issues. They choose Pablito: Linda and Frida. Dante escapes the penitentiary through La Rotunda’s main door and is freed in the midst of the commotion while fooling the authorities and donning a firefighter’s outfit. To Frida, he bids farewell.

The Inmates Season 2 Release Date

The Inmates Season 2 Release Date
The Inmates Season 2 Release Date

There have been no formal statements from Netflix regarding the airing of The Inmates Season 2 as of yet. Due to the pandemic, the release date was delayed from its original goal for 2020 to the first half of 2021. However, no formal announcements have been released as of yet. The production of the show is still ongoing, and an announcement may be made at any time. As soon as a Netflix official announcement is made, we’ll update this page.

With an IMDb rating of more than 1.30 million viewers globally, the first season garnered a very positive reception from the public. The performance is more than adequate for Netflix to confidently announce the impending debut of The Inmates Season 2. 13 episodes made up the whole first season. The release of The Inmates Season 2 has been much anticipated by viewers, who are now waiting for Netflix to make an official announcement.

The Inmates Season 2 Plot Expectations

The Inmates Season 2 Plot Expectations
The Inmates Season 2 Plot Expectations

For the investigation of a very important case, former marine officer Laizaro Mendoza enters a location with extremely tight security. On the border with Mexico, he entered the very guarded jail. In the inquiry of the kidnapping of US Judge John Morrisx’s daughter, he was involved. On this plot, the tale was built. As of right now, no source has provided any storyline details for The Inmates Season 2. John Morris’ bodyguard Lazaro Mendoza worked as a security detail for him. For the job of looking for his daughter, he was the only person in John Morris’ vicinity who was accessible and suitable. Lazaro must be familiar with the regulations, the jails’ internal structure, and everything as he was a former marine officer.

Even though, he never served time in prison and lived a regular life since he was unaware of the insider information about prisons. This series is a must-watch for anybody who enjoys shows like Prison Breaks. Former US Marine was busy gathering information inside the jail while completely oblivious that his adversaries were preparing food for him outside.

Where To Watch The Inmates Season 2?

Where To Watch The Inmates Season 2?
Where To Watch The Inmates Season 2?

The Inmates Season 2 is not yet announced and may release on the same platform but you have to wait for the updates. But, you should watch this series because it is a crime thriller with plenty of suspense. If you haven’t seen the series, do so now. Watch it all at once on Netflix.

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