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Where Was A Christmas Proposal Filmed? Who All Were Amongst The Cast?

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A Christmas Proposal as its name says is a Christmas Holiday Romcom. Audiences have long resented the loss of CBS’s original Christmas movies which can uplift festive vibes for everyone. They haven’t been on TV in over a decade, but we now have A Christmas Proposal, so perhaps the network was feeling particularly merry this year.

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The story reloves around Maria a struggling personal chef whose dreams of owning her food truck one day are dashed as we follow her. She becomes a rideshare driver to support her income, and one day she picks up a lawyer named Julian.

They eventually agree, and she pretends to be his girlfriend throughout the holidays to please his father. She’ll get her truck in exchange. The question rises for viewers Will these two total strangers be able to deceive Julian’s family long enough for him to win that promotion? And when will these fictitious pairs become genuine couples?

After Watching A Christmas Proposal Viewers were astonished by the epic and beautiful location used for filming this movie, A Christmas Proposal was complemented by some cozy locations. Speaking of which everyone wants to know Where was A Christmas Proposal filmed? We have gathered complete information on this topic.

Where Was A Christmas Proposal Filmed?

Where Was A Christmas Proposal Filmed
Where Was A Christmas Proposal Filmed

The whole production of A Christmas Proposal was shot in Canada. More precisely, the crew traveled to British Columbia to film exterior and interior sequences.

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Actually, the crew started filming this movie in May 2021 which made it difficult to give viewers a realistic experience of the Christmas Holiday Season. So, because there wasn’t exactly significant snow in Vancouver at the time, they had to get creative. As a result, a number of scenes were shot in studios.

Despite this, some of the external scenes will be familiar to fans, with one drive segment depicting Rocky Mountaineer Vancouver Station, according to The Cinemaholic. It’s located at 1755 Cottrell Street.

Central Station, Vancouver’s primary railway terminus, was also used, and it is located at 1150 Station Street. Other Christmas movies were also filming in British Columbia at the time, so the sets were decked out in festive decor, including fake snow, to give the impression that it was December. This helped the crew to create that holiday season where the tale of A Christmas Proposal unfolds.

The cast of A Christmas Proposal Also had to face many problems, like the shoot was going on in may so in order to find a real show, they have to climb pretty high mountains to film show scenes. Actor Adam Rodriguez recently spoke with TV insiders that It’s not as difficult as we had to pretend it was—but it is possible to stumble. It is awkward walking with, like, a size 32 shoe attached to your boot.”

To make A Christmas Proposal’s plot look more realistic it was crucial to show that there are Latin families in this nation who have been here for centuries. And You wouldn’t expect to hear an accent from a distinctly American family of Latin heritage, any more than you would from any other American family, whether they were of German or Scandinavian descent, or whatever

A Christmas Proposal Cast

A Christmas Proposal Cast
A Christmas Proposal Cast

The following is a list of the cast members and their roles in the film:

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  • Julian Diaz was played by Adam Rodriguez
  • Maria Winter was played by Jessica Camacho
  • Daphne was played by Jaime M. Callica
  • Charles was played by Juan Chioran
  • Paliotti was played by Frank Crudele
  • Brooklyn was played by Luisa d’Oliveria
  • Helena was played by Claudia Ferri
  • Gabe was played by Geoff Gustafson
  • Shawn was played by Shawn Hook
  • Bill Pendergast was played by Serge Houde
  • Donna was played by Malaika Jackson
  • Bennett was played by Andres Solo

A Christmas Proposal Plot

A Christmas Proposal Plot
A Christmas Proposal Plot

A Christmas Proposal has an imbd rating of 7.3, and its plot pivots around Maria a down-on-her-luck chef who aspires to open her own food truck company. She picks up Julian, a young and talented corporate lawyer who is visiting his family for Christmas while working as a driver for a ridesharing service to supplement her income.

Julian is on his way to his family’s house in an attempt to convince his father to choose him as his legal firm’s successor. Julian sees an opportunity to win his father over when Maria is mistaken for his girlfriend, so he entices Maria to act as his girlfriend for the holidays by promising to support her first food truck.

When the snow falls and sparks fly, their strictly business arrangement becomes problematic.

Where You can watch A Christmas Proposal

A Christmas Proposal with a runtime of 1hr 27 minutes is available on Netflix for streaming.

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