Alba Season 1 Ending Explained!

Alba is a Spanish tv series directed by Pablo Guerrero, Martinez-Pereda, and Humberto Miro. The series premiered on 28 March 2021. Here’s a detailed explanation about the ending of the series!

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Alba Season 1 Recap

 Alba Season 1 Recap
Alba Season 1 Recap

The series is about a girl named Alba who goes to her hometown with her boyfriend, Bruno. She decides to party at Kevin’s pub, where her drink gets spiked. Later that night, she gets rapped, drugged, and recorded. She wakes up on the beach the following day. The rest of the series shows how she seeks justice for herself.

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Alba Season 1 Ending Explained

Alba Season 1 Ending Explained
Alba Season 1 Ending Explained

The season finale begins with Jacobo and Alba texting each other while Tono barges in crying. She asks him to calm down and explain. He found out that Luisito was not his son but he was Mariano’s son. Miriam had been lying about their son, and she hid Ruben’s ring by not telling about it the Civil Guard. She also gave a ring to Ruben’s mother in return for money to open the restaurant.

Alba barges into Mercedes’ office and confronts her about the ring. She also said she considered her offer, but now she wants to see her son rot in prison. She goes to Bruno and explains everything that happened. He advises her to stay low to get justice.

Meanwhile, Jacobo texts her asking if they can meet at the party he is throwing, but she gives an excuse to get out of it. He also sends a pic of underwear which may be evidence of catching him.

Bruno confirms that it was Jacobo’s room in the picture and goes to the party to find the evidence. Mercedes is forced to sell all her shares as a video of her killing gets into the hands of the board.

Marta visited Alba and told him to read a report confirming that the letter was written by Hugo and sat down with the investigating judge. He asked Alba to testify soon.

Bruno goes to Jacobo’s party and proposes a toast for Hugo. Ruben blamed everything on Alba, as he felt it was her fault Hugo was not with them now. Bruno goes to search Jacobo’s room. Ruben tries to find Bruno. He finds him in Jacobo’s room, but he leaves when Bruno pretends to be there with another girl.

Meanwhile, Tono confronts Miriam. She agreed to it but also confessed that she didn’t want anyone other than him and would take it back if she had the chance to. Tono said he wishes to stop loving, and they decide to see how things go.

Sandra goes to meet Alba and confronts her for blackmailing the Entrerrios family.

She also accused Alba that she was asking for whatever happened that night. Alba tells Sandra that she was not the only one Ruben raped, and Sandra might also be a victim like her. Sandra goes to Ruben and enquires him if there are any other girls besides Alba. He says he is not a rapist, but Sandra doesn’t know what to believe, so she leaves.

The next day While throwing out the trash, Alba finds a sketchy car. Suddenly Ruben kidnaps her and takes her in that car. Everyone starts panicking about Alba being missing, but they decide not to tell Tono not to make him worry. Alba wakes up being tied in a sketchy place, and she sees Ruben there.

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Mercedes kept calling Ruben to ask where he was as she arranged a plane for them to move to Barbados while Eloy found the Mercedes drive empty. Bego finds Alba’s phone in the trash can and goes to the Police.

Jacobo comes to visit Bruno, but he gets a call from Ruben and immediately leaves. Bruno insisted on coming along, but he asked him not to. So Bruno puts a tracker in Jacobo’s vest before he leaves.

Meanwhile, Ruben threatens to kill Alba with Hugo’s gun. He shows Hugo’s gun and threatens to kill her. Jacobo goes to the places Ruben asked him to come to and finds Alba there. He gets mad and tries to let her go, but Ruben convinces him to kill her.

Bruno tracks their location with the help of Cesar and goes there. Alba begs Jacobo, saying she won’t say anything and stay low. But Jacobo admits to raping and drugging her after and asks Ruben to start digging a hole for her.

Jacobo tells Alba he is worse than Ruben and points a gun at her, but she reveals his username. Bruno and Cesar barged in, but Ruben escaped in Cesar’s car. Bruno tries to choke Jacobo, but Alba insists on him not killing Jacobo. Cesar follows Ruben and shoots the tires of the vehicle, which makes Ruben meet with an accident.

The Police entered the scene and arrested them. The Police also found the underwear in Jacobo’s house, proving he was a rapist. Clara thanked Cesar and kissed him before he left. She also assured him that she would wait for him until he wins his daughter back.

Five days later, Alba was all over the internet, and two more girls came forward to share their stories. She walks on the beach with her best friend Bego, who tells her how proud she is and how much she loves Alba.

The series ends with Bruno and Alba telling how afraid they are to get back together. But the couple decides not to let the fears control and kisses.

You can watch it on Netflix.

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