86 Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Based on the same-titled light novel series by Asato Asato and Shirabii, 86 is an anime series. On March 15, 2020, a Livestream celebrating the one anniversary of Kadokawa’s “Kimirano” light novel website revealed the series adaptation. With scripts written by Toshiya no, characters created by Tetsuya Kawakami, and music done by Hiroyuki Sawano and Kohta Yamamoto, it is produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Toshimasa Ishii. The CG’s creator is Shirogumi.

Originally scheduled to debut in 2020, the series has been postponed indefinitely. Two episodes make up the anime, with the first airing on Tokyo MX and other channels from April 11 to June 20, 2021. This is what we know about 86 season 2.

86 Season 2 Release Date

86 Season 2 Release Date
86 Season 2 Release Date

During the Fall 2021 anime season, on October 2, 2021, 86 Season 2 will be released. There will be four Blu-ray/DVD sets of the second season, each of which will have all 12 episodes. The community was incensed by the decision to postpone the last two episodes of season 1 of 86 Eighty-Six. The public’s opinion changed, nevertheless, after it became known that the closure was necessary to protect the superior quality.

It’s noteworthy to note that this has been the anime series’ overall rating and public opinion story up to this point. After a lackluster start to its broadcast, the anime series 86 Eighty-Six swiftly rose to the top of the list of the most well-liked new shows of the year.

With part 1 earning an 8.2/10 from 217,000 reviews and part 2 obtaining an 8.47/10 from 54,000 reviews on MyAnimeList, the series is now rated an amazing 9/10 on RatinGraph and 8.2/10 on IMDB.

The term “masterpiece” is bandied about so freely these days that it nearly lost its meaning, as one fan comments on MyAnimeList. But they go on to say, “Eighty-Six:86 is a masterpiece in the purest sense of the word and one of the finest stories in the medium’s contemporary history.”

86 Season 2 Cast

86 Season 2 Cast
86 Season 2 Cast
  • Vladilena Milizé (ヴラディレーナ・ミリーゼ, Vuradirēna Mirīze) Voiced by Ikumi Hasegawa; Suzie Yeung- a military officer in San Magnolian who, as a result of a combination of her abilities and family ties, was promoted to Major at the age of 16 Unlike other Handlers, Lena tends treating her 86 employees like people. Lena has just been appointed as the Spearhead squadron’s Handler by the Republic.
  • Shinei Nouzen (シンエイ・ノウゼン, Shin’ei Nōzen), Undertaker (アンダーテイカー, Andāteikā) voiced by Shōya Chiba, Asuna Tomari; Billy Kametz, Aleks Le, Tiana Camacho, Alejandro Saab- Despite being just 16 years old, the commander of the 86 Spearhead squadron has participated in innumerable engagements. He was given the nickname “The Reaper” because of his propensity to retain a box full of homemade dog tags that he fashions out of the remains of each fallen comrade’s Juggernaut and buries when the conflict is ended. Shin is renowned for his brutality. Previous Handlers who had to cope with him either lost their minds retired or even killed themselves.
  • Raiden Shuga (ライデン・シュガ, Raiden Shuga), Wehrwolf (ヴェアヴォルフ, Veavorufu) voiced by Seiichirō Yamashita; Jonah Scott- The Vice-Captain and Executive Officer of the Spearhead Squadron. Before they joined the same team, Shin had a pal.
  • Theoto Rikka (セオト・リッカ, Seoto Rikka), Laughing Fox (ラフィングフォックス, Rafingu Fokkusu)
  • Voiced by Natsumi Fujiwara; Casey Mongillo- Theo is his nickname. His callsign was modeled after an Alba commander who gave his life to keep Theo’s unit alive. When speaking to people, especially their Handlers, Theo is frequently direct and caustic. He criticizes Lena, especially after witnessing the passing of Kaie, a close friend, and comrade. Theo designed several of the squadron’s personal markings on their Juggernauts and maintains a sketchbook in his leisure time.
  • Anju Emma (アンジュ・エマ, Anju Ema), Snow Witch (スノウウィッチ, Sunō Witchi) voiced by Saori Hayami; Maureen Price- a member who is exceedingly gentle and soft-spoken. Due to her mixed ethnicity, Anju experienced more beatings and abuse than the majority of 86’ers. To cover up the wounds on her back, Anju grew out her hair.
  • Kurena Kukumila (クレナ・ククミラ, Kurena Kukumira), Gunslinger (ガンスリンガー, Gansuringā) voiced by Sayumi Suzushiro; Erica Mendez- A cheerful and kind young lady, her parents had already been killed by Alba troops, and her sister had been drafted into a different 86 unit. She harbors a deep animosity for all Albas as a result. Lena is disliked by Kurena due to both her race and the close bond she has with Shin. Kurena has a certain affection for Shin.
  • Kaie Taniya (カイエ・タニヤ, Kaie Taniya), Kirschblüte (キルシュブルート, Kirushuburūto) voiced by Haruka Shiraishi; Jenny Yokobori- One of the Spearhead squadron’s oldest active members, Kaie likes to make fun of her comrades. After her Juggernaut became stuck in soft ground and was destroyed by enemy fire, she was killed in action.
  • Daiya Irma (ダイヤ・イルマ, Daiya Iruma), Black Dog (ブラックドグ, Burraku Dogu) voiced by Haruki Ishiya; Alejandro Saab- Anju’s buddy who varies between being uncomfortable and kind. They appeared to be feeling something for one another. In order to stop the Legion’s plot to produce additional Black Sheep, Shin mercilessly slaughtered him.
  • Haruto Keats (ハルト・キーツ, Haruto Kītsu), Falke (ファルケ, Faruke) voiced by Daiki Yamashita- A gregarious and slightly lewd member who can turn serious when necessary. Prior to Spearhead’s Special Recon operation, he passed away.
  • Kujo Niko (クジョー・ニコ, Kujō Niko) voiced by Taishi Murata; Mark Allen, Jr.- One of the Spearhead Squadron members who suffer a battle-related injury and is mercilessly slain by Shinei.
  • Rui Kino (ルイ・キノ, Rui Kino), Fafnir (ファフニール, Fafunīru) voiced by Shinei Ueki; Kevin Thelwell
  • Chise Osen (チセ・オーセン, Chise Ōsen), Griffin (グリフィン, Gurifin) voiced by Masamu Ono; Kevin Thelwell
  • Toma Sobi (トーマ・ソービ, Tōma Sōbi), Helianthus (ヘリアンサス, Heriansus) voiced by Katsumi Fukuhara
  • Tozan Sasha (トウザン・サシャ, Tōzan Sasha) voiced by Taito Ban
  • Lecca Lin (レッカ・リン, Rekka Rin), Burnt Tayl (バーントテール, Bānto Tēru) voiced by Shizuka Ishigami; Kristen McGuire- a woman who is a member of the team. She committed herself before a Legion unit could murder her after her Juggernaut broke down.
  • Mikuri Kairo (ミクリ・カイロゥ, Mikuri Kairō, Leukosia (ロイコシア, Roikoshia) voiced by Yuka Nukui; Tiana Camacho
  • Maina Atomika (マイナ・ヤトミカ, Maina Yatomika) voiced by Mayuko Kazama; Emi Lo
  • Henrietta “Annette” Penrose (アンリエッタ・ペンローズ, Anrietta Penrōzu) voiced by Riho Sugiyama; Morgan Garrett
  • Jérôme Karlstahl (ジェローム・カールシュタール, Jerōmu Kārushutāru) voiced by Satoshi Mikami
  • Lev Aldrecht (レフ・アルドレヒト, Refu Arudorehito) voiced by Taiten Kusunoki; Imari Williams
  • Frederica Rosenfort (フレデリカ・ローゼンフォルト, Furederika Rōzenforuto) voiced by Misaki Kuno1; Kimberley Anne Campbell
  • Ernst Zimmerman (エルンスト・ツィマーマン, Erunsuto Tsimāman) voiced by Yūya Uchida1; Keith Silverstein
  • Shiden Iida (シデン・イーダ, Shiden Īda, Cyclops (サイクロプス, Saikuropusu) voiced by Asuna Tomari1; Rebeka Thomas
  • Eugene Rantz (ユージン・ランツ, Yūjin Rantsu voiced by Atsushi Tamaru ; Howard Wang
  • Nina Rantz (ニーナ・ランツ, Nīna Rantsu voiced by Madoka Asahina ; Abby Espiritu
  • Grethe Wenzel (グレーテ・ヴェンツェル, Gurēte Ventseru voiced by Kana Ueda
  • Shourei Nouzen (ショーレイ・ノウゼン, Shōrei Nōzen voiced by Makoto Furukawa ; Robbie Daymond
  • Kiriya Nouzen (キリヤ・ノウゼン, Kiriya Nōzen voiced by Yuto Uemura ; Zeno Robinson

86 Season 2 Plot

86 Season 2 Plot
86 Season 2 Plot

Nine years have passed since the Republic of San Magnolia and the Empire of Giad began fighting. The Republic has recently created its own autonomous units, termed Juggernauts, which are remotely controlled by a Handler after first suffering terrible casualties at the hands of the Empire’s autonomous mechanized Legions.

The Juggernauts are being flown by people who are all “86”—the classification given to the Colorata minority of San Magnolia—while the populace first assumes the fight is being waged between robots. Despite having equal rights at first, the 86 were harassed and used as a scapegoat by the ruling Alba race and the Alba-supremacist Republic administration, leading to the Colorata being both officially and widely regarded as subhuman.

The 86 were imprisoned in internment camps in the 86th District (which bears their name), denied the right to adopt personal names, and made to participate in the Republic’s conflict with the Empire in exchange for better treatment.

Major Vladilena “Lena” Milizé, an Alba aristocrat and military officer in the San Magnolian military, is a vocal opponent of the Republic government’s deliberate misinformation of the populace and the egregious treatment of the country’s Colorata minority. She has been given the responsibility of overseeing the Spearhead Squadron of the Eastern Front, an elite group made up completely of 86 veterans with distinguished names.

The Spearhead Squadron, led by Shinei “The Undertaker” Nouzen, is notorious among military leaders. The reason for the squad’s infamy is the condition in which its commanding officers have been left: The handlers in charge of the squad have become insane, and some have even taken their own lives.

Lena, an outspoken supporter of the 86, gets to know the Spearhead Squadron while leading the contingent. Lena and Shinei discover a sinister truth at the same time: the Republic and the conflict with the Empire are not what they appear.

Where To Watch 86 Season 2?

86 season 2 isn’t out yet but you can catch 86 season 1 on Netflix or Crunchyroll.

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