Cherish the Day Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Will Cherish the Day season 3 be renewed or is it going to be canceled? Well, much to our pleasure, season 2 is just a couple of hours away from release.

Of course, now that we know the season is arriving. We should talk about when the season will be going to release. What is the possible cast line-up for the season? What about the plot of the coming season? Is the season available on Netflix? And much more

Continue reading the article and you will know everything when you reach the end. So let’s get into this;

Cherish the Day is an American romantic drama series. It is produced by Ava DuVernay for the exclusively OWN network. The executive producers of the series include Ava DuVernay, Paul Garnes, Oprah Winfrey, and Tanya Hamilton. The series is produced under Harpo Films, ARRAY Filmworks, and Warner Horizon Scripted Television.

The series’ first season premiered on February 11, 2020. Right after the release of two to three episodes, the show was among the top search results. With its beautiful story, the series gets immense love from fans and praise from critics.

The season got an IMDb rating of 6.1 out of 10. 87% of people like the show and that’s where the demand for season 2 arrived.

The fans want and after a deadly wait of 2 years. The season is finally all set to release.

Cherish the Day Season 2 Release Date

Cherish the Day Season 2 Release Date
Cherish the Day Season 2 Release Date

On the show’s runners on October 6, 2020, announced that the series will be renewed for a second season. Later on, it was announced on September 6, 2022, that a second season of Cherish the Day would be released on Thursday, October 4, 2022. To be exact, on 9 pm ET or PT on the OWN network.

There is no such official announcement made by show makers about how many episodes there will be in this season. But in the last season, there were 8 episodes, each with a running time of 40 to 45 minutes. So it’s expected that this season will also have the same number of episodes more or less as compared to the last one.

The trailer has not been released yet. So we had to wait a little bit longer until the season itself arrived.

Cherish the Day Season 2 Storyline

Cherish the Day Season 2 Storyline
Cherish the Day Season 2 Storyline

Fans of Cherish the Day, are eager to see the season. The main reason behind the series being a trending one is its captivating plot. The fans can’t get enough from last season, and that’s why they impatiently want another one. Finally, the showrunners decided to have a second season.

The series is about a couple who follows a romantic relationship that is amazingly exciting and sweet. The whole story will unfold the different events that occur in a relationship and how the couple deals with them. And you don’t want to skip a single scene. It is just so irresistible that you compel yourself to watch it more and more.

Season 2 will be a continuation series. It will follow where last season left behind. With some dazzling twists and turns.

In season 2, the love story of Ellis Moran and Sunday St. James is enlightened. Both of them were high school lovers who reunited in New Orleans after so many years.

Ellis is a former football player who is a single father, with two kids, and Sunday is a popular vegetarian chef working and now at a peak of fame. Mandeville “MV” St. James is a loving, caring, humorous widowed father of Sunday. He is a former judge by profession. Anastasia is Ellis, a soon-to-be ex-wife, and the mother of their children.

The story will explore the relationship between them. That’s how they are going to deal with the coming problems. It will be their optimistic attitude or some negative vibes. Either they will cherish the day or there will be a real mess.

What do you think will happen?

Cherish the Day Season 2 Cast

Cherish the Day Season 2 Cast
Cherish the Day Season 2 Cast

Season 2 of Cherish, by the way, will have the same cast as in season 1. Our main actors return for the season. And a little spoiler!

It was announced in July 2021 that Joy Bryant and Henry Simmons would star in the coming season. Henry Simmons will play the role of Ellis, while Joy Bryant will play Sunday. 

Let’s know about the other main and supporting roles.

 The main roles in the series are played by:

  • Xosha Roquemore plays as Gently James.
  • Alano Miller plays Evan Fisher.
  • Cicely Tyson plays Miss Luma Lee Langston.

The supporting roles in the series were:

  • Michael Beach plays Ben.
  • Anne-Marie Johnson plays Marilyn Fisher.
  • Kellee Stewart plays Ellene.
  • Dorien Wilson plays Johnny Fisher.
  • Beau Billingslea plays Pastor Gordon.
  • Loren Lott plays as Rika.
  • Kim Baptiste plays Donna.
  • Richard Roundtree plays as Mandeville ‘MV’ St. James.
  • Terri J. Vaughn plays Anastasia.
  • Nathalie J. Alarcon is an Oyster Restaurant Patron.
  • Nic Starr plays Noah.
  • Todd Anthony Manaigo plays Brother Fingers.
  • Frankie Dale Vernail Jacobs Sr. plays as Self – Frankie Dale Vernail Jacobs Sr.
  • Jason Mimms plays Hosea.
  • Ronald Chavis plays as Passerby.
  • Suzette Lange plays Restaurant Patron.

There is no news that whether there will be any new roles in the season or not. Unfortunately, we’ll wait a little bit longer to find out all this.

Where you can watch Cherish the Day Season 2?

Cherish the Day season 2 will originally release on Amazon Prime Video like the last one. The streaming platform has already announced the schedule for the series. So check your times according to your different time zones before the season starts.

Season 1, is available on Amazon Prime Video and Vudu TV. There is no idea yet whether Vudu TV will premiere season 2 or not. So you can catch up with all the missing episodes until season 2 is out.

As of the moment, the series is not available on Netflix. Maybe Netflix will release it soon after season 2 premieres. However, there is no official announcement made by the platform.

If we receive any further news we will make sure to add it here on the page. If you want to miss out on any upcoming season, their plot, or possible release dates. Then don’t forget to bookmark the website before going back.

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