Drive Hard The Maloof Way Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Are you watching Drive Hard the Maloof Way season 1? Do you think season 2 will be renewed or is it going to be canceled? Come and I will tell you whole about this.

This article is all about Drive Hard the Maloof Way Season 2. What is the possible release date for the season? What about the cast and crew? The storylines for the upcoming season. What are the different options to watch it? And much more. Read the article till the end so you get a whole idea about season 2.

Drive Hard; the Maloof Way is an American adventure drama produced by Ken Snow, Will Ehbrecht, Mark Kadin, Anuj Majumdar, and Tod Mesirow. The show is officially on-air on Netflix.

The first season drops on screen around August 26, 2022. All the episodes release at once. The show gets an IMDb rating of 6.1 out of 10. 91% of the audience liked the show.

Drive Hard the Maloof Way follows the life of the Maloof Family. The whole family are professional stunt drivers and share a passion for car engines. Behind the wheel, the family is sure to try some wild stunts.

The main part of the shooting for season 1 was done in San Gabriel, California. The remaining shootings were in some parts of the Greater Los Angeles area and Southern California.

Drive Hard The Maloof Way Season 2 Release Date

Drive Hard The Maloof Way Season 2 Release Date
Drive Hard The Maloof Way Season 2 Release Date

After the great success of season 1. Drive hard on the Maloof way fans are eager to know about season 2. The showrunner hadn’t announced season 2 yet. There is no clear idea if either the show will be renewed or will be canceled.

Season 1 of the series premiered on August 26, 2022. All the episodes of the season are released at once. If season 2 is renewed then it most probably will on aired in early 2023 or mid-2023. We can’t say anything until and unless an official announcement is made by show makers.

Season 1 comprises 8 episodes, each with a running time of 30-35 minutes. If there will be another season, then it might have the same number of episodes. More or less a difference of 1 or 2 episodes.

However, everything is still a mystery about season 2.

Drive Hard The Maloof Way Season 2 StoryLine

Drive Hard The Maloof Way Season 2 StoryLine
Drive Hard The Maloof Way Season 2 StoryLine

The famous racer Sammy Maloof and his family make the best racing cars. To make sure never a client is left behind in the race. He has run the business since 1984. He has proven himself as a brand in the racing business. The whole family is involved in leading dangerous stunts.

In every episode, they take up a new client who wants to win the race and approach them. Maloofs go all the way to help the client. So he or she can win the race no matter what.

Season 2 will continue from where season 1 was left behind. Season 1 ended with some unanswered questions. So finally, we can get peace after season 2 will answer all the mysteries. There are no such possible plots about season 2 right now. We will get an idea once the production house has released any spoilers about the show.

Drive Hard The Maloof Way Season 2 Cast

Drive Hard The Maloof Way Season 2 Cast
Drive Hard The Maloof Way Season 2 Cast

If there will be a season 2, it might be a continuation series. As the last season ended up without giving us some proper answers. Then most of our favorite actors will come back for the season.

The main roles in the series are:

  • Represents himself and runs an engine shop alongside his family. He works as a stunts man in Hollywood for the last 25 years. He mentors his daughter in performing stunts in commercials, movies, and music videos.
  • Represents herself, as the daughter of Sammy Maloof. She is a top-notch racer. She has a keen knowledge of car engines; that’s why she works as a right-hand man at his father’s shop. She is a kind introverted, calm and motivated person.
  • Represents herself, one of her twin sisters, and the daughter of Sammy. She is also a professional stunt driver. She is learning new stunts along with her twin.
  •  Represents herself, the other twin sister, and also the daughter of Sammy Maloof. She is not as strong as her twin sister but is also a good stunt driver. She learns from her mistake and tries to deal with them.

The supporting roles in the series are played by:

  •  Josh Ferdinand represents self.
  • Janeen Ferdinand represents self.
  • Chris Guzzi represents self.
  • Trevor Catanese represents self.
  • Matt Kutcher represents self.
  • Monti Fitzgerald represents self.
  • Adam Carola represents self.
  • Jeff Allen represents self.
  • Noah Applebaum represents self
  • Teri Fruichantie represents self.
  • Horace Corey represents self.
  • Shevey Mack represents self.
  • Marc Sykes represents self
  • Dave Sykes represents self.
  • Larry Mollicone represents self.
  • Justin Mollicone represents self.
  • Derek Ware represents self.
  • Brian Tirado represents self.

There is no confirmation that these will be the same characters in the coming season. There might be some new characters. However, we have to wait for the season to see all the cast.

Where you can watch Drive Hard The Maloof Way Season 2?

Drive Hard the Maloof Way is originally a Netflix series. So season 2 will also release on Netflix. There is no such schedule available on Netflix until the release date is not announced.

There will be different streaming times in different time zones. So after the release date is announced make sure to check the schedule of your time zone.

So until the new season arrives in the meantime, you can binge-watch all the episodes from the last season. Or catch up with any missing episodes.

Unfortunately, at the very moment, there are no other platforms showing Drive Hard the Maloof way. We hope we will see you soon.

If we get any further news regarding the season, we will update the page. So before going back, don’t forget to bookmark the website. I am sure you don’t want to miss out on some amazing stories related to the upcoming series.

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