Good Witch Season 8 Release Date, Updates, Plot, and All We Know!

Good Witch is a Hallmark Channel original television series that was released as an extension of the movie series (Made for television) of the same name.

Good Witch Season 8 Plot

Good Witch Season 8 Plot
Good Witch Season 8 Plot

Good Witch takes us on a magical journey with Cassie Nightingale and her radiant, smart and young teenage daughter, Grace who also shares her mom’s unique special intuitive charm. When a doctor, Sam, and his teenage son move in next door to the Grey House they are instantly ‘charmed’ by their neighbors. They wonder and imagine if it is really magical about this mother-daughter duo or just a lucky coincidence? Or is it just some rare intuitive insight only their family is blessed with?

The town of Middleton is in store for some new changes, big surprises, and, of course, a little bit of magic!

The series picks up from where the movies ended, where Cassie is now this mysterious and beautiful lady who is now everyone wonders if she is a witch or the “Grey Lady”.

The series keeps shifting its focus throughout the span of all of its seven seasons and the dynamics of the relationships between the Nightingales and the Radfords also keep changing, developing into friendlier and more romantic equations which eventually leads to Cassie’s second wedding to Sam as well. Simultaneously the stories and inter-relations of other residents of the city are shown through a series of dramatic events and literally curses.

Everything about Good Witch Season 8

Everything about Good Witch Season 8
Everything about Good Witch Season 8

Good Witch is one of the most famous fantasy shows and is loved by the audience who are awaiting the 8th season. But much to fans’ dismay, Hallmark cancelled the show after the seventh season and turned down season 8, reasons for which are unknown to viewers as it is a very popular show and has positive reception. Many suspected the reason to be the exit of one of the show’s main cast members, Bailee Madison, and the loss of a “permanent cast member” might decline in viewership. Fans were quite devastated by this news.

Since the show has officially been cancelled there is no release date or much hope for Good Witch season 8 unless another platform picks it up owing to fan power and the audience’s love for the show.

Good Witch Season 8 Cast

Good Witch Season 8 Cast
Good Witch Season 8 Cast
  • Catherine Bell as Cassandra “Cassie” Nightingale
  • Bailee Madison as Grace Russell (main seasons 1–5, guest season 7)
  • James Denton as Dr. Sam Radford
  • Sarah Power as Abigail Pershing
  • Catherine Disher as Martha Tinsdale is the mayor of Middleton.
  • Kylee Evans as Stephanie Borden is the owner of a local bistro and a close friend of Cassie.
  • Anthony Lemke as Ryan Elliot (main season 1; recurring season 2)
  • Peter MacNeill as George O’Hanrahan is the father-in-law of Cassie’s late husband Jake and maternal grandfather of Brandon and Lori. He is a grandfather figure to Grace and helps operate Grey House Bed and Breakfast with Cassie.
  • Rhys Matthew Bond as Nick Radford (main seasons 2–5; recurring seasons 1, 6) is Sam’s troublesome son; since arriving in Middleton, he refuses to accept his new home and constantly wishes to go back to New York.
  • Dan Jeannotte as Brandon Russell (main season 2; recurring seasons 1, 3–4; guest season 5): Cassie’s stepson and Grace’s older half-brother
  • Ashley Leggat (recurring season 1)/Rebecca Dalton (main season 2; recurring seasons 3–4; guest season 5) as Tara Russell: Brandon’s wife
  • Marc Bendavid as Donovan Davenport (seasons 5–7): the mayor of Blairsville and Abigail’s love interest.
  • Scott Cavalheiro as Adam Hawkins (seasons 5–7): the hospital pastor and Stephanie’s love interest.
  • Gianpaolo Venuta as Vincent (seasons 5, 7): Cassie’s world-traveling and adventurous foster brother.
  • Katherine Barrell, as Joy Harper (seasons 6–7)
  • Noah Cappe as Derek Sanders (seasons 1–4): Middleton’s chief of police, whom Mayor Martha Tinsdale appointed after Cassie’s husband Jake died
  • Paul Miller as Tom Tinsdale: Martha’s husband and previous mayor of Middleton
  • Hannah Endicott-Douglas as Lori Russell (seasons 1–2): Cassie’s stepdaughter and Brandon’s sister, who is now a writer
  • Shane Harte as Anthony (season 1): Grace’s best friend
  • Gabrielle Miller as Linda Wallace (seasons 1–2; guest season 5): Sam’s ex-wife and Nick’s mother
  • Kate Corbett as Eve (seasons 2–4): the receptionist at Dr. Sam Radford’s clinic
  • Jefferson Brown as Ben Patterson (seasons 2–4): a handyman who opened the Middleton Cinema and Stephanie’s former boyfriend
  • Dan Payne as John Dover (season 2): Cassie’s former college friend, he arrives in Middleton, during the second season, for a teaching job, and renews his interest in dating her.
  • Art Hindle as Arthur (seasons 4, 6): Abigail’s estranged father
  • Sebastian Pigott as Phil Sturgis (season 4): A Grey House guest and creator of a high-tech dating app, he briefly dates Abigail before moving to Portland.
  • Kyana Teresa as Zoey Taylor (season 7): A firefighter and Joy’s love interest

Where to watch Good Witch?

Hallmark released the first five seasons of Good Witch on DVD. All the seven seasons of the show are available to stream on Netflix internationally.

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