Where Is BMF Filmed?

The Starz drama “BMF” (short for “Black Mafia Family”) follows the journey of two brothers who create a drug empire in the 1980s to escape crushing poverty. The television program, loosely based on the lives of Demetrius and Terry Flenory, is a rags-to-riches tale that doesn’t hold back and aims to depict the development of the characters’ drug empire in graphic detail.

Where the two brothers grew up and where they first became part-time drug dealers served as inspiration for a significant portion of the plot. The show’s writers and directors, Tasha Smith and Solvan Naim, have tried to portray the city where it took place truthfully.

Synopsis Of BMF

Synopsis Of BMF
Synopsis Of BMF

It is based on the story of two brothers who established the most powerful crime families in the country in Detroit in the 1980s. The first season is very intriguing. On September 26, 2021, the first episode of the first season debuted, and on November 21, 2021, the final episode.

The eighth and final episode is titled “The King Of Detroit,” and the first episode is titled “See It…Touch It…Obtain It.” Users of IMDb gave the show a score of 7.2/10, indicating that they all adored it and loved every single episode.

Filming Location Of BMF

Filming Location Of BMF
Filming Location Of BMF

“BMF” was shot in two significant cities and used various urban settings to give the story a unique and genuine appearance. Filming locations are carefully chosen because they must accurately reflect the places where the Flenory brothers founded their empire, and the backdrops must also correspond to the show’s 1980s-era time period. The crew underwent COVID-19 tests three days a week to ensure their safety. Principal photography started in January 2021 and appeared to be finished by April. Let’s examine the specific locations used to bring the show to life.

Georgia’s Atlanta

Despite being set in Detroit, most of the show’s episodes are filmed in Atlanta, Georgia. To maintain authenticity, however, great care is taken to ensure that the footage looks as much like Detroit as possible. There are many structures in Atlanta with impressive vintage architecture. The production appears to have used some of these structures to give the show a period feel. Additionally, Atlanta’s urban style is used to represent Detroit convincingly.

Metropolitan Detroit

Even though the production team was only in Detroit for one week during season one of the show, the scenes that were shot here are essential to giving “BMF” an authentic Motor City vibe.

In and around Detroit, there are numerous recognizable locations used for filming. One critical location in season 1 is the city’s famous Belle Isle Park, which is situated at 2 Inselruhe Avenue. It appears that nighttime filming was done here to capture the park in all its illuminating glory.

It is a testament to the lengths the show goes to maintain authenticity. The show is shot in the actual home where Demetrius and Terry were raised. For setting shots, lensing is also done in different areas of Detroit.

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