Where Is A.X.L Filmed?

Oliver Daly helmed the American film A.X.L. It became available on August 24, 2018. The sci-fi/adventure subgenre is represented in the film. It was created by the director Daly and drew inspiration from his 2015 film Miles. Both from a critical and financial standpoint, the movie received lukewarm reviews. A.X.L., which had a production budget of $10 million but only managed to gross 8.5 million, is regarded as a commercial failure.

Even the critical reviews are overwhelmingly unfavourable. Ratings on various platforms show that even the audience did not think highly of the films. The movies have a 5.3/10 rating on IMDB, but only 26% of Rotten Tomatoes users gave them a positive review. A little better, the film has at least 63% of Google users’ approval.

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Synopsis Of A.X.L.

Synopsis Of A.X.L.
Synopsis Of A.X.L.

Humans and artificial intelligence are central to the plot. The main character, A.X.L., is a highly developed A. I (Artificial Intelligence) dog of the next generation. It was developed by a researcher named Andric, who works for “Craine Systems” to aid future soldiers. Additionally, the codename stands for Attack, Exploration, and Logistics. The military is opposed to having such an intelligent artificial body, though, as it could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, something goes wrong during the creation of A.X.L., causing damage and abandonment.

Later, a motorbike racer named “Miles” comes across the damaged A.I. dog and manages to communicate with the A.X.L. by activating the A.X.L.’s “owner-pairing” technology. They then grow close and start to rely on one another for protection. After learning that Andric, the creator of A.X.L., is trying to recover A.X.L, Miles teams up with his girlfriend Sara to protect A.X.L. While they are hiding, Miles and Sara keep A.X.L. in a cave.

In the meantime, they visit Miles’ father, who advises them to give A.X.L. back to Andric. Around that time, they see A.X.L. being burned by a flamethrower in live video. Miles and Sara leave for the location only to arrive late as soon as possible. A.X.L. was able to send them to a place where it could be repaired, though, before it shut off.

After being taken to the repair shop, the A.I. is revived in less than 2.5 hours. When it comes back, Sam is the first memory it has (the guy with a flamethrower). It proceeds to attack Sam while he is having a party, but it takes Sara’s advice into account and decides not to kill Sam.

In the meantime, the three are captured by the Craine system, which also turns off the A.I. dog. They cannot override the controller’s control because they know he is still missing. They set up A.X.L. to attack Sara because Miles is reluctant to divulge the information.

It won’t attack Sara if Sara can make it remember her. Captain Webber arrives on the scene simultaneously and takes Andric into custody. Sara makes a sacrifice by allowing them to detain her so Miles and A.X.L. can flee.

They are being pursued by helicopters as they run up the hill. Miles tells A.X.L. to run and hide because he knows they won’t be able to get away. A.X.L., however, only travels a short distance before destroying itself. A.X.L. uploads his memories of Miles and Sara to the internet before self-destructing.

At the film’s conclusion, Miles and Sara are on vacation. Miles receives an envelope from Sara that contains the A.X.L. controller. Sara and Miles decide to attempt to reactivate A.X.L. A.X.L. is revealed to be alive and may return to them in the end.

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Filming Location Of A.X.L.

Filming Location Of A.X.L.
Filming Location Of A.X.L.

A.X.L. was shooted in the following regions:

  • Los Angeles

A large city in Southern California, Los Angeles serves as the centre of the nation’s motion picture and television industry. The Walk of Fame honours thousands of luminaries, the TCL Chinese Theatre displays celebrity hands- and footprints and street vendors offer maps to the residences of famous people on Hollywood Boulevard.

  • Buenos Aires

Argentina’s extensive, international capital is Buenos Aires. Its main square, Plaza de Mayo, is surrounded by opulent buildings from the late 19th century, including the famous presidential palace with balconies, Casa Rosada. Other notable sights include the contemporary MALBA museum, which showcases Latin American art, and Teatro Col√≥n, a grand opera house built in 1908 with nearly 2,500 seats.

  • London

London, the capital of England and the United Kingdom, is a modern city with a Roman-era past. Westminster Abbey, the location of British monarch coronations, the imposing Houses of Parliament, and the recognisable “Big Ben” clock tower stand at its centre.

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  • Australia

The interior of the Australian continent, the island of Tasmania, and several other smaller islands make up Australia, or the Commonwealth of Australia, a sovereign state. Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world and the largest country in Oceania by area, covering 7,617,930 square kilometres.

You can stream this movie on Netflix and Amazon prime.

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