A Whisker Away Season 2 Release Date, Cast, About, Plot, and More!

A good soothing film is one thing so much in need when you want to watch something. So how about this weekend we go for some beautifully crafted animation.

A Whisker Away Season 2 is the most awaited film, the audience all over the world is waiting for the announcement of A Whisker Away Season 2. A film beautifully designed to make you feel better. Japan has always been at the top when it comes to anime and animation with many many other amazing things to mention. Japan also is infamous for manga (Japanese comics) and its animated series. Based on that it has gained popularity and a worldwide fan base. Today if compared Japanese manga has the top position in the heart of every anime watcher or manga reader.

Fans wait patiently for the release of anime, manga, or animated movies to release. One such beautiful creation is A Whisker Away season 2. Before we talk about A Whisker Away Season 2 let’s talk about A Whisker Away the original first released movie. What makes A Whisker Away so popular and what all you should know about the announcement of the movie A Whisker Away Season 2 then look no more you absolutely are at the right place of discussion.

A Whisker Away Season 2 Cast

A Whisker Away Season 2 Cast
A Whisker Away Season 2 Cast

There are many characters in the first movie A Whisker Away, where the main protagonist is a middle school girl named Miyo Sasaki. Apart from her here are all the characters who have been there in the movie. All the voice actors who played the character are all listed along with the characters they played/voiced in the movie.

• Miyo Sasaki was played by Mirai Shida
• Kento Hinode played by Natsuki Hanae
• Kusugi sensei played by Hiroaki ogi
• Hajime played by Fukushi Ochiai
• Mask seller played by Kōichi Yamadera
• Kaoru Mizutani played by Ayako Kawasumi
• Masamichi Isami played by Kensho Ono
• Yoriko Fukase played by Minako Kotobuki
• Miki Saitō played by Sayaka Ohara
• Tamaki played by Rei Sakuma
• Yōji Sasaki played by Susumu Chiba
• Sugita played by Oolongta Yoshida
• Kenzo Hinode played by Motomu Kiyokawa
• Shōta Bannai played by Wataru Komada
• Kakinuma played by Shin-ichiro Miki
• Ayumu Niibori played by Yūsuke Nagano
• Tomoya Sakaguchi played by Daisuke Namikawa
• Kinako played by Eri Kitamura
• Yumi Hinode played by Rina Kitagawa
• Shiori Mizoguchi played by Rie Hikisaka
• Sachiko Hinode played by Emi Shinohara

A Whisker Away Season 2 About

A Whisker Away Season 2 About
A Whisker Away Season 2 About


A whole 1hr and 44 minutes film named A Whisker Away that was released in 2020 has gained popularity quickly among audiences worldwide. A Whisker Away has a good rating of 90% of Google users liking the film.


Before we start our conversation about A Whisker Away Season 2, let’s first see about the first release A Whisker Away. A Whisker Away in Japanese known as 泣きたい私は猫をかぶる which translates to “Wanting to Cry, I Pretend to Be a Cat” and hence it was named A Whisker Away. The director of the movie A Whisker Away was, both Junichi Sato and Tomotaka Shibayama.

While A Whisker Away is written by Mari Okada. The following companies that contributed to the production of the amazing film A Whisker Away were Studio Colorido, Toho Animation, and lastly, Twin Engine. The film was released officially on 18th June 2020 on the Netflix platform.

A Whisker Away Season 2 Prequel Story

A Whisker Away Season 2 Prequel Story
A Whisker Away Season 2 Prequel Story

Just like any other middle school girl is, Miyo Sasaki was no different but What was different, was that she was not happy with her situation. She was from the town situated in the Tokoname. Miyo Sasaki’s father got married again and Miyo Sasaki doesn’t like to be with Kaoru (her stepmother) at all. Miyo Sasaki’s mother (Miki Sasaki) has left her to live with her father. While a lot was going at home, she kept it all to her herself.

She kept going on all by herself. Each day she used to go to school where she used to try to persuade her long-time crush Kento Hinode despite how many times he rejected her and have shown her his disinterest in her yet she kept on trying every day to persuade him to like her back. Each day she used to be sad alone with that being said, one day she met with a suspicious mysterious mask-selling cat who can speak, seeing that it went into her getting into an agreement by the exchange of her human form she will become a cat whenever she wants after wearing the mask.

After getting her wish granted to be a cat whenever she wants, she went around and finally settled with her crush Hinode. He named her Taro. She often started visiting Hinode to keep him company and slowly but eventually she came to understand more about her crush. Meanwhile, in school Miyo one day heard unexpectedly about some boys talking bad about her crush. Where she jumped in to defend his name.

After this incident seeing this that was the first time when he showed her some care by sharing his lunch. Miyo as Taro also got to know what Hinode wants to become and how he was also going through so much alone. Also, she learned about the closing of their pottery shop as the business was not doing well so much. Spending so much time with Hinode Miyo realizes she needs to confess her love property to Hinode by writing him a love letter confessing all her feelings. But what she planned didn’t go that way instead there was a commotion ending up with both her and Hinode being teased together.

Seeing the situation Hinode told everyone about hating her which saved both of them. With those words, Miyo was more hurt than ever. Later that day Miyo wished to leave her human form to become a cat forever and live with Hinode. As she chooses to live like a cat forever her human mask with her face fell off in form of a glass mask. As soon as it happened the Maskseller came to take the human mask.

Soon everyone who knew Miyo started to search for her but with no result. Miyo as Taro realized that slowly she is losing her all ability as a human and she has started more being like a cat. Even Hinode one day told Taro that he never hated Miyo with eyes of adoration.

Miyo as Taro wanted to get her Human body back and went on finding the Maskseller but upon there she realized that her human face mask was given to Kinako (the cat of her stepmother Kaoru), Kinako wanted to become a human as her lifespan as a cat was about to end and she wants to live by Kaoru till the end of her human life. Kinako refused to Miyo to give her face mask back.

When Kinako realized that Kaoru love her stepdaughter as her own child and has been worrying so much about her. Seeing this Kinako went to find Hinode to take him along to save her from the magical cat island called the promised place.

In the end, all worked out fine Miyo and Hinode came back. Kinako returned to being a cat again by returning her mask. Miyo and Hinode both went ahead doing what they wanted and to achieve that. Ending up with how you yourself can pull yourself from your sadness.

A Whisker Away Season 2 Release

A Whisker Away Season 2 Release
A Whisker Away Season 2 Release

A Whisker Away was released in the year 2020. As of now, there is no news of it yet about the release of the movie A Whisker Away Season 2. Followed it fans can only wait for the announcement of A Whisker Away Season 2 for now.

Where to Watch A Whisker Away Season 2?

Where to Watch A Whisker Away Season 2?
Where to Watch A Whisker Away Season 2?

A Whisker Away Season 2 has not been announced yet. But you can find A Whisker Away on the platform Netflix to enjoy the film.

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