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Starstruck Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More

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Starstruck Season 2 will be here soon, and we’re excited to welcome one of our favourite comedies back.

A 20 something woman who realises she slept with a famous Hollywood actor during a one-night stand on New Year’s Eve.

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Starstruck is a BBC comedy series that premiered in 2021, scripted by Rose Matafeo and Alice Snedden, directed by Karen Maine, and starring Matafeo and Nikesh Patel, with Minnie Driver appearing as a special celebrity guest.

What transpires when a huge romantic gesture is made? What happens now that the grand finale is over? Do things go haywire or do sparks fly? Here’s all you need to know about Starstruck season 2.

About Starstruck Season 2

About Starstruck Season 2
About Starstruck Season 2

Jessie, utilising finger-gunneblunt, dark humour to maintain the upper hand and keep those emotional boundaries firmly in place, while masterfully calling things like they are. Jessie, frantically slamming the figurative Undo button on her big life choice to leave London, is confronted with the reality that, yes, she may have just overlooked a very costly ticket for love.

Meanwhile, Patel gently grabs every heart in the room as Tom, who, amid his high-flying cinematic career, is uncomfortably having a hard time figuring it all out like the rest of us — particularly his connection with Jessie and his own family. Patel’s deadpan comic style and wonderful compassion make every moment charming and real, especially when the primary couple disagrees over anything.

Season 2 will be all about how this ‘relationship’ will look, going forward.

Starstruck Season 2 Release Date

Starstruck Season 2 Release Date
Starstruck Season 2 Release Date

Starstruck season 2 will begin airing weekly at 10 PM. on BBC3’s new broadcast channel on Monday, February 7, with the whole box set accessible on BBC iPlayer. The series will be shown on BBC3 (and streamed on BBC iPlayer) in the United Kingdom on HBO Max in the United States.

Starstruck Season 2 Plot

Starstruck Season 2 Plot
Starstruck Season 2 Plot

When we last saw Jessie (Matafeo) and Tom (Nikesh Patel), they’d gone through the horrifyingly awkward and lovely whirlwind that is falling in love — especially when one of you is a big movie actor. We had several concerns as the two of them sat in the rear end of the bus on their way to Charing Cross: Will Jessie skip London to see family in New Zealand? Will Tom accept the major opportunity and move to Ireland?

The official synopsis reads: “After having decided to stay and pursue a relationship with him, Jessie must deal with the real-world consequences of her grand gesture.

Following on from Season 1, we’ll explore the consequences of Jessie’s choice to remain in East London and seek a relationship with Tom rather than moving home to New Zealand. Logic warns that this will not be easy!

Aside from that, there’s no indication as to what season two will be about, but we know that there’s going to be lots of romance and laughter.

Season 2 will be comprised of six 30-minute episodes, as was the first.

In a press release, Shane Allen, the BBC’s Director of Comedy, congratulated the programme on its comeback.

The first series of Starstruck came as a joyous breath of fresh air and we can’t wait to see what Rose, Alice and Nic have in store for Jessie and Tom in the next chapter of their story,” he said.

Starstruck Season 2 Cast

Starstruck Season 2 Cast
Starstruck Season 2 Cast
  • Rose Matafeo as Jessie
  • Nikesh Patel as Tom Kapoor
  • Minnie Driver as Cath (Tom’s agent)
  • Emma Sidi as Kate
  • Sindhu Vee as Sindhu
  • Al Roberts as Ian
  • Jon Pointing as Dan
  • Joe Barnes as Joe
  • Nic Sampson as Steve
  • Lola-Rose Maxwell as Sarah
  • Abraham Popoola as Jacob
  • Ambreen Razia as Shivani
  • Nadia Parkes as Sophie Diller
  • Liz Kingsman as Liz

Starstruck Season 2 Trailer

Critical reviews

The Times <ref> The Times </ref> described it as “expertly crafted old-school screwball comedy, crackling with wit and sexual chemistry.

That’s all we know as of now! Stay tuned for more!

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