With Love Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast and More

Amazon Prime Video has launched the 2nd season of ‘With Love’. Are you ready for the show? Spare your time because love season will soon be hitting our screen.

With Love is an American romantic and full of comedy series Created by Gloria Calderón Kellett for Amazon Prime. The series is co-produced with Meera Menon, Pixie Wespiser along with Gloria Calderon Kellet. GloNation, Big Indie, and Amazon Studios are the responsible production companies for the series.

With Love is a story of the Diaz Family where the Diaz Kids Lily and Jorge are on a mission to find out their true love and passion. They want to realize their purpose in life. They unexpectedly cross paths with the most unexpected person during some of the important events of the year like Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, and Dia de Los Muertos.

The season first drops on our screens in December 2021 and consists of 5 episodes. The show got exceptional love from the fans for its sweet ad sassy romantic story. Yet touching our hearts at the end of the episode. Not to forget the favorable reviews it gets from critics.

The season got an average IMDb rating of 7.3 out of 10. And a 100% approval response from Rotten Tomatoes, a review aggregator. It also got nominated for the 33rd GLAAD Media Awards in the category of Outstanding New TV series in 2022.

On April 8, 2022, Amazon announced the series is renewed for a 6-episode second season (Spoiler alert!!).

Now, that we know about this, let’s talk about the potential release date for the season. What about the storyline? Is the main cast coming back for season 2 or are we going to have some new characters? We will tell you all this and much more. So keep on reading.

With Love Season 2 Release Date

With Love Season 2 Release Date
With Love Season 2 Release Date

Keeping in view that we just received the news about the renewal for season 2 with Love. There are slim chances that the season will be released in late 2022. But we are positive that the series will release in the summer of 2023.

There is nothing much revealed about the number of episodes for the upcoming series. It is said to be 6, but an official confirmation is yet to be made. It’s highly expected that season 2 will also have the 5 episodes like the last with the same duration of 45 to 60 minutes.

Plus, the trailer hasn’t been out yet. Until it arrives, you can check out the trailer for season 1.

With Love Season 2 Storyline

With Love Season 2 Storyline
With Love Season 2 Storyline

With Love is a romantic comedy series that follows the cute yet sad relationship of Lily Diaz and Jorge Diaz, Diaz’s Sibling. Both of them are in search of true love and a genuine purpose for their lives.

In season 1, we see during a Diaz family gathering on Christmas Eve, where lily is going through a breakup. Only to meet again with her ex-boyfriend Santiago in her self-care journey.

On the hand, Jorge brings his boyfriend, Henry. So he could introduce Henry to the family. Meanwhile, Mile and Sol struggle to take care of junior Mile when their romance starts to face some glitches. With Beatriz becoming a good friend with her morning jogging partner Leo, her marriage to Jorge Sr. starts to suffer.

In the finale of season 1 at the Mexican Festival day of the dead is where all families pay respect to their deceased. Like all other families and friends, the Diaz family is also doing the same. Yet while doing so they are made to face the same ghosts from their past. They are forced to accept their traumas.

We all see how Lily struggles to maintain her sanity throughout the season while Jorge explores all the ups and downs of his boyfriend in their relationship. The last season ended when Jorge and Lily’s grandmother found an engagement ring.

Season 2 is predicted to start from where last season ended. We will know more about marriage. Who do you think is married?

The season will focus more on Lily and Santiago because the relationship is not over yet. Sol and Miles may face some struggles in their relationship, but there is nothing they can’t handle.

Jorge and Henry will stay the same, yet both of them will explore some romantic connections. Beatriz and Jorge Sr. might reconsider the priorities. We are sure they will prefer family over other things.

We expect the 2nd season to be more interesting and sweet than before. Are you excited about season 2?

With Love Season 2 Cast

With Love Season 2 Cast
With Love Season 2 Cast

Almost all of the cast members will be back on screen for season 2. The main roles in the show are going to be;

  • Emeraude Toubia plays Lily Diaz
  • Mark Indelicato plays Jorge Diaz Jr., Lily’s brother
  • Benito Martinez plays Jorge Diaz Sr., father of Diaz siblings.
  • Constance Marie plays Beatriz Diaz, Jorge Sr.’s wife and the mother of Diaz’s siblings.
  • Isis King plays Sol Perez, the Diaz siblings’ maternal cousin.
  • Vincent Rodriguez III plays Henry, Jorge’s boyfriend
  • Rome Flynn plays Santiago Zayas
  • Desmond Chiam plays Nick Zhao, Jorge’s best friend
  • Todd Grinnell plays Miles Murphy, Sol’s love interest, who is a plastic surgeon.

On the other hand roles in supporting characters were;

  • Andre Royo plays the role of Laz Zayas, Santiago’s father.
  • Renée Victor plays the role of Marta Delgado, the Diaz siblings, and Sol’s grandmother
  • Pepe Serna plays the role of Luis Delgado, Marta’s husband
  • Gloria Calderón Kellett plays the role of Gladys Delgado, Beatriz’s sister and the Diaz siblings’ maternal aunt

At the moment there is no idea whether there will be any characters or not. We have to wait for the season to find out about this.

Where can you watch With Love Season 2?

The series will exclusively release on Amazon Prime Video. If you have subscribed to it then you can easily watch the show. However, don’t forget to check the accessibility of the platform in your region. Show availability varies according to the location.

Sadly, Netflix will not air season 2 like the last one. We have no idea about the reason, but we expect whatever it is, we can watch the show without any restrictions.

And if you haven’t watched it then take out the time and do watch it. We are sure you will love it. If there are any further announcements made by the developers of the show, we will make sure to add her to the page. So don’t forget to bookmark the website so you don’t miss out on anything.

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