You Don’t Know Me Season 2 Renewed By BBC?

The four-part television series from Britain called You Don’t Know Me is based on Imran Mahmood’s 2017 crime book of the same name. The first episode aired on BBC One on December 5, 2021, and the rest of the episodes were broadcast on BBC iPlayer. On June 17, 2022, Netflix released it internationally. Fans cannot help but wonder about You Don’t Know Me season 2.

We’ve been riveted to our screens thanks to the streaming giant- so many masterpieces to watch in such a short time. And this also applies to the June release of You Don’t Know Me.

Hero, a suspect, first appears in court, giving his version of what happened after gangster Jamil was killed. The question of whether Hero is actually capable of murder arises as viewers see that Hero’s account isn’t precisely entirely accurate as the episodes go on. Many viewers are uncertain about what truly happened and whether there will be a second season as a result of the ambiguous conclusion. Here is all the information you need about You Don’t Know Me season 2.

You Don’t Know Me Season 2 Release Date

You Don't Know Me Season 2 Release Date
You Don’t Know Me Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of “You Don’t Know Me” debuted on Netflix on June 17, 2022. It was initially broadcast on BBC One from December 5 to December 13, 2021. There are four 54–58 minute long episodes in the first season.

The creation of a second season has not been confirmed by the show’s producers or BBC officials. You Don’t Know Me is based on a crime novel that doesn’t have a sequel, as was already mentioned. The first season, meanwhile, ends in an unclear manner. If it is popular enough, the producers might opt to renew it for a second season, which would allow them to answer any unresolved issues. If this happens, “You Don’t Know Me” won’t be the first or the last program to do so.

The show’s creators may decide to convert it into an anthology series and create further seasons based on other Mahmood pieces. Or, they might be distinct productions with no real link other than the fact that they were both created by the same crew and were inspired by Mahmood’s writings. The novels of Irish author Sally Rooney have been the subject of similar programming from BBC. In 2020, “Normal People” and “Conversations with Friends” were released. Both are based on works by Rooney and have the same creative team. In the end, we can conveniently refer to the upcoming episode of “You Don’t Know Me” as a second season regardless of how it manifests.

The audience can anticipate “You Don’t Know Me” season 2 to debut sometime in Quarter 3 of 2023 if the show is renewed in the next months.

You Don’t Know Me Season 2 Cast

You Don't Know Me Season 2 Cast
You Don’t Know Me Season 2 Cast

Fresh faces could be added, and old characters could be removed. Only time will tell. In the meantime, we expect to see the following in You Don’t Know Me Season 2.

  • Samuel Adewunmi as Hero
  • Sophie Wilde as Kyra
  • Bukky Bakray as Bless
  • Roger Nsengiyumva as Jamil
  • Tuwaine Barrett as Curt
  • Yetunde Oduwole as Adebi
  • Nicholas Khan as Sam
  • Michael Balogun as Face
  • Duayne Boachie as Binks

You Don’t Know Me Season 2 Plot

You Don't Know Me Season 2 Plot
You Don’t Know Me Season 2 Plot

The show’s official synopsis reads:

A young man from South London, Hero, is in the dock for murder. The evidence against him is overwhelming, but rather than let one of the barristers decide what’s in his best interest, he chooses to exercise his right to tell his own story, in his own words.His story is extraordinary, it’s about the woman he loves, who got herself into dangerous trouble. It’s about how he risked everything to save her. He swears he’s innocent, but in the end, the only thing that matters, is if you believe his story or not.

It is revealed in the You Don’t Know Me season finale that Bless-shot Jamil to death. Face, is probably also deceased. Kyra and Curt flee the scene. By choosing to turn himself in, Defendant assures that he will be held accountable for Jamil’s death. Before she departs, Kyra takes a promise from Defendant that he will hold her accountable for the crimes if he is unable to obtain freedom in any other manner. The defendant envisions being found guilty or not guilty. Prior to the jury’s decision being announced, the series comes to an ambiguous conclusion.

We might see that Defendant is free and looking for Kyra if the producers decide to continue Defendant and Kyra’s story. He might have Bless with him while looking. Kyra is, after all, her best friend. It may be “All I Said Was True” or “I Know What I Saw” if Mahmood’s previous works are adapted.

You Don’t Know Me Season 2 Where to Watch

You Don't Know Me Season 2 Where to Watch
You Don’t Know Me Season 2 Where to Watch

You can watch You Don’t Know Me season 2 on Netflix or BBC if it is renewed. The last season is also available here.

You Don’t Know Me Season 1 Ending Explained

You Don't Know Me Season 1 Ending Explained
You Don’t Know Me Season 1 Ending Explained

Although the first season closes with two opposing verdicts—guilty and not—it is never made clear if Hero is let off the hook.

First, the jury is seen rendering a guilty verdict, to the joy of Jamil’s parents, while Hero is sentenced to life in jail. The jury’s verdict of not guilty for Hero opens up the next scenario. To reconcile with Kyra and start over again, Hero travels to a different nation. The series comes to a painfully tense end when the judge is heard asking the jury’s foreman if they have reached a verdict, to which the foreman responds, “Yes.” 

But You Don’t Know Me is both a love story and a suspenseful criminal novel. Since the first time Hero saw Kyra, the story has always been about his love for her. Hero’s final remarks provide us with a clue as to why the judgment is withheld. In the end, Hero says, “Ask me if I love her if you want to know the truth of who I am.” “Because, true to my heart, that is the only question I am confident I can answer. Do you cherish her? Do you cherish her?”

Does this indicate there will be a You Don’t Know Me Season 2 so we can put our racing worries to rest? We can’t help but wonder.

That is all we know about You Don’t Know Me season 2. Stay tuned to this space for more info.

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