Dororo Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Osamu Tezuka is a manga artist who creates the Japanese manga series Dororo. The series’ name was inspired by Tezuka’s childhood memory of hearing his classmates pronounce dororo as dororo. Between August 1967 and July 1968, Shogakukan’s Weekly Shonen Sunday ran Dororo as a serial before ceasing publication.

In 1969, Mushi Productions’ 26-episode television adaptation of the anime series debuted. The anime series has the distinction of being the inaugural installment in the World Masterpiece Theater series, as it is currently called (Calpis Comic Theater at the time). A live-action version of Dororo was also produced in 2007. From January through June 2019, MAPPA and Tezuka Productions’ second anime television series adaption, which consisted of 24 episodes, was shown.

So, will there be a Dororo Season 2? Read on to find out.

Dororo Season 2 Release Date

Dororo Season 2 Release Date
Dororo Season 2 Release Date

Between April and September 1969, the first anime series was aired. The anime version has a satisfying conclusion in contrast to the manga. [38] An official crowd-funding campaign for the show’s streaming was started by Anime Sols in 2008. The first half of the show’s financing target was met, and funding for the second half was maintained. Discotek Media took over the project after Anime Sols went out of business and released it on DVD in 2016 together with the show’s color pilot.

MAPPA and Tezuka Productions announced a 24-episode second anime television series adaptation in March 2018. The show was shown on Amazon from January 7 through June 24, 2019.

It is questionable whether “Dororo” will ever receive a renewal from production firm Mappa. But the first season is being redubbed into English and will be released this summer on DVD and digitally, according to the Anime News Network. Even if a second season isn’t planned, it’s always conceivable that a new release of previously produced material can increase the show’s popularity globally and motivate its producers to work on it again.

However, there is currently no indication that renewal is imminent. The tale is rather brief compared to some other manga adaptations, and since there are only three complete volumes of the original manga, there won’t be as much to adapt in subsequent seasons. It’s important to keep in mind that it would probably take more than a year to prepare and distribute Season 2 of the program.

Dororo Season 2 Cast

Dororo Season 2 Cast
Dororo Season 2 Cast
  • Hyakkimaru (百鬼丸) Voiced by Nachi Nozawa, Hiroki Suzuki; Adam Gibbs: In the Sengoku era, Hyakkimaru, the son of Kagemitsu Daigo and Nui no Kata, is a rnin. The unnamed child was born misshapen, limbless, and without facial characteristics or internal organs because of a contract his father made with 48 sealed demons. The baby was abandoned in the river and later discovered and fostered by Dr. Jukai, who gave the boy prosthetic limbs and grafted a unique sword made out of retaliation to kill supernatural beings onto his left arm. The prosthesis and healing powers made the youngster almost unstoppable. Because of his cruel temperament, he gained several titles during his travels, including “Hyakkimaru.”
  • Dororo (どろろ) Voiced by Minori Matsushima, Rio Suzuki; Chaney Moore: Young thief Dororo travels with Hyakkimaru on his escapades. Hyakkimaru discovers that Dororo is physically a woman in the original manga and the 1969 anime version, despite the latter’s insistence that he is a boy because his parents nurtured him as one (in the 2019 anime it is revealed earlier, though Hyakkimaru makes no note of it). Hibukuro, the father of Dororo’s bandits, was injured by a samurai officer and ultimately passed away. While running away in the snow, his mother drew a map on Dororo’s back to help him find money that his father had buried at Bone Cape before she perished from exposure.
  • Kagemitsu Daigo (醍醐景光, Daigo Kagemitsu) Voiced by Gorō Naya, Naoya Uchida; David Wald: Father of Hyakkimaru, samurai of the Muromachi era, lord of Ishikawa, and vassal to the Kaga Province governor. He established an agreement with 48 sealed demons wherein each might get a portion of his unborn child’s body in exchange for their assistance in governing the area and guarding it against the periodic famines, plagues, droughts, and natural calamities that afflicted surrounding kingdoms.
  • Tahōmaru Daigo (醍醐多宝丸, Daigo Tahōmaru) Voiced by Shūsei Nakamura, Shōya Chiba; Blake Jackson: The second child of Kagemitsu Daigo and the younger brother of Hyakkimaru. born following Hyakkimaru’s abandonment.
  • Jukai (寿海) Voiced by Kinto Tamura, Akio Ōtsuka; Ty Mahany: a talented surgeon and doctor who built Hyakkimaru’s prosthetic limbs using alchemical synthesis and healing magic.
  • Biwa Hōshi (琵琶法師) Voiced by Junpei Takiguchi, Mutsumi Sasaki; James Belcher: a talented surgeon and doctor who built Hyakkimaru’s prosthetic limbs using alchemical synthesis and healing magic.
  • Mio (未央) Voiced by Reiko Mutō, Nana Mizuki; Luci Christian: Hyakkimaru’s first love was a stunning prostitute who looked after abandoned kids. She lost her life defending the other kids from a raid that Kagemitsu had organized. She passes away before the action begins in the manga and the original anime, thus she can only be seen in flashbacks, but in the 2019 anime, she appears in the present.
  • Itachi (イタチ) Voiced by Masaaki Okabe, Setsuji Satō; Greg Cote: a thief who supported the government and turned on Dororo’s father Hibukuro. Later, he abducted Dororo to obtain the map needed to locate Hibukuro’s secret funds.
  • Nota (ノタ): Hyakkimaru’s traveling companion is a dog with a hat on. Only an original anime character; not a manga character. appears in the 2019 anime’s opening episode as a cameo.

Dororo Season 2 Plot

Dororo Season 2 Plot
Dororo Season 2 Plot

The absence of a clear direction for the narrative is if there is one major reason that even many devoted fans of the program are not expecting a renewal.

The main guy in the original manga has lost 48 of his organs, and recovering them necessitates a very long and epic trip. He only lacks 12 in the new show, allowing the 2019 anime to wrap up more quickly than the original manga plot, which was canceled and had a hurried finale.

The tale is wrapped up in the new Dororo, although in a somewhat different way than in the first version—a storyline that would have involved young Dororo and Hyakkimaru in a direct struggle was dropped, and the ending was left open-ended instead. If a new season is released, it will probably go way beyond the written manga.

Where To Watch Dororo Season 2?

You can catch Dororo season 2 on Amazon Prime Video or Netflix when it does make it to the screen.

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