Law school season 1 finale deals with?

Law school season 1 is a South Korean television series, contain sixteen (16) episodes. This legal drama written by Seo In and directed by Km Seok-Yoon. This Korean drama is premiered on a television network called JTBC on the 14th of April – 2021 and stream every Wednesday and Thursday at 11 pm local time (as per Korean standard time). After telecast on TV, these episodes also available for streaming on Netflix.

Release Date of Law School Season 1 Finale

Release Date of Law School Season 1 Finale

The final episode, i.e., the sixteenth episode of Law school season 1 will stream on Netflix on Wednesday, 9th of June – 2021, at 3 am.

Before streaming on Netflix, episode 16 will telecast on JTBC in South Korea.

Law School Season 1 Finale what to expect?

Law School Season 1 Finale what to expect

Everyone waiting for episode 16, what do we expect in the finale? Here the latest updates about the final episode of law school. Season 1 finale is scheduled to release on Netflix, worldwide. The storyline for season 1 is concluded by the 16th episode. Kang Dan may give a physical appearance in the finale, though she made a court appearance via a video link in the latest episode.

The final episode mainly focuses on Assemblyman Ko. Professor Yang Jong-Hoon with his students brings Assemblyman Ko to the court. However, the politician was arrested, they should possess particular proof against him and still require proper acknowledgment. So that, professor Kim Eun-sook might produce or offer to represent him in the court and willing to take part in a game with his own rules, even though she might have some other plans.

Now, prosecutor Jin collaborated with Assemblyman Ko and trying to save himself, as a part of the game. Nevertheless, JI-Ho is not ready to let him off, for what he was done, as Ji-Ho is adamant about justice for the incident that happened to his father.

Law School Season 1 Cast

Law school season 1 Cast

Main characters

Kim Myung-minYang Jong-hoo
Kim Bum Han Joon-hwi
Ryu Hye-young Kang Sol A
Lee Jung-eun Kim Eun-sook


Faculty of Hankuk University Law school

Ahn Nae-sangSeo Byung-ju
Gil Hae-yeonOh Jung-hee
Woo HyeonSung Dong-il
Oh Man-seokKang Joo-man
Lee Seung-hunJung Dae-hyeon

Students of Hankuk University Law school

Lee Soo-kyungKang Sol B
Lee DavidSeo Ji-ho
Go Yoon-jungJeon Ye-seul,
Hyun WooYoo Seung-jae
Lee Kang-jiMin Bok-gi
Kim Min-seokJo Ye-beom

Plot Synopsis of Law school Season 1

Plot Synopsis of Law school Season 1

Law school is a South Korean drama or a television series. This law school is set in Hankuk University, usually, this drama deals with students and professors. At this prestigious law school, a professor and his students were involved in a remarkable case.

Yang Jong-hoon (Kim Myung-min) is a solicitor or a former prosecutor, now he is working as a professor in the Hankuk University Law School. He is genuine and straightforward so that students don’t like him, due to this they nicknamed him Yangcrates, but the professor doesn’t care about all these things. He only focused on the law field.  Kim Eun-sook (Lee Jung-Eun) is the only colleague Yang Jing-hoon can openly talk with.

Kand sol and Han Joon-Hwi are 1st years Hankuk university law school students. Kand sol is a girl who is from poor family background and raised by her mother. In school, she is stuck between smart and wealthy background students. She felt anxious, shameful as well, because of her poor background. She slowly started learning about the legal profession. Han Joon-Hwi is an attractive young man and the top of the class and he is having good leadership skills.

Someday, A professor called Seo at Hankuk university law school was found lifeless (dead) and as the main suspect professor, Yang Jong-Hoon was arrested. To prove Yang Jong-Hoon’s innocence, they have started digging deep to find out the mystery behind Professor Seo’s death.


Law school season 1 is a genre that deals with students and professors in the law school. Till now 15 episodes completed. On June 9, 2021, the final episode is going to stream on Netflix. There are many predictions regarding this finale episode. International viewers can watch this legal drama on Netflix only.  According to average tv viewership ratings, the 2nd episode released on April 15, 2021, has the lowest rating while the 13th episode, which was premiered on May 27, 2021, has the highest rating. On May 13, 2021, due to the 57th BAEKSANG Arts Awards broadcast, no episode aired.