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Shimoneta Season 2 Everything you need to know

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The world of anime comes across drenched in drama, romance, violence, action- you name it. But in the same arena falls a ton of diversity. Lighter shows now come into the limelight, the kind that deal with other themes significant to Japan and its artists, such as politics and social concerns- like a fan favorite, Shimoneta.

The show’s originally titled ‘Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist’ and has a fresh perspective to offer. Here’s everything you need to know about the show, including Shimoneta season 2. (Warning, explicit words, and content. Shimoneta is rated 18+).

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Is There a Shimoneta Season 2?

Is There a Shimoneta Season 2
Is There a Shimoneta Season 2

There has been no announcement of a second season of “Shimoneta,” and the show may never return. The first season premiered in 2015, therefore the show’s creative team has been working on the idea for quite some time. However, because the program has not been formally cancelled, there is still a chance that “Shimoneta” will return eventually.

Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date

Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date
Shimoneta Season 2 Release Date

Gagaga Bunko announced the anime television series adaptation in October 2014. It lasted till October 2015.

Creative teams may take a vacation and concentrate on other projects before returning to projects such as “Shimoneta.” Although it is unknown whether the series will return, fans are anxious to discover more about the series’ universe and characters. If more “Shimoneta” is on the way, it’s unknown when it’ll be published and when it’ll be accessible in a dubbed version for American consumers.

Shimoneta Season 2 Plot

Shimoneta Season 2 Plot
Shimoneta Season 2 Plot

In the dystopian future of 2030, the Japanese government cracks down on any perceived immoral conduct in the country, from using risqué language to sharing sexual goods. Every person is required to wear high-tech gadgets known as Peace Makers at all times, which analyze every spoken word and hand move for any activity that may violate the law.

Tanukichi Okuma, a fresh high school student, enrolls at the country’s premier exclusive “public morality school” to reunite with his crush and student council president, Anna Nishikinomiya. Tanukichi, on the other hand, swiftly becomes enmeshed with the perverse terrorist “Blue Snow” when she kidnaps him and compels him to join her group, “SOX,” in generating and disseminating pornographic content around the city as a form of protest against the restrictions.

Season 2’s plot takes place in Japan when people are confined under a harsh sanctions system. He was not permitted to denounce or mock any conduct. Tanucichi, a hero, is listening to his voice.

Management regulations pose a threat to his order, thus he plans the persons with his perilous rule. Shimoneta is a Madman Entertainment-approved series in Australia and New Zealand.

Shimoneta Season 2 Characters

Shimoneta Season 2 Characters
Shimoneta Season 2 Characters

Here are the brief descriptions of all the main characters of Shimoneta Season 2.

Tanukichi Okuma (奥間 狸吉, Okuma Tanukichi), Voiced by Yūsuke Kobayashi; Josh Grelle: son of Zenjuro, an infamous filthy joke terrorist who was jailed by Japanese moral authorities years ago after attempting to throw condoms over the Diet building in violation of moral rules. According to his peers, he graduated from a public intermediate school with the “lowest morality score.”

Ayame Kajou (華城 綾女, Kajō Ayame) / Blue Snow (雪原の青, Setsugen no Ao), Voiced by Shizuka Ishigami; Jamie Marchi: The student council vice-president and the daughter of a disgraced former Diet member who unsuccessfully battled against the public morals rules. Outside of school, Ayame dresses up as the perverted terrorist “Blue Snow,” disseminating semi-pornographic pamphlets and yelling nasty jokes in defiance of Japanese moral authorities.

Anna Nishikinomiya (アンナ・錦ノ宮), Voiced by Miyu Matsuki; Monica Rial: Tanukichi’s childhood infatuation, the student council president, has charged him with tracking down Blue Snow before she jeopardises the school’s principles. Tanukichi unintentionally kisses her, and she develops an obsessive yandere-like infatuation for him. She finds herself expressing her love in extreme ways owing to a lack of information on “immoral” things. She possesses superhuman strength, speed, and agility, especially when enraged or motivated.

Otome Saotome (早乙女 乙女, Saotome Otome), Voiced by Satomi Arai; Brittney Karbowski: An artistic genius whose paintings have won accolades and are shown around the school, despite the fact that she appears to be bored by the limelight. She blackmails Tanukichi into becoming her “pet” for a period after accidentally seeing him changing out of a Blue Snow outfit and then joins SOX to learn how to draw sexual artwork after being tutored on the issue by Ayame. Because her PM can detect every inappropriate movement her hands make, she trained herself to sketch by gripping tools with her mouth in order to escape its sensor.

Hyouka Fuwa (不破 氷菓, Fuwa Hyōka), Voiced by Saori Gotō; Mikaela Krantz: Tanukichi’s student and aspiring scientist who is preoccupied with unraveling the enigma of how infants are genuinely produced, as Japanese moral authorities have suppressed everything referring to sex education beyond broad generalities. Frequently gathers insects in order to examine their reproductive behavior. She has a keen sense of observation. Not an official member of SOX, she assists them on occasion since she is aware (to some extent) of its members’ identities.

Raiki Gouriki (轟力 雷樹, Gōriki Raiki), Voiced by Kenta Miyake; David Wald: Treasurer of the student council with the stance and manner of a gorilla, however, he despises bananas. He first mistrusts Tanukichi after learning that he is Zenjuro’s son, but comes to appreciate and care for him after Tanukichi saves Anna from stalkers who attack and leave him bedridden.

Kosuri Onigashira (鬼頭 鼓修理, Onigashira Kosuri), Voiced by Yui Horie; Lara Woodhull: The daughter of Keisuke and a SOX fangirl who carries several weapons (such as air guns and electric stuns) and manipulates others, even her allies, using strategies she learnt from romance and shojo comics. Ayame allows her to participate in part because her haircut resembles the tip of a penis.

Matsukage Nishikinomiya (錦ノ宮 祠影, Nishikinomiya Matsukage), Voiced by Hajime Iijima; Ben Bryant: Anna’s father was a member of the National Diet who was the main force behind the initial public morality regulations that transformed Japan into a “very moral nation.” He exploits morality as a pretext to establish total control over the country.

Sophia Nishikinomiya (ソフィア・錦ノ宮, Sofia Nishikinomiya), Voiced by Sayaka Ohara; Lydia Mackay: Anna’s mother, who is pushing for tougher public morality regulations than are now in place in order to establish an ideal society in which Anna’s virginity is almost unaffected.

Oboro Tsukimigusa (月見草 朧, Tsukimigusa Oboro), voiced by: Sumire Uesaka; Megan Vander Pluym: Matsukage trains a school prefect to follow a stringent moral code that focuses on preserving Anna from all possible immoral influences, even basic stuff like basketball hoops and toilet paper rolls.

Keisuke Onigashira (鬼頭 慶介, Onigashira Keisuke): Father of Kosuri; ero-terrorist who made deals with the moral authorities, angering the other terrorist groups around Japan, as well as his own daughter.

Takuma Ichinose (一ノ瀬 琢磨, Ichinose Takuma) / White Peak (頂の白, Itadaki no Shiro), Voiced by: Ken Narita; Anthony Bowling: Ero-terrorist who dresses in panties and is fascinated with underwear, has his own ideas on what is the ideal sort of underwear. A “high-class pervert” who leads the group “Gathered Fabric” to steal various types of undergarments across Japan, he ends up clashing with SOX because Ayame believes he is tarnishing the group’s reputation by carrying out terrorist acts such as hijacking public transportation under the guise that Gathered Fabric is an ally of SOX.

Base Black (手の黒, Tehen no Kuro, lit. “Black Hand”), Voiced by Sho Hayami; Christopher Sabat: An ero-terrorist who appears in the anime’s last episode. He personally knew and worked alongside Zenjuro and planned to unlock a secret vault filled with erotic treasures using an artifact that was passed down to Tanukichi. He gathered the main cast to a resort via false invitations and challenged them to a duel for the artifact through Yakyuken.

Binkan (びんかんちゃん, Binkan-chan), Voiced by Yui Ogura: An anime original character. Binkan is just an innocent bystander who is often nearby whenever SOX performs another act of ero-terrorism, staring at their latest handiwork. She is hardly acknowledged by the main characters until the final episode where it is shown that she is a perfect in training under the leadership of Oboro. Binkan’s real name is never mentioned; her nickname roughly translates to “little sensitive (girl).”

Nadeshiko Kajou (華城 撫子, Kajō Nadeshiko): Ayame’s stepmother who secretly opposes the new moral laws, especially the ones against mixed bathing. Runs an old-style Japanese inn with a hot spring bath, and taught Ayame how to be a proper Japanese lady growing up.

Ranko Okuma (奥間 爛子, Okuma Ranko): Tanukichi’s mother, nicknamed the “Fullmetal Ogress” for her tall stature and gruff demeanor. Ranko is a staunch supporter of the new moral authorities and a friend of Sophia. She taught Tanukichi how to fight and defend himself.

Annie Brown (アニー・ブラウン, Anī Buraun): An American technical expert hired by the Japanese government to promote the PM technology overseas, but has a tenuous grasp of the Japanese language, leading to her often using dirty innuendo when she tries to speak it. She later becomes attracted to Tanukichi.

Yutori Nuregoromo (濡衣 ゆとり, Nuregoromo Yutori): An old childhood friend of Tanukichi and a member of a rural farmer family.

Love Machine (羅武マシーン, Rabu Mashīn): The founder and leader of the ero-terrorist group Bacon Lettuce Moms.

That’s all we know about Shimoneta season 2 so far! Stay tuned!

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