Alderamin On The Sky Season 2 Release Date Updates

Will Alderamin On The Sky Season 2 air on TV at some point?

Nejimaki Seirei Senki, commonly known as Alderamin On The Sky, is a light novel series that debuted as a collection of short stories in 2012. The last volume, which was serialized for a total of 14 volumes, was released in 2018.

Madhouse, a well-known anime production studio, was intrigued by the idea in 2016 and chose to adapt it into an anime series. In 2016, the anime series was aired on Japanese television from July to September.

On the Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! list of the top 10 light novels in 2014, the light novels came in at number ten. Reviews of the anime series have been largely favorable. So it comes as no surprise if we want it back, does it? Here’s all you need to know about Alderamin On The Sky Season 2.

Alderamin On The Sky Season 2 Release Date

Alderamin On The Sky Season 2 Release Date
Alderamin On The Sky Season 2 Release Date

Alderamin On The Sky has not yet received a second season from Madhouse. The fantasy animation first caught the attention of thousands of viewers all around the world. It was praised by reviewers and spectators alike during this time, and it gradually won over fans. Despite this, fewer DVD and Blu-Ray copies of the show were sold than expected. To put it plainly, Nejimaki Seirei Senki flopped miserably and was a total disaster for its creators.

Well, Madhouse’s decision to not renew Nejimaki Seirei Senki for Season 2 may have been influenced by the show’s problematic DVD. The company could be hesitant to release a sequel after experiencing a setback with the first one. On the other side, the manga and book series for Alderamin On The Sky LN have both ended. Anime series typically function as promotions for the source material. As a result, the sequel has nothing to promote, which makes it less likely that people would watch it again in the future.

Insofar as the anime maintains its excellent caliber, there is still hope for Alderamin On The Sky Season 2 given its popularity and the fervent public demand for its return. The decision to continue a program is heavily influenced by fans in today’s culture.

If there is sufficient interest, Madhouse or any other studio could decide to take a chance on the series’ renewal. We are now limited to expressing our support for the second installment by signing petitions and contacting the studios via social media.

Alderamin On The Sky Season 2 Cast

Alderamin On The Sky Season 2 Cast
Alderamin On The Sky Season 2 Cast
  • Ikta Solork (イクタ・ソローク, Ikuta Sorōku) voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto, MAO; Joel McDonald, Terri Doty. Spirit Light Spirit Kus voiced by Eri Suzuki; Clifford Chapin. Ikta is a brilliant military planner, but he hates fighting and hates being a soldier because of what happened to his father Bada Sankrei. Despite how annoying it may be, he is fairly direct and doesn’t hesitate to express his ideas, which are typically negative but accurate.
    He’s naturally a sloth and always finds a method to win wars that suits him. He despises beautiful guys and prefers pursuing older ladies, notably Haroma. Ikta said that he has now become the three things he never wanted to be: a soldier, a noble, and a hero after being elevated to the rank of Imperial Knight for his assistance in saving Princess Chamille.
  • Yatorishino Igsem (ヤトリシノ・イグセム, Yatorishino Igusemu) voiced by Risa Taneda; Caitlin Glass, Alison Viktorin. Spirit Flame Spirit Shia is voiced by Haruka Yamazaki. The Igsem family was granted the responsibility and honor of guarding the Kingdom with two swords. Since she has been groomed since she was a little girl, Yatorishino is the newest member of this family and may also be the greatest. She and Ikta have been friends since their days in school because of a pact they struck. She possesses fiery red hair.
    When battling, she employs a sabre and a primary gauche, however, she prefers to use the parrying dagger offensively. She is very devoted to the Kingdom and will attack Ikta right away if he crosses the line while criticizing it to a higher authority.
    She once became so furious after attacking a gang of men who attempted to capture Princess Chamille that Ikta had to calm her down before she could finally put down her swords.
  • Chamille Kitra Katvarnmaninik (シャミーユ・キトラ・カトヴァンマニニク, Shamīyu Kitora Katovanmaniniku) voiced by Inori Minase; Megan Shipman. Princess number three in the royal family. After he saves her from drowning, she decides to join Ikta’s organization. She is aware of Ikta’s intelligence and how his sloth serves to mask it. She admires him not just for his brilliance but also for his forthright nature, which many people lack. She despises how the nation is approaching the end of its slide and wants to obliterate it so that it may begin anew. She asks Ikta’s assistance since none of the others have the intelligence, like Torway or Matthew, or are too devoted to their nation to overthrow it, like Yatorishino.
  • Torway Remion (トルウェイ・レミオン, Toruwei Remion) voiced by Ryōsuke Kanemoto; Austin Tindle Spirit Wind Spirit Safi. Some of the Kingdom’s top marksmen are members of the Remion family. Before the High Officers test, a recent academy graduate meets Ikta and the other participants on board. He is shown to be a very skilled marksman who can hit a target with ease from a distance. He cannot, however, hit a target that is near to him since he cannot see them. Ikta advises him to kill the enemy as far away as he can, which effectively prevents him from seeing them well enough to recognize them as people.
    Even though Ikta strongly disapproves of it, Torway enjoys calling individuals by their nicknames, typically his male pals. He employs a spirit of the air.
  • Matthew Tetdrich (マシュー・テトジリチ, Mashū Tetojirichi) is voiced by Junji Majima; Shawn Gann. Spirit Wind Spirit Tsuu. He was an academy classmate of Ikta and Yatorishino. On board the ship bound for the army exam, the three encounter one another once more. Tetdrich, his family, is a member of a low-recognized minor noble family.
    He wants to spread the word about his family. He views Yatorishino and Torway as his greatest competitors and frequently contrasts himself with them in the hopes of surpassing them one day because they come from more renowned aristocratic houses. He frequently plays chess games with all the characters to sharpen his strategic thinking skills.
  • Haroma Becker (ハローマ・ベッケル, Harōma Bekkeru) voiced by Haruka Chisuga; Leah Clark. Spirit Water Spirit Miru. Ikta and the others are greeted by a nurse aboard the ship before their army test. Ikta frequently flirts with her since he thinks she’s quite attractive, which makes her uncomfortable. She claims to have four younger brothers, whom she wishes to care for. She frequently looks after the group since she aspires to join the army as a nurse.

Alderamin On The Sky Season 2 Plot

Alderamin On The Sky Season 2 Plot
Alderamin On The Sky Season 2 Plot

Ikta Solork, a carefree and intelligent young guy, is the protagonist of the novel. He goes through life trying to find a girlfriend and a place to sleep. Unfortunately for Ikta, seeing the conflict between the Republic of Kioka and the Katjvarna Empire destroys his way of life. Ikta enlists in the military as a military officer, which is one of the three things he despises, with his boyhood companion Yatorishino Igsem. Being a hero and being a noble are the other two.

Ikta and Yatorishino meet with fellow applicants Matthew Tetojirichi, Torway Remion, and Haroma Becker as they go by boat to the location of the military exam. Unfortunately for them, the storm causes the boat to sink, and it ends up in hostile territory. Princess Chamille Kitora Katjvanmaninik has also been taken captive, they discover.

Where to Watch Alderamin On The Sky Season 2?

Alderamin On The Sky Season 2 Where to Watch?
Alderamin On The Sky Season 2 Where to Watch?

Alderamin on the Sky Season 2 is not out yet, but when it is, you can catch it on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Amazon Prime Video. Alderamin on the Sky season 1 is also available on these platforms.

That’s all we know about Alderamin On The Sky Season 2 so far. Stay tuned to this space for more info!

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