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The Kissing Booth 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, and More

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Vince Marcello wrote and directed The Kissing Booth, a 2018 American teen romantic comedy film based on Beth Reekles’ 2012 novel of the same name. Joey King, Jacob Elordi, and Joel Courtney feature in the film. Elle (King) is a quirky, late-blooming adolescent whose developing affair with high school senior and pretty boy Noah (Elordi) jeopardizes her deep friendship with Noah’s younger brother Lee (Courtney).

The Kissing Booth premiered on Netflix on May 11, 2018, and was hailed as a box office success by the streaming provider due to its high viewership. The film was criticized by critics, who thought the plot and themes were cliched.

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The Kissing Booth 3 Speculative Release Date

The Kissing Booth 3 Speculative Release Date

Joey King and Joel Courtney revealed the August 11, 2021 release date in a sizzle reel for their future films, which will be published on April 27, 2021.

The Kissing Booth 3 Cast (who’s returning)

The Kissing Booth 3 Cast (who’s returning)

All of the principal cast members will return, according to the surprising announcement of the third film. So Joey King as Elle Evans, Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn, Meganne Young as Rachel, Molly Ringwald as Noah and Lee’s mother Sara, and Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Noah’s Harvard friend Chloe are all back in the role, as well as Molly Ringwald as Noah and Lee’s mother Sara and Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Noah’s Harvard friend Chloe.

Chloe has no love feelings for Noah, as we learned in the sequel, and the earring was only a misunderstanding. Taylor Perez will reprise his role as Marco, and he’ll most likely cause problems for Elle and Noah because he still has emotions for her. His friend tells him that Elle isn’t worth it at graduation, but Marco responds, “Yes, she is,” after his friend has left. Perez stated that he wanted “justice for Marco” in regards to his pursuit of Elle in the third film.

The Kissing Booth 3 Plot

The Kissing Booth 3 Plot

Because their mothers grew up together and had a strong friendship, Elle Evans and Lee Flynn have been great friends their entire lives. As they grew older, they enjoyed dancing on an arcade dance machine based on Dance Dance Revolution. Elle’s mother becomes gravely ill at the age of 11 and dies three years later. Elle’s crush on Lee’s popular elder brother, Noah, intensifies as she grows older, although she tries her utmost to suppress it.

Elle’s school uniform pants split on the first day of junior year. Since freshman year, she has been required to wear her school uniform skirt and has become the center of attention after school. Tuppen, an older student, slaps Elle’s buttocks in an improper manner. Tuppen is attacked by Noah, who intervenes. Tuppen, Noah, and Elle are given detention, for which Tuppen expresses regret. Elle eventually agrees to go on a date with him. Tuppen, on the other hand, does not appear after telling Elle that Noah has cautioned everyone not to pursue Elle romantically.

For their school fundraiser, Elle and Lee come up with the idea of a “Kissing Booth.” During a party, Elle informs the popular OMG girls (Olivia, Mia, and Gwyneth) that Noah will be in the photo booth, despite Noah’s previous refusal. A raucous crowd greets the Kissing Booth when it opens. Everything goes smoothly until Lee, rather than Noah, serves as the Flynn family kisser, disappointing the girls. Rachel takes a step forward to kiss Lee.

While enjoying the fair, Lee and Rachel leave the booth in Elle’s capable hands. The OMG Girls were enraged that Elle lied about Noah’s participation, so they set her up to kiss an unsuitable student. The pupil waves Noah forward at the last possible moment. Noah kisses Elle while she is blindfolded, and when she raises her blindfold and finds Noah in front of her, they kiss once again in front of the entire school.

Elle is outraged when she sees Noah flirting with another girl while cleaning up the booth. Noah offers her a drive on his motorcycle, but they must seek cover in a park gazebo due to the rain. Elle kisses Noah and tells him that she can’t be yet another sexual conquest for him. Noah, hurt, admits he has feelings for her. Warren tries to persuade Elle to go to a hot tub near the end of a rowdy beach party, much to Elle’s chagrin. Elle is defended by Noah.

Warren teases Noah for being overprotective, and Noah’s body smashes Warren while Elle flees the scene. Noah finally catches up to her and offers to drive her home. He apologizes for his feelings for her along the way, and they take a detour to the Hollywood Sign, where they have their first kiss. They create ground rules for their connection, the most important of which is that Lee is never informed.

Noah’s mother tells Elle that he has been accepted to an Ivy League institution. Noah promises to keep his acceptance to Harvard University a secret from Elle. Elle slips and slashes her face while repairing Noah’s motorcycle. Lee enters while Noah is tending to her wound. Noah is accused of injuring Elle by Lee. Lee inquires if they are dating, and Elle assures him that they are not.

He walks in on Noah and Elle kissing after they agreed to give Lee the truth. Lee is enraged that Elle has disobeyed their friendship agreement. Lee dashes to his car and tells Elle that their friendship is the one thing his brother has never had and that he now lacks. Lee gets into his car and drives away.

Elle screams at Noah, accusing him of revealing their relationship. Noah gets on his motorcycle and rides away. Noah will be absent from school for the next few weeks, putting his graduation prospects in jeopardy, and Lee will utterly disregard Elle. She suddenly recalls Rule #7: “You have to forgive your best friend if they give you ice cream, no matter how upset you are at them.” She hands him a chocolate ice cream cone, which he promptly discards. Elle is seated at the arcade when she notices Lee come, and he invites her to dance with him. Lee accepts Elle’s forgiveness, and the two reconcile.

Elle attends prom with Lee and Rachel, Lee’s girlfriend. The walls of Memory Lane, a unique prom display, are covered in large black and white images. The Kissing Booth is located further down Memory Lane. Noah appears from behind the Kissing Booth and invites Elle to the stage. Noah boldly declares his love for her. Elle flees the scene. Noah apologizes to Lee for everything that happened at home and informs him that he is sincere about Elle and will be leaving the next day for Boston to start college. Elle reveals her love for Noah to Lee the next day at Elle and Lee’s birthday costume party.

Lee concedes that he wants Elle to be happy, and he offers to assist her in locating Noah, who is most likely on his way to the airport. Elle discusses her genuine feelings for Noah with Lee, who is dressed in his Batman costume while driving Lee’s automobile, only to discover that Noah is underneath the Batman outfit. Elle is overjoyed to learn that Lee has followed Rule #18: “Always be glad for your bestie’s achievements.”

Before Noah leaves for college, Elle and Noah spend the next few weeks together. As she watches him ride off into the sunset, she wonders if the relationship will endure, but she knows a piece of her heart will always belong to him.

The Kissing Booth 3 Speculative Story

The Kissing Booth 3 Speculative Story

Elle had to choose between going to Harvard to be together with Noah or going to Berkeley to fulfill her friendship commitment to Lee at the end of the movie. And, as we can see from the trailer, she is still undecided. After a disagreement over Chloe’s earring found beneath Noah’s bed, which he had no awareness about, Elle attempted to make amends with Noah’s new friend Chloe (Maisie Richardson-Sellers). Lee also manages to reclaim Rachel (Meganne Young), so things are back to normal for both of the primary couples at the end of the movie – but for how long?

Elle and Lee seem to have always had a “Beach Bucket List” of things they wanted to do together before leaving for college, and now that they’re spending their last summer at the beach house, this is their last chance to check it off. However, it appears that the time they spend working on it is having an effect on Elle’s relationship with Noah, perhaps allowing Marco to swoop in after he runs into her again while she’s working her summer job. Will Elle make her own decision after spending so much time thinking about others? We’ll see what happens.

The Kissing Booth 3 Everything We Know

The Kissing Booth 3 Everything We Know

The Kissing Booth 3 is almost upon us to put Elle and Noah’s love journey to a close, and we now have the first trailer to look forward to. While we saw a preview of the threequel back in July, this gives us a more in-depth look at the numerous challenges that Elle (Joey King) will face in the series’ final installment. She must not only choose a college but also strike a balance between her friendship with Lee (Joel Courtney) and her connection with Noah (Jacob Elordi).

Marco (Taylor Perez) returns to cause havoc and possibly reclaim Elle following their kiss in the sequel. The Kissing Booth 3 was confirmed by Netflix quickly after the sequel’s release in July 2020, along with even better news for fans, the streaming service disclosed that the film was shot concurrently with the sequel. It’ll have been just over a year since the third film’s sequel, which will be published on Netflix this coming August, and it’s fortunate that it’s come so swiftly because there’s a lot that Elle has yet to resolve.

What Happened in the Prequel of Kissing Booth 2 Storyline?

What Happened in the Prequel of Kissing Booth 2 Storyline

Elle begins the film by recounting her time with Noah before he departs from Harvard. Her senior year begins with her peers speculating about how she and Noah will break up, heightening her anxiety because Noah has become friends with a gorgeous girl named Chloe on Instagram. Lee is attempting to persuade Elle to have Marco Pea, the gorgeous new transfer student, widely recognized as the new “Noah Flynn,” be one of the kissers at the Charity Fair.

Elle defeats Marco in the dance game, forcing him to enter the booth. Elle’s aspirations to study at the University of California, Berkeley alongside Lee clash with Noah’s suggestion that she apply to Harvard (where their moms met and became friends). Elle accomplishes this without informing Lee.

Elle pays a visit to Noah in Boston, where she meets his new acquaintances and Chloe, which makes her feel nervous. She discovers an earring beneath Noah’s bed, which enrages her. She confronts Noah, who tells her that nothing has transpired between them and asks her to trust him. Elle chats with her father regarding college tuition and discovers that money is a concern, so she agrees to compete in a dancing competition with a $1,000 prize for first place with Lee.

Lee had an accident during one of their rehearsal sessions (which is later shown to be a hoax) and asks Marco to be her dance partner, which she initially refuses but eventually accepts. Marco and Elle become closer as they spent time together, and affection develops between them.

Unbeknownst to Elle, Lee’s relationship with Rachel is strained, since Elle is constantly accompanying them and not allowing them to spend time together. After leaving Rachel at the movies, she requests that Lee speaks with Elle, which he promises to do but never does. The Halloween Dance approaches, and Lee forgets to inform Rachel that their costumes have changed (Rachel was a marshmallow, while Lee and Elle were meant to be crackers forming a more), further aggravating her. Elle dances with Marco and almost kisses him before stopping to listen to the OMG ladies chat about her.

Lee is enraged when he discovers Elle’s Harvard applications in his car trunk on the day of the competition. Elle and Marco perform admirably, and she kisses him at the end of their dance, unaware that Noah was in the audience, forcing him to flee. Elle intends to pursue him as soon as she and Marco are declared the champions. Thanksgiving dinner is held at Flynn’s house when Noah enters with Chloe, which irritates Elle, whom Lee confronts for not telling him about her Harvard application, and Rachel is also furious with her. Rachel discovers Lee has never spoken to Elle during dinner and departs.

Rachel breaks up with Lee after Lee catches up with her. Elle attempts but fails to persuade Rachel to reunite with Lee. She also returns the earring to Chloe, who confirms its ownership. She tells Noah in a bar that she slept in Noah’s room one night while he was gone and had a nervous breakdown.

Upon being blindfolded and kissing one another at the kissing booth on carnival day, Lee and Rachel reunite. Elle is similarly blindfolded when she is approached by Marco, who wants to discuss their feelings with her. Elle confesses to Marco that they have an interest, but she tells him she loves Noah and rushes to the airport to find him.

Elle sees him at the park where they first kissed after Chloe tells her he went looking for her. Noah admits to being humiliated that he wasn’t doing as well as he had hoped at Harvard. In the same manner that Elle has a relationship with Lee, he wants to have a relationship with Chloe. Elle and Noah get back together.

Noah returns 6-7 months later, and Elle, Lee, and Rachel graduate. Lee informs Elle that he has been accepted to Berkeley and inquires as to if she has received an answer. She says she was placed on the waitlists for both Berkeley and Harvard. Marco’s friend observes him staring at Elle from afar and says she’s not worth it, but Marco realizes she is. When Elle examines both envelopes in her room, she discovers that she has been admitted to both universities, forcing her to choose between Noah’s Harvard and Lee’s Berkeley.

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