All Of Us Are Dead Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

If you are a fan of all k-dramas then you might be here to know about All of us are dead season 2. Is it going to be renewed or canceled? Will there be a sequel to it?

A tweet by the official team of All of Us Are Dead said; “The student of Hyosan High School may have survived their first zombie outbreak, but the nightmare is far from over”.

Well, after the incredible popularity, all of us are dead season 1 Netflix confirmed that season 2 of the series is going to come back on our screens soon. 

Until the season arrives, let’s talk about the possible release dates, cast, and plot of the series. Where can you watch it? Is it worth watching? Continue reading this and you will know about it, all this, and much more.

All of us are dead in a South Korean zombie apocalypse television series. The drama is directed by Kim Nam-Su, Chun Sung-il, and Lee Jae-Kyoo for Netflix. The series is based on a webtoon ‘Now at our school’ by Joo Dong-guen. The shooting of the series is done in Sunghee Girls High School, Andong, South Korea.

The first season of the series debuted on January 28, 2022, on Netflix. The zombie series broke the record for many K-dramas and became the talk of the town not only in Korea but in the whole world. Soon after its release, it was watched for over 474.26 million hours in its first 30 days. It climbed up on the top charts of Netflix’s Global Top 10 ranks within a week.

The series is about a school student who desires to escape from school after the school is attacked by zombies.

All Of Us Are Dead Season 3 Release Date

All Of Us Are Dead Season 3 Release Date
All Of Us Are Dead Season 3 Release Date

Netflix sure knows how to tease K-drama lovers. On July 6, 2022, Netflix announced that All of Us are Dead season 2 is going to be renewed. The news was shared through social media.

However, there is no confirmation about the release date for the season. Production work for season 2 started on July 13, 2022. We expect the camera too soon as the end of 2022 is near.

Only then there will be chances that season 2 will drop somewhere in 2023 or otherwise in early 2024. Besides, this season will most likely have the same number of episodes as in the previous one.

Season 1 was a 12-episode series each with a running time of 50 to 70 minutes, making the whole series approximately 728 minutes.

All Of Us Are Dead Season 3 Storyline

All Of Us Are Dead Season 3 Storyline
All Of Us Are Dead Season 3 Storyline

All of us are dead follows the story of a school student. After a failed science experiment. The zombie swamp in the whole school and students struggle to protect themselves. With sanctions from the government, and no food and water, kids had to use school equipment so they could fight the zombies. Just to make it out alive from school in one piece.

Season 1 had quite an unfortunate end. Some students died in the end, while others managed to get out of the zombie apocalypse. Somehow the students escaped from the zombie attack area and reached the safety camps.

When students reach safety camps, they realize the country has forgotten them. There is nobody to help them. With this, they return to school where they meet Nam-ra, who is now a half-human and half-zombie.

The finale scene closed when Nam-Ra jumped from a school rooftop. It is still unknown whether he is alive or not. The friends think that there might be other students like Nam-Ra in the school.

It is speculated that Season 2 will primarily focus on students like Nam-ra. Moreover, the city is still not safe from zombies. It might again get attacked by zombies. It just takes only one small deadly virus to destroy the whole city.

However, one thing is clear season 2 is going to be a lot more interesting and exciting. What do you expect from the upcoming season?

All Of Us Are Dead Season 3 Cast

All Of Us Are Dead Season 3 Cast
All Of Us Are Dead Season 3 Cast

Another big question. Will the cast be the same in the upcoming season or will there be some new characters introduced? This one is going to be quite difficult.

Let’s be honest, we know most of the students don’t make it to the end. So definitely they will not in this season. However, it is confirmed that many of the lead actors or survivors of the last season will come back for season 2.

But through the announcement video, it is confirmed that Cheong-San will be back. There is no official statement made by Netflix, so until then let’s look at some of the main and supporting roles of season 1.

The main roles were played by:

  • Yoon Chan-young plays Lee Cheong-san, a student in class 2-5, On-jo’s neighbor plus her childhood friend.
  • Park Ji-hu plays Nam On-jo, a student in classes 2-5. Cheong-san’s neighbor and his childhood friend.
  • Cho Yi-Hyun plays Choi Nam-era, the class president of Class 2–5.
  • Lomon plays Lee Su-hook/ Bare-su, a student of Class 2-5.
  • Yoo In-soo plays Yoon Gwi-nam a student from Class 2-1 and the series’ main opponent.
  • Lee Yoo-mi plays Lee Na-yeon, a wealthy but kind of arrogant student of Class 2–5.
  • Kim Byung-Chul plays Lee Byeong-chan, a biology teacher at Hyosan High, and he made the virus. 
  • Lee Kyu-Hyung plays Song Jae-ik, a detective working at Hyosan Police Station.
  • Jeon Bae-soo plays Nam So-ju, captain of the Hyosan Fire Station and On-jo’s father.

The supporting roles were played by:

  • Im Jae-hyuk plays as Yang Dae-su.
  • Kim Bo-Yoon plays Seo Hyo-ryung.
  • Ahn Seung-gyun plays as Oh Joon-yeong.
  • Ham Sung-min plays as Han Gyeong-su.
  • Kim Joo-ah plays Yoon I-sak.
  • Kim Jin-young plays Kim Ji-min.
  • Son Sang-yeon plays Jang Woo-ji.
  • Kim Jung-yeon plays Kim Min-ji.
  • Ha Seung-ri plays as Jang Ha-ri.
  • Lee Eun-saem plays Park Mi-jin.
  • Jin Ho-eun plays as Jung Min-jae.
  • Yang Han-yeol plays Yoo Jun-seong.
  • Hwang Bo-un plays Lee Ha-lim.
  • Oh Hye-soo plays Min Eun-ji.
  • Ahn Ji-ho plays Kim Chul-soo.

Where can you watch All Of Us Are Dead Season 3?

Season 2 of All of us are dead will exclusively release on Netflix like the last one. Once the release date is announced Netflix will release its schedule for the show.

Netflix hasn’t released any trailers, clips, or teasers for season 2 yet. Till then you can watch the missing episodes of season 1.

And if you haven’t watched it yet, then make sure to see it. Trust me, if you once hit the play button of an episode you will find yourself at the end of the season. You will feel addicted to it. It is that much amazing.

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