Maggie Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Story, and More

Maggie season 2 release, cast, about, and more is all about what you need to know, including everything about the show Maggie season 1 which was released this year on 6th July 2022. If you are a curious fan like me or an audience who has come across wondering about the show. Then stay tuned with us in the latest series.

About Maggie Season 1

About Maggie Season 1
About Maggie Season 1

The ability to see the future and know about it all sounds so cool and way scary at the same time. Our main protagonist Maggie, actually has the proficiency to see into the future of anyone. Now she can see the future of all and everyone around her. Suddenly one day she could see the future of what happened to her the future. Since that day it seems her life has turned upside down and what happens to her own love life is for the audience to find out only from the show Maggie season 1.

The director of the show Maggie is Natalia Anderson, Justin Adler, Shiri Appleby, Jaffar Mahmood, Molly McGlynn, Katie Locke O’Brien, Lee Shallat Chemel, Jude Weng, and Ken Whittingham. The writing credits of the show Maggie goes to Hayley Adams, Justin Adler, Tim Curcio, Jesse Esparza, Maggie Mull, Dani Shank, Ceda Xiong, and Joellen Redlingshafer. The series Maggie music was composed by Duncan Blickenstaff and Rob Simonsen. The Maggie series season 1 story writing and editing credits go to Hayley Adams, Justin Adler, Tim Curcio, Maggie Mull, Joellen Redlingshafer, Dani Shank, Ceda Xiong, and Jesse Esparza.

Maggie Season 2 Cast

Maggie Season 2 Cast
Maggie Season 2 Cast

The Cast of Maggie season 1 is listed, but as of now, there is no news of Maggie season 2.
• Rebecca Rittenhouse played the character Maggie
• David Del Rio played the character Ben
• Nichole Sakura played the character Louise
• Angelique Cabral played the character, Amy
• Chloe Bridges played the character Jessie
• Ray Ford played the character Angel
• Leonardo Nam played the character Dave
• Kerri Kenney played the character Maria
• Chris Elliott played the character Jack
• Adam Korson played the character Daniel
• Trent Garrett played the character John

Maggie Season 2 Episodes

Maggie Season 2 Episodes
Maggie Season 2 Episodes

Maggie season 2 has news of it and there is no possible chance of hearing about it soon as season 1 came out very recently.
Meanwhile, the series Maggie season 1 released on 6th July 2022 has a total number of 13 episodes

Episode 1: Things Begin Where They End 
Episode 2: A New Friendship Awaits You 
Episode 3: You Are the Master of Your Own Emotions 
Episode 4: A Dinner Guest Will Surprise You 
Episode 5: You Are a Skilled Mentor by Nature 
Episode 6: I See a Baby in Your Future 
Episode 7: You Will Have a Night to Remember 
Episode 8: Your Past Will Inform Your Present 
Episode 9: You Will Help Someone Take a Chance 
Episode 10: A Mysterious Invitation Awaits
Episode 11: You Will Experience a Loss 
Episode 12: The Fortune You Seek is in Another Cookie 
Episode 13: Things End Where They Began

Maggie Season 2 Release Date

Maggie Season 2 Release Date
Maggie Season 2 Release Date

There won’t be a release, announcement, or renewal for season 2 of the television show Maggie season 1. As for now, the series has come out very recently on the broadcasting platform. The show Maggie season 1 has released this year and in July only. Considering how long it takes for a season to get a renewal, continuation, production, and distribution among the audience. Also, considering how much and many factors working behind getting a new season for the show. It might take time then there might be any news or information about the show Maggie season 2. Possibly there will be any information about season 2 in the future.

Where To Watch Maggie Season 2?

For fans wondering about the release of Maggie season 2, then it will take time to hear anything about the series Maggie season 2, we will update as soon as there is any possible information available on the renewal or further news regarding the show Maggie season 2.

As for now anyone what to watch something light like a rom-com beautiful series then Maggie season is a must-watch. For anyone who wants a small preview of the show Maggie season 1, the trailer is available on YouTube. While the whole series is available on the platform Hulu to watch this weekend.

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