Where Is Run The World Filmed?

Run The World has captivated audiences with its entertaining characters and storyline. The beauty of this series in terms of costumes, makeup, and locations spoke volumes. In case you are wondering where the series was filmed, here’s everything you need to know about where the episodes of Run The World were filmed and details about the locations.

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Cast Of Run The World

  • Amber Stevens West as Whitney Green
  • Andrea Bordeaux as Ella McFair
  • Bresha Webb as Renee Ross
  • Corbin Reid as Sondi Hil
  • Tosin Morohunfola as Olabisi “Ola” Adeyemo
  • Stephen Bishop as Matthew Powel

Run The World Plot

Run The World Plot
Run The World Plot

The series Run the world shows all the relationship problems of the four main characters in the show. The show’s main characters are Ella, Whitney, Renee, and Sondhi. The four leads have fantastic chemistry with one another.

Ella is still attracted to her ex, Whitney is about to get married, and she feels she hasn’t experienced enough in her life. Renee is about to get divorced, and Sondhi is in a relationship with her professor. She feels she won’t be taken seriously as a scholar because of her relationship.

This series shows a realistic depiction of beautiful and successful young Black women living their lives. The plot shows the empowering friendship of 4 women, which is one of the main reasons to watch this show.

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Where Is Run The World Filmed?

Where Is Run The World Filmed
Where Is Run The World Filmed

The story is set in Harlem, New York. But the series was shot throughout New York City. Actress Andrea Bordeaux, who plays Ella in the show, mentioned Harlem in the Daily News: “It really is a homage to the city. You get to see just how easy it is to step outside your door and play”. The director of the show did her best to show the beauty and aesthetics of Harlem as much as she could.

The beauty of the location was one of the most talked about topics.

Some of the places and landmarks featured in the series are

  • Marcus Garvey Park
  • Harriet Tubman Memorial statue
  • Harlem Meer in the northeast corner of Central Park, 
  • Malcolm Shabazz Harlem Market,  
  • “Young Gifted & Harlem” mural by Ronald Draper (Morningside Avenue and W 120th Street), 
  • Brownstones in the Mount Morris Park Historic District
  • Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Memorial by Branly Cadet
  • Under the Riverside Viaduct
  • Ginny’s Supper Club

These are some of the locations you can personally visit and see yourself.!

Is there a Season 2 of Run the World?

Run the world season 2 2
Run the world season 2

In August 2021, Starz renewed the series Run the World for a second season. So, Run the world Season 2 has been confirmed. 

There are no formal announcements about the release date of season 2. But it is anticipated that Run the World Season 2 will be released in spring 2022.

However, it has been announced that three new characters will be introduced to the show. The three new actors added to the cast list are Tika Sumpter, CP, and Isha Blaaker. Actors like Cree Summer, Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins, and Rachelle Williams-BenAry are also said to be guest starring in season two.

Where to Watch Run the World

You can watch the series on Amazon Prime.

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