Chicago Fire Season 11 Release Date & Important Updates

Hello, Chicago Fire fans, I’ve got news great news- your beloved show is returning (cue dramatic gasps). The tenth season premiered on September 22, 2021, and Chicago Fire season 11 is all set to premiere on September 21, 2022.

Fans are ready to see more after the cliffhanger season 10 conclusion. The long-awaited wedding of Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Kelly Severide marks the end of the NBC firefighter series’ first ten years (Taylor Kinney). Despite the fact that Chicago Fire season 10 came to a satisfying conclusion, Chief Boden’s (Eammon Jacobs) crew may face some challenges when it returns for season 11.

Wanna know more? Read on to find out everything we know about Chicago Fire season 11!

Chicago Fire Season 11 Release Date

Chicago Fire Season 11 Release Date
Chicago Fire Season 11 Release Date

At the completion of season 8 in February 2020, NBC renewed Chicago Fire for another three seasons- it certainly is of its most-watched programs, and with good reason. The ninth, tenth, and eleventh seasons of the Dick Wolf-creating NBC sitcom are now certain. We will get a Chicago Fire season 11 at the very least, unlike many other programs that wait for a yearly decision on whether to renew or cancel.

On September 22, 2021, the tenth season made its debut. Chicago Fire season 11 is scheduled to be out on September 21, 2022!

Chicago Fire Season 11 Cast

Chicago Fire Season 11 Cast
Chicago Fire Season 11 Cast

While there’s no clear indication about the cast list, we expect the following to play a role in Chicago Fire Season 11.

  • Eamonn Walker as Wallace Boden- He is in charge of Firehouse 51’s Truck 81, Engine 51, Squad 3, and Ambulance 61’s firemen and paramedics. He is very protective of the men and women who work for him and has even risked his career on multiple occasions to aid them. He has served in the CFD for a very long period. They have a kid named Terrance who was born in season 3 and is married to Donna, a teacher. He receives a promotion to Deputy District Chief in season 10.
  • Christian Stolte as Randall McHolland- Mouch, another senior fireman from 51, serves as both their union representative and the de facto “legal advisor” of 51. Since he spends most of his time watching TV on the sofa in the living room when not on a call, his nickname is a combination of the words “man” and “couch.” Sergeant Trudy Platt of the Chicago P.D. marries him in the fourth-season episode “On The Warpath.”
  • Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz- Born and raised in Humboldt Park’s gangster-infested areas, he spends the first two seasons continuously attempting to save his misbehaving younger brother from danger. He joins Squad 3 in the third season finale of “Spartacus.” In season three, he dated Sylvie Brett for a short time. He marries Chloe Allen in the eighth-season episode “Light Things Up.” Before moving to Squad 3, he served as Truck 81’s designated driver. His son is born in season 10, episode 200, and is given the name Brian “Otis” Leon Cruz.
  • Kara Killmer as Paramedic Sylvie Brett- After Leslie Shay passed away in season three, Sylvie, a paramedic, joined Ambulance 61. She is a “runaway bride” from the little Indiana hamlet of Fowlerton who travels “up I-65 to Chicago. Prior to Dawson’s marriage to Casey, she had a brief romance with Joe Cruz and lived with him in the same apartment. Sylvie is given the position of paramedic in charge following the dismissal of her third partner, Jessica Chilton. She occasionally dates Antonio, the brother of Dawson, and during seasons seven to eight, she was also temporarily engaged to Chaplain Kyle Sheffield. She starts seeing Captain Matthew Casey, Dawson’s ex-husband, in the ninth-season finale “No Survivors,” and when he moves to Oregon in the tenth-season episode “Two Hundred,” she starts a long-distance relationship with him.
  • Miranda Rae Mayo as Firefighter Stella Kidd- On Truck 81, Jimmy Borelli’s replacement. When Otis passes away in season eight, she took over as driver permanently, replacing him for a brief while in season six. In the ninth-season episode “What Comes Next,” she gets promoted to Lieutenant after completing the tests. She starts dating Lieutenant Kelly Severide in the fourth season’s season finale, “Superhero.” They get engaged in the episode “A White-Knuckle Panic” from the ninth season.
  • Alberto Rosende as Firefighter Candidate Blake Gallo- The most recent employee of Firehouse 51 to take over from Brian “Otis” Zvonecek on Truck 81. After his entire family perished in a home fire, Gallo decided to become a fireman.
  • Daniel Kyri as Firefighter Candidate Darren Ritter- Mouch offers Ritter as a substitute when Firefighter Barns is forced transferred by Herrmann due to his disrespect. When he froze up during a fire while working with Engine 37 in the past, Mouch assisted him, and he ultimately made his first rescue. He is an out homosexual man who owns Tuesday the Dalmatian and has a lover named Eric.
  • Hanako Greensmith as Paramedic Violet Mikami- a Firehouse 20 paramedic and Blake Gallo’s former foe from the fire academy. In season 8, she and Gallo have a brief romance. When Gianna Mackey departs Ambulance 61 in season nine, Chief Boden requests her to temporarily relocate to Firehouse 51 to fill the vacancy. However, Brett quickly persuades her to permanently transfer to Firehouse 51.

Chicago Fire Season 11 Plot

Chicago Fire Season 11 Plot
Chicago Fire Season 11 Plot

The show examines the professional and personal lives of the Chicago Fire Department’s firemen, rescue workers, and paramedics. After experienced firefighter Andrew Darden dies, there is a rift and division in the ranks as Lieutenant Matthew Casey, an officer in command of Truck Company 81, and Lieutenant Kelly Severide, an officer in charge of Rescue Squad Company 3, place the responsibility for Andrew Darden’s death on the other. Wallace Boden, a courageous and tenacious Deputy District Chief, serves as their leader.

In season 10 of Chicago Fire, Firehouse 51 saw a lot of changes. In order to care for the children of his deceased closest friend, Lieutenant Matthew Casey moved from Chicago to Portland, Oregon, thus Kidd eventually took over as the head of Truck 81. After Brett made the decision to take a prolonged leave of absence to be with Casey, Ambulance 61 also saw staff changes. As a result, Violet Mikami was left to cope with Emma Jacobs, who was deceitful.

Despite the numerous difficulties the year brought, Firehouse 51 enters Chicago Fire season 11 stronger than ever. Now, here are a few of the plotlines I would expect from Chicago Fire season 11.

Kelly and Stella

The couple traveled right away to their destination for their honeymoon after the festivities. But shortly before Chicago Fire season 10 comes to a close, a mysterious SUV parked in front of Kidd and Severide’s lodgings, raising the possibility of a threat. The likelihood is that it has to do with the drug trafficking that Severide discovered right before their wedding. The case was already under investigation, but we’re sure Kelly will be involved in Chicago Fire season 11. What will be of Kelly and Stella? Will they make it out unscathed?

Violet, Hawkins, and Gallo

Even though she told Hawkins she loved him, Violet was definitely not pleased with the way he responded to Emma’s blackmail. Undoubtedly, it altered her opinion of him- will they call it quits? 
Moving on to Gallo, even though they have unresolved feelings for each other, he has been a loyal friend to Violet. Will Gallo’s charm be too great for Violet to refuse now that Casey has designated him as a member of Firehouse 51’s old guard?

Brett and Casey

Casey has discovered his vocation as a parent and fighting wildfires in Portland, where he pledged to stay until Darden’s sons graduate from high school, according to the season 10 finale. Sylvie, on the other hand, revealed to her partner that she lives her life at Firehouse 51 in Chicago and has a particular bond with the way they operate slightly differently from other stations. Will they split up or will they find a common ground?

All we can say is Chicago Fire season 11 is going to be one of the best installments of the show, and we cannot wait to watch it.

Chicago Fire Season 10 Recap

Chicago Fire Season 10 Recap
Chicago Fire Season 10 Recap

Before you watch Chicago Fire season 11, here are a few things you must remember for a richer experience.

Sylvie Brett makes her triumphant comeback to Firehouse 51 after a sabbatical of many episodes. The fan-favorite took a break to resolve their long-distance troubles with Matthew Casey, but she returned to perform her responsibilities as maid of honor during Stella Kidd’s wedding to Kelly Severide. She also learned more about Emma Jacobs’ scheme to intimidate Evan Hawkins into dismissing Violet Mikami.

Casey also showed up, but just briefly. Although he has carved up a fantastic life in Oregon fighting wildfires and taking care of Andy Darden’s family, he is in town to serve as Severide’s best man. Casey handed Gallo his favorite axe, the Thunder Bolt, in a really poignant scene. “Gallo, you’re not new blood anymore,” Casey remarked. “You’re Old Guard, I say.”

The wedding I’ve been waiting for since pretty much forever finally took place.

But of course not without some hiccups. Nevertheless, after realizing they couldn’t wait for even a second longer for their wedding, Kidd and Severide were married.

At the Stellaride wedding, Casey and Brett had an open discussion about how long they would be able to make their long-distance relationship work. Brett is glad to be back at Firehouse 51 and Casey is quite comfortable in Oregon. Does this indicate that their relationship is ending? All we can do is wait and see.

Emma Jacobs also showed her true colors. I, for one, was not surprised in the least- she always gave off bad vibes.

Everyone is astonished when Emma suddenly can’t handle the heat and departs the scene after an event sends her and Violet to a burning building, leaving Violet to care for a patient alone. Emma’s vile act of cowardice cast a very, very negative light on her. Because of that, she ultimately decided to permanently leave Firehouse 51, successfully protecting Violet and Hawkins from extortion.

Can I just say, I ship Violet and Gallo?

Gallo sneaked a few glances at Violet while preparing the wedding flowers, showing that he still has a thing for her. At the wedding, Violet did the same thing and made it clear she wasn’t happy with how little Hawkins had done to assist the Emma problem.

And, then, of course, the drug debacle. Lord save the newly married couple.

Severide is ambushed by one of the drug dealer’s lackeys as he enters the courtroom to give a testimony against the drug dealer who placed him in the hospital. Severide kicked the lackey and pushed him through a window as a fight broke out. He was instantaneously dead.

Stellaride eventually showed up in an isolated cabin at the episode’s conclusion for some post-wedding fun. Soon after they enter, a mystery truck pulls up, but who’s in it? Maybe someone who knows the drug dealer? or the actual drug dealer? Although it was said he left the area following the courthouse incident, it’s possible he was merely hiding out. It appears like Severide is in for a difficult, frightening season thanks to Chicago Fire.

Chicago Fire Season 11 Where To Watch

Chicago Fire season 11 is not out yet, but when it is, you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and NBC.

That’s all we know about Chicago Fire season 11 so far! Stay tuned to this space for more updates!

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