Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date Announced!

Relationships are a very private and special acid of life. But when the relationships are out of love other than the blood relationships do become more special. The blood relationship obtains from our birth but the love ones the relationships we get through love our eternal one. But have you ever heard about renting this relationship? This line is still very weird but it will reality someone rent a relationship. It would be weird right cranky to think that in the future something like that happens. 

People don’t need to have a proper real relationship but they can rent a relationship whenever they want with their consent and condition. This rental relationship wouldn’t complicate things like emotions. We can control our desires and financial conditions, and life. Sometimes what we can’t control are our emotions which come from our hearts.

Then what would be this rental relationship or what turn would this relationship take? How would things go crazy right so let’s read about something which is kind of similar to this rental relationship?

We always have seen the Anime and Manga series come with very versatile kinds of storylines. Every time anime comes it comes with very mind-flowing creative thoughts and points to views that we might have never thought of in our life. Like the act this time we are going to talk about and answer the question regarding this anime which is named rent a girlfriend.

Rent A Girlfriend Story

Rent A Girlfriend Story
Rent A Girlfriend Story

When someone breaks our heart we always try to stand back and show them that we are very good. I am living a happy life and enjoying everything without them. The same thing is happening with Kazuya Kinoshita. He is a college boy. He is very young and handsome and also has a very beautiful girlfriend named Mami Nanami. Mami is a gracious and very smart girl with cuteness and beauty. Kazuya was leaving his best life with Mami but suddenly everything changed. Mami broke up with him and worked out of the relationship without any explanation for why she is breaking up with Kazuya. 

From this point the story of Rent A Girlfriend starts. To show Mami that Kazuya is so happy and enjoying his life, open an account in an online app where you can rent a girlfriend from such a weird app. From there he meets Chizuru Mizuhara and he books her as his rental girlfriend. Chizuru Mizuhara is a very affectionate and beautiful girl looking at the first time Kazuya started liking her. 

But he recently buried his feelings because he knows she is a rental girlfriend and their relationship means nothing so to deny his feelings he sometimes used to behave rudely toward Chizuru Mizuhara. In the process of denying his feelings, Kazuya used to pay her, but he doesn’t give her the proper amount of money that she deserves. 

Looking at her sweet and happening behavior he thinks that everything she was doing or the affection she was showing was just for the money he is going to pay her. At last, that’s why he never used to behave properly with her. 

One day we got a call that his grandma collapsed and was taken to the hospital. After reaching the hospital he was informed that his grandmother was totally fine and doing good there he was shocked to see Chizuru Mizuhara. On being asked who she is by his grandmother in a hurry he answered that she is the love of his life which means girlfriend.

Then what will happen after this announcement in front of his grandmother, how they both will tackle this act, how much they can put this together, and how long Kazuya can deny his feelings.

Rent A Girlfriend Cast 

Rent A Girlfriend Cast 
Rent A Girlfriend Cast 

The characters who made this story so beautiful should be praised and applauded for their way of being that characters. The characters in Rent A Girlfriend are 

  • Ichinose, Chizuru voice given by Amamiya, Sora
  • Kinoshita, Kazuya voice given by Horie, Shun
  • Nanami, Mami voice given by Yuuki, Aoi
  • Sakurasawa, Sumi voice given by Takahashi, Rie
  • Sarashina, Ruka voice given by Touyama, Nao
  • Kibe, Yoshiaki voice given by Akasaka, Masayuki
  • Kinoshita, Nagomi voice given by Nozawa, Yukari
  • Flea Market Saleswoman Voice is given by Kowaka, Wakana
  • Ichinose, Sayuri voice given by Sadaoka, Sayuri
  • Kuribayashi, Shun voice given by Kajiwara, Gakuto
  • Kinoshita, Harumi voice given by Natsutani, Miki
  • Sasano, Takeshi voice given by Yoshino, Takahiro
  • Nakano, Umi voice given by Ishikawa, Kaito
  • Nagomi’s Friend voice given by Kuwabara, Akira
  • Kinoshita, Kazuo voice given by Sanpei, Yuuki
  • Imai Miharu voice given by Toujou, Hisako
  • Shimae, Sonoko voice given by Kitamori, Saika
  • Shinpo, Youko voice given by Sasaki, Hitomi
  • Kawanaka Yuuki voice given by Kurisaka, Minami
  • Ushiide, Hirosh voice given by Zouza, Shoumaru

Rent A Girlfriend Release Date 

Rent A Girlfriend Release Date 
Rent A Girlfriend Release Date 

The first season of Rent A Girlfriend was released in 2020. It has been loved and adopted by the people so much. The Anime series rest A Girlfriend what’s successful in getting the much-expected pervasiveness among the people. But after the first season of Rent, A Girlfriend ended, there was an expected buzzing of questions and queries by the fans and the followers of the series about Rent A Girlfriend Season 2.  the fans in the followers who deliberately want to know about Rent A Girlfriend Season 2.

But that time there and no information was available but recently there have been updates about Rent A Girlfriend Season 2. Makers and the producers announce Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 and its release date. In the middle of 2022 Rent, A Girlfriend Season 2 might come on the screen. But there had been no particular date that was told by the makers and the producers during the announcement for Rent A Girlfriend Season 2.

After this announcement fans and followers aren’t crazy about Rent A Girlfriend season 2. There has been no other information regarding Rent A Girlfriend Season 2. Many fans are expecting some trailers or posters of Rent A Girlfriend season 2 but the makers vary to make any post revealing Rent A Girlfriend season 2.

Where To Watch Rent A Girlfriend Season 2?

Where To Watch Rent A Girlfriend Season 2?
Where To Watch Rent A Girlfriend Season 2?

Rent A Girlfriend Season 2 is yet to be released but Rent A Girlfriend Season 1 is available on Crunchyroll, the MyAnimalList website.

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