Team Zenko Go Season 2 Ending Explained!

Team Zenko Go is an animated television series. It premiered on March 15, 2022. Let’s find out how season 2 of the series ended.

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Team Zenko Go Season 2 Recap

Team Zenko Go Season 2 Recap
Team Zenko Go Season 2 Recap

The series is about a group named Team Zenko, which consists of 4 trained kids who help their hometown in secret. The series focuses on how the crew helps their town with the help of Auntie Yuki and Ponzu, her pet flying squirrel.

Team Zenko Go Season 2 Ending Explained

Team Zenko Go Season 2 Ending Explained
Team Zenko Go Season 2 Ending Explained

The final episode begins with Niah and Ari witnessing Exhausted Donna delivering her empty cup instead of the package. They fix it for her and enquire about the reason behind her exhaustion. She explains that she is tired because she is dogsitting Ronna’s dog Glitzy, and it barks a lot, so she hasn’t slept in the past couple of days.

Niah and Ari bring the crew together, and they decide to help Donna out by stopping all the animals that enter her yard so that she can get some sleep. After seeing them, they go to her house at night and find a skunk, which hides in its hole. They planted to skunk-proof her yard, locked all her garbage, and set up motion-activated lights as skunks do not like bright lights. They also fill the hole that the skunk crawled into. They filled the yard with skunk repellent, which was citrusy lemons!

Surprisingly, Donna didn’t sleep well that night, as Glitzy was barking again. So the crew goes to her yard again at midnight. But the hole they filled was opened, and they realized it was glitzy who dug open it again. Turns out Skunky and Glitzy were friends.

They wanted to show Donna how good friends they are, so they made a noise to wake up Donna. She wakes up and witnesses them playing. She finds their friendship weird but still finds them cute. So she let them play in the morning. Rona arrives and freaks out after seeing a skunk but realizes they were friends. So she often takes Glitzy to their house for a playdate with skunky.

The next day, when Rona was walking glitzy, Donna approached her asking for help as she had a big delivery in Bryden Bay. Donna was the chairman of the Founders Day celebration, so she asked Rona to take over and gave her a to-do list and Gold nuggets for the gold nugget hunt.

Niah and Ellie witnessed everything and called the crew together as they realized Rona needed help. She was caught up in the decoration that she didn’t get anything done, so Jack stole the nuggets, and the crew hid all of them. While she was still on the decoration, they went to the second task on the list, which was to get Greg’s wreath from Donna’s home.

But the flowers from the wreath were dried and fell off. Ellie picked purple and yellow flowers from Donna’s garden to fix it while the rest of the crew went to get the pies from the kitchen. The kitchen’s window was open, and pigeons half ate the pies. They call Yuki and ask her to bake some pies.

Before Rona finishes the decoration, the crew puts everything in place. But they realized the gold nuggets they hid were missing, so they made Jax enter the pie eating contest to stall it while they went and found the nuggets. Jax starts stalling it with excuses, and the crew realizes that Scruffy took all the gold nuggets. They followed him and found a pile of nuggets. They hid all of the nuggets again.

The founder’s day celebration was a success. So the crew goes to eat victory noodles. Donna returned and explained how the delivery order was fake. She also explained how perfectly prepared she was for the celebration.

The season ends with the crew wondering who the culprit who tried to make Donna fail was. Let’s wait for next season to find out if they have an arch enemy!

You can watch it on Netflix.

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