Impact Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And More

Impact Season 2 is coming or not? The impact is one of the most famous Canadian miniseries that first premiered on 14 February 2009. Unlike other miniseries, Impact has only two episodes, enough to make the fans fall in love with the series.

Directed by Mike Rohi and written by Michael Vickerman, the action disaster miniseries ended more than 13 years ago, and now it’s time to learn about the second season of Impact. So what is the release date of Impact season 2? We have gathered all possible answers for the fans regarding the upcoming season 2 of Impact.

Impact season 2, related to all the latest updates, are available here. The fans, who have been waiting for a second season for so long, now it’s finally time to get all answers to your burning queries regarding the second season of Impact.

Impact Season 2 Release Date

Impact Season 2 Release Date
Impact Season 2 Release Date

The Canadian mini-television series Impact was first released in February 2009 and contained two episodes that simultaneously premiered on 14 and 15 February. The catchy plot and well-organized cast kept the audiences hooked with season one of Impact. The show ended almost 13 years ago, and fans wonder whenImpact season 2 will be released.

The release date of Impact season 2 has yet to be announced. Although the miniseries has gathered so much curiosity among the fans, it is quite upsetting that they will not likely return with a second season. If the show meets a renewal for a second season of Impact following its huge popularity among the fans, we will inform you through our next article.

What will be the storyline of Impact season 2? Who will be the cast members of the second season of Impact? We have gathered all the speculations of Impact season 2 for you to read while waiting for the official renewal of the show.

Impact Season 2 Storyline 

Impact Season 2 Storyline 
Impact Season 2 Storyline 

The action-disaster and sci-fi miniseries Impact depicts the fair of how the actual disaster of the world looks like. The meteor shower is supposed to be one of the most beautiful in 10000 years. What will happen when the most beautiful thing becomes the biggest threat to the Earth?

During the meteor shower, an astroid hidden by the meteor field strikes the Moon. However, the Earth’s atmosphere is bound to change with this Impact. Through the incident, the lunar surface of the Earth is also seen to be damaged. At first, few small changes have been noticed on Earth, but it becomes a threat after passing more and more time.

Meanwhile, Alex, Maddie, Ronald, and the rest of the researchers soon discover that these are not slight changes but the biggest threat that can cause the Moon’s orbit to collide with the Earth within 39 days. Astronauts worldwide must join forces together to save the Earth. Will their attempt save the Earth from the upcoming disaster, or will this be the end for us?

The new storyline Impact season 2 is in production as the show has yet to be renewed for the second season. If the show debuted with the second season of Impact, the storyline will revolve around another scary incident that will shake the audience’s mind. However, any further predictions regarding the plot of Impact season 2 will be meaningless as the series has yet to announce the official update on its renewal.

Impact Season 2 Cast

Impact Season 2 Cast
Impact Season 2 Cast

The cast of Impact season 1 has made the series more entertaining, and now the audience wants to see their presence even more in the series’ new season. Although some new faces in Impact season 2 can make the series more interesting and engaging, we can’t let go of the old cast members. For now, The new cast of Impact season 2 is not fixed officially by the makers. Let’s take a quick peek at the cast of the previous season of Impact, who may return in the next season.

  • David James Elliott as Alex Kittner
  •  Natasha Henstridge as Maddie Rhodes
  •  Benjamin Sadler as Roland Emerson
  •  Steven Culp as President Edward Taylor
  •  James Cromwell as Alex’s father-in-law
  •  Florentine Lahme as Martina Altmann
  •  Natasha Calis as Sadie Kittner
  •  Samantha Ferris as Renee Ferguson
  •  Ty Olsson as Derek

Impact Season 2 Trailer

The new trailer for season 2 is not available. If the series goes for renewal, fans will see a brand-new trailer for Impact’s second season very soon. The loyal fans must wait for the makers to announce the renewal for Impact season two. While waiting for the second season’s trailer, you can watch the trailer for Impact’s first season, which is available online on YouTube for free.

Where to Watch Impact Season 2 Online?

The online release platform of Impact season 2 cannot be decided as the series is yet to renew for a second season. For now, 2 episodes of Impact are exclusively streaming to watch online on Amazon Prime Video.

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