Malory Towers Season 5 Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More

Malory Towers Season 5 is a British-Canadian show adapted from the loved and famous book series of the same name written by Enid Blyton. Malory Towers Season 1 was released for the first time on BBC iPlayer in 2020, later on in the same year the series premiered on CBBC in the United Kingdom.

Globally the series is aired on CBC Gem in Canada, ABC Me in Australia, ZDF and KiKA in Germany, e-Junior, Yle TV2 in Finland, SVT Barn in Sweden, NRK Super in Norway, HBO Max in Scandinavia and HOT in Israel.

Malory Towers Season 5 Release Date

Malory Towers Season 5 Release Date
Malory Towers Season 5 Release Date

Malory Towers is a family favorite and so viewers have been eager for the renewal of Malory Towers. The BBC press department officially declared the confirmation regarding the renewal of the show, a fifth season. Malory Towers Season 5 will be spanned across 20 episodes which is an extension up the previous 13-part seasons. Each episode will be of 25 minutes as usual.

Season 5 is expected to hit the screens around summer or spring of 2024.

Malory Towers Season 5 Plot

Malory Towers Season 5 Plot
Malory Towers Season 5 Plot

The storyline is set against a British backdrop of the 40s. The show revolves around the shenanigans and adventures of a tween, Darell Rivers, aged 12 and prepared to leave her home to join an all-female boarding school and explores a new realm and makes new experiences characterized by lacrosse, hilarious and mostly harmless pranks, midnight feastings, an eerie mystery ghost and wholesome, long lasting and crucial friendships.

Malory Towers Season 5 Cast

Malory Towers Season 5 Cast
Malory Towers Season 5 Cast
  • Ella Bright as Darrell Rivers
  • Danya Griver as Gwendoline Mary Lacey
  • Zoey Siewert as Alicia Johns (Seasons 1–2; 4-)
  • Sienna Arif-Knights as Sally Hope
  • Imogen Lamb as Mary-Lou Linnet
  • Natasha Raphael as Irene Edwards (recurring season 1; main season 2–)
  • Beth Bradfield as Jean Dunlop (recurring season 1; main season 2–)
  • Ashley McGuire as Matron (Recurring season 1; main season 2–)
  • Carys John as Ellen Wilson (Season 2–)
  • Amelie Green as Wilhelmina ‘Bill’ Robinson (Season 3–)


  • Twinkle Jaiswal as Katherine (Season 1)
  • Saskia Kemkers as Emily (Season 1)
  • Hannah Saxby as Pamela (Season 1)
  • Geneviève Beaudet as Mam’Zelle Rougier
  • Imali Perera as Miss Potts (Season 1)
  • Jennifer Wigmore (Season 1 & Christmas Special-)
  • Christine Horne as Margaret (Season 1)
  • Jude Harper – Wrobel as Ron Gilson
  • Birgitte Solem (Seasons 2–3) as Miss Elizabeth Grayling
  • Jason Callender as Mr. Parker (Season 2 & 4)
  • Edie Whitehead as Georgina Thomas (Season 2)
  • Christien Anholt as Mr. Lacey (Season 3 & Christmas Special)
  • Emily Piggford as Miss Julia Johnson and Jennifer Johnson (Season 3)
  • Bre Francis as Mavis (Season 3)
  • April V Woods as Felicity Rivers (Season 4)
  • Edesiri P Okpenerho as June Johns (Season 4)
  • Amy Roerig as Clarissa Carter (Season 4)
  • Ava Azizi as Susan Heather (Season 4)
  • Kimia Lamour as Connie Batten (Season 4)
  • Aviella Burch as Ruth Batten (Season 4)
  • Charles Jackson as Fred Gilson (Christmas Special–)

Malory Towers Season 5 Expected Storyline

There is no confirmed storyline clues or hints for Malory Towers Season 5 as of yet. However, we can expect more hilarious pranks and enthralling adventures of the girls in their boarding school following suit of the previous seasons. There can be extra and new character introductions too to add on to the storyline and input more story arcs. However, the possibilities of that is very marginal since it is based on the popular book series which does not provide any more space or scope for other characters unless Malory Towers is planning to deviate from the book series and introduce some storylines of its own.

Where to Watch Malory Towers Season 5?

Malory Towers Season 5 is expected to release on CBBC and BBC iPlayer. However, there is a scope of delay in its release following the example of how the fourth season has reached the viewers later than what it was supposed and expected to. Malory Towers airs in the US on BYUtv and in Canada it can be seen on the Family Channel.

All the previous three seasons of Malory Towers comprising of 41 episodes is available to be streamed on BBC iPlayer in the United Kingdom.

Malory Towers Season 4 is expected to premiere this summer as it was announced last July and make its premiere on CBBC.

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