Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Story, and More

It’s been a long time since you fell in love and watched Yona Of The Dawn. And with Yona Of The Dawn season 2 in the talks, you’re probably thinking about it, aren’t you?

Fans of the anime “Yona of the Dawn” (“Akatsuki no Yona”), based on the Mizuho Kusanagi manga, have been wondering whether the one-season series (so far) will be renewed for a number of years. The 24-episode television program featured three original video animation specials (OVAs) before ending in 2016 and was last aired in 2014–2015.

With Yona Of The Dawn a (distant) possibility, here’s what you need to know.

Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Release Date

Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Release Date
Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Release Date

Between October 7, 2014, and March 24, 2015, a 24-episode anime television series adaptation created by Pierrot was shown. For streaming and home video rights in North America, Funimation has obtained a license for the anime series. Funimation started streaming their dubbed version of the anime on March 17, 2015, with episode 13; the first half of the season will be released at a later time. Akatsuki no Yona, an instrumental piece by Kunihiko Ryo, serves as the first opening theme. Yoru is the first epilogue theme.

The second opening tune is Cyntia’s Akatsuki no Hana. Akatsuki serves as the second closing theme. The manga’s 19th, 21st, and 22nd limited edition volumes each came with three unique video animations. Three OVAs were released: the first on September 18, 2015, the second on August 19, 2016, and the third on December 20, 2016.

According to a tweet she published, the Kumamoto earthquakes in 2016 temporarily halted inventor Kusanagi’s work, which did not help, but that was five years ago. Anime Next Season believes the series is over due to poor merch sales and the fact that the show’s social media sites are no longer promoting it, despite the fact that there is plenty of source material in the 34 volumes of the manga that are currently in existence and that it has respectable ratings.

The less likely an anime is to receive a renewal, the longer it will go without one. Over a year ago, TV Season & Spoilers advised fans to give up hope if a renewal wasn’t announced by 2021 or 2022. It would still take more than a year for the program to return to the air, even in the improbable event that renewal is revealed this week. It appears that time is regrettably running out.

Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Cast and Characters

Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Cast and Characters
Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Cast and Characters
  • Yona (ヨナ) voiced by Chiwa Saitō; Monica Rial- Yona is King Il’s sole child and the lone princess of Kouka. She descends from the Sky Tribe. Yona, who has unusual red hair and violet eyes, is the Crimson Dragon King’s reincarnation. The four mythical dragon Gods’ blood will recognize her as their reincarnation the instant they set eyes on her, and they will uphold the original Dragon Warrior’s vow to defend and battle beside her. It was subsequently discovered that King Il’s claim that Queen Kashi, Yona’s mother, was murdered when she was 6 years old by rebels was false; Yu-Hon, King Il’s brother, was responsible. Yona, who was protected at the Crimson Dragon Castle, was incredibly reliant, spoilt, and innocent.
  • Son Hak (ソン・ハク, Son Haku) voiced by Tomoaki Maeno, Ayahi Takagaki; Christopher R. Sabat- He is the former Wind Tribe commander, Yona’s protector, and best friend since childhood. Although he is not well known beyond the Sky and Wind Tribes, he is renowned as the “Lightning Beast” for his incredible lightning-fast combat abilities, which have earned him the reputation of the greatest soldier in the Kingdom of Kouka. He was the first individual to beat a general in battle at such a young age, and his skill had been known since he was thirteen.
  • Yoon (ユン) voiced by Junko Minagawa; Clifford Chapin- He is an apprentice who was adopted as an orphan by the priest Ik-soo when he was young. He frequently gets mistaken for a lady or made fun of for his skill set because of his pretty features and proficiency in creating food and medication. When Yona and Hak were assaulted by Tae-ambush Jun and fell off the cliff, he discovered them. He first despised Yona for being an uneducated princess, but after seeing her strength and resolve to learn for herself, he subsequently expressed regret.
  • Soo-won (スウォン, Suwon) voiced by Yūsuke Kobayashi, Nozomi Yamamoto; Micah Solusod- He is King Kouka’s eleventh King of the Sky Tribe and Yona’s cousin and first love. He is the son of King Il’s brother, Yu-Hon. He had a strong friendship with Yona and Hak as a youngster and thought of Yona as his younger sister and Hak as his older brother. Soo-won comforted Yona after the death of her mother Kashi and pledged to stay by her side in her mother’s place, which helped her fall in love with him. He was also Hak’s greatest friend and confidant for many years, and the two of them greatly respected each other as youngsters while learning spearmanship and archery from Mundok.

Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Plot

Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Plot
Yona Of The Dawn Season 2 Plot

The Crimson Dragon God, also known as the Crimson Dragon King, descended from the Heavens as a human and built the fictitious country of Kouka 2000 years ago. It was thought that people had forgotten the existence of the Gods and were living in a time of wickedness and a craving for power. When the world was ready to end and the Crimson Dragon King was set to be destroyed, four other Dragon Gods joined him as human soldiers and assisted him in leading Kouka to prosperity.

The Crimson Dragon King had finally been compelled to battle these humans. The Crimson Dragon King died after they rid Kouka of evil. The four Dragon warriors left his fortress after he passed away, allowing the land to eventually split into the five Tribes of Sky, Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. This tale evolved into a well-known foundation myth as many centuries passed.

2000 years later, Yona, the only princess of Kouka, is at the start of the narrative. She is controlled by her pacifist father King Il under the Sky Tribe. Yona, who is guarded by the general of the Wind Tribe’s bodyguard unit Hak, and frequently visited by Soo-won, the boy she has had her eye on for ten years and who is the brother of King Il, Yoo-hon, enjoys opulent lifestyles away from the terrifying reality outside the gates of the Crimson Dragon Castle. Kouka is set to experience a political upheaval and is once again on the edge of disaster, in contrast to this tranquil illusion.

Soo-won visits her a week before a party honoring her sixteenth birthday. After telling her father about her plans to wed Soo-won one day, Yona is astonished and appalled when King Il expressly bans her from picking him as her spouse. Yona returns to her father’s office on the evening of her 16th birthday celebration to persuade him otherwise. Instead, she enters to see Soo-won slicing King Il’s chest with a sword, showing that he had organized a coup and would succeed King Il as the ruler of Kouka.

As fugitives, Yona and Hak are compelled to flee to Fuuga, the Wind Tribe’s capital. Yona and Hak look for an exiled priest who may teach them about the Crimson Dragon King and four Dragon warriors who united the country at the advice of Hak’s adoptive grandpa and former Wind Tribe General Son Mundok. To survive and defend her homeland, Yona sets out on a quest to discover these warriors, guided by this narrative that seems to be made up.

Stay tuned for more updates about Yona of The Dawn Season 2.

Where To Watch Yona Of The Dawn Season 2?

You can watch Yona Of The Dawn Season 1 on Hulu, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime Video, or Funimation. Yona of The Dawn Season 2 is not out yet.

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