Inside Job Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast & More

Inside Job Season 2 is an American adult animated science fiction office comedy TV series created by Shion Takeuchi, premiering on Netflix on October 22, 2021. Takeuchi, a past Gravity Falls writer, performs as showrunner and is a decision-making producer alongside Gravity Waterfall’s creator Alex Hirsch and BoJack Horseman manager Mike Hollingsworth. The series, conventional generally positive reviews from critics, who acclaimed the animation, voice temporary, and social commentary; however, its humor and writing were met with a separating response.

Confidential Job is a workplace comedy set anywhere where many conspiracy theories are real. It is centered on an American shadow government society Cognito, Inc., which attempts to control the world and keep the schemes secret. The series follows a team led by a tech mastermind and her new partner as they work in the organization together with reptilian shapeshifters, a human-dolphin hybrid, and a learned mushroom from hollow Earth.

Inside Job Season 2 Release Date

Inside Job Season 2 Release Date
Inside Job Season 2 Release Date

Netflix has not publicized the Inside Job season 2 release date as of October 2022. That said, during its official Geeked Week occasion in June 2022, the flowing service said Inside Job would legitimately be chronic for a season 2, aka ‘Part 2’.

It is no surprise since the streaming podium originally ordered 20 episodes back in April 2019. We’ve only seen ten so far in season 1, so we’ve been coming up for ten more, and they’re finally impending.

To speculate, seeing an announcement and trailer out already (see below), we wouldn’t put it past Netflix to bead the next ten episodes in late 2022.

Inside Job Season 2 Plot

Inside Job Season 2 Plot
Inside Job Season 2 Plot

The season one (or part one) cliffhanger deduction gave fans hope that Inside Job would unconditionally return for season 2 after Rand Ridley (Christian Slater) was repaid as CEO of Cognito Inc. The official teaser establishes things will pick up where we left off as it theatres out the opening divisions of Part 2, Episode 1.

Reagan Ridley (Lizzy Caplan) is seen as incomplete to terms with her pop, Rand, who recuperated his position as CEO, and she’s not doing well do the news. Seeing she thought she would be attractive to Cognito in a new direction, she was grassed by the Shadow Board and unnerved back into a staff role.

As Reagan crania back into the office with Brett Hand (Clark Duke), she understands that her father must take the course of Cognito Inc. into his own hands, contradicting the secretive Robes.

A hologram of Rand seems in the lobby stating, “From now on, we do come again, I say. Cognito’s going to reclaim its beauty days. And then Cognito will retrieve its ex-wife, daughter, and unique, beautiful hairline.

As well as continuing it’s leaning into its adult humor, there are also hints of a lot more conspiracies and the ensuing chaos around each theory. So, we’ll be an option up where we left off to continue traveling the secrets of this deep-state group.

Inside Job Season 2 Cast

Inside Job Season 2 Cast
Inside Job Season 2 Cast

If you didn’t know today, Inside Job has quite the cast list late. While we don’t know for influenced that they’ll all be chronic for season 2, we can be attractive sure they are for now, and here’s the roll call:

  • Lizzy Caplan, by way of Reagan Ridley
  • Christian Slater, by way of Rand Ridley
  • Clark Duke, by way of Brett Hand
  • Tisha Campbell, by way of Gigi
  • Brett Gelman, by way of Magic Myc
  • Andy Daly, by way of J.R. Scheimpough
  • John DiMaggio, by way of Glenn Dolphin
  • Bobby Lee, by way of Dr. Andrew
  • Chris Diamantopoulous, by way of Robotics

And, seeing the first look trailer, we know that Lizzy, Christian, and Clark are confirmed returning cast members at the smallest. Plus, inventors Shion Takeuchi and Alex Hirsch have also been recognized to lend their voices to added characters, with Alex taking on Justin Timberlake and Paul Rudd, to designation but a few, and maybe they’re not complete yet.

Where to Watch Inside Job Season 2

All ten episodes of Inside Job season 1 can flow exclusively on Netflix. And, as we mentioned previously, so can Netflix’s other great mature animated comedies, such as Big Mouth and its spin-off display, Human Resources. Both of which have newly been renewed by Netflix.