The Glory Part 2 Release Date, Cast, Story, and More

Like the show’s first two seasons, The Glory Part 2 will likely be available on Netflix. The entire first season of The Glory is currently streaming on Netflix.

This article contains major spoilers!

What Happened in ‘The Glory Part 1’?

What Happened in 'The Glory Part 1'?
What Happened in ‘The Glory Part 1’?

The first instalment of “The Glory” tells the tale of Dong Eun as she schemes to exact revenge on the bullies who tormented her in high school. Park Yeon Jin and her gang—Jeon Jae Joon, Choi Hye Joeng, Lee Sa Ra, and Son Myeong Oh—are the ones that bully her. Dong Eun was an easy target for other classmates because of her poor upbringing. The strategy used by Yeon Jin and her crew was to pick out one victim and repeatedly abuse them bodily. Yeon Jin’s preferred instrument was a hair curler, which she frequently used to burn her prey. She first went after Yoon So Hee before moving on to Dong Eun.

The fact that the bullies hailed from wealthy and influential families and knew they would never have to pay for their wrongdoing made them all the more vicious. Dong Eun decides to drop out of school due to the horrifying physical torture she endured at the hands of the group, but even that is difficult for her. Yeon Jin’s mother offers Dong Eun’s mother a reward in exchange for changing the reason for her resignation from “bullying” to “adjustment challenges.”

As if it weren’t bad enough, when Dong Eun tries to complain, one of the teachers slaps her repeatedly. As Dong Eun finally departs, it is clear that she is nothing more than a shell. Yet she makes it a point to ask the group about their dreams before they last see her for years. Such words contain a promise that Dong Eun will return to get them.

Dong Eun’s life becomes exceedingly tricky when she graduates from school. She puts in long work hours to make enough money to finish school. Dong Eun leads a life devoid of joy and focuses solely on exacting retribution on her attackers. She works, studies, and spends her free time gathering data about the group’s members. She has spent nearly 20 years of her life plotting her moment of vengeance.

The Glory Part 2 Plot Summary

The Glory Part 2 Plot Summary
The Glory Part 2 Plot Summary

After Myeong-passing, O’s bully gang is left with questions and theories, and everyone blames Park Yeon-Jin. The Glory Part 2 picks up after this. Dong-Eun gives Yeon-Jin one final chance to confess her wrongdoings in an odd attempt to find hope in a hopeless situation, which she laughs off.

So Yeon-Jin starts looking into Dong-life Eun and the people helping her exact retribution. She finds Hyeon-Nam and threatens to have her change sides if she continues to want her daughter to be hurt in any way. Yeo-Jeong develops a strategy to persuade Yeon-Jin to reveal the truth.

When Hyeon-Nam prepares to say goodbye to her daughter at the airport, Hye-Jeong visits Hyeon-Nam and obtains a recording by Myeong-O that may implicate Yeon-Jin. Dong-Eun, meanwhile, begins the final stage of her retribution mission.

Dong-Eun attacks Sa-Ra and Yeon-Jin, but they can handle it independently. Dong-Eun discovers the agony Yeo-Jeong has been going through in the meantime. While Dong-Eun addresses the issue her mother presents, Shin Yeong-Jun and Yeon-Jin become distraught at Myeong-dead O’s body.

Yeon-Jin tries to contain the damage as Dong-Eun pursues her mother and demands a crucial piece of proof. After then, Dong-retribution Eun’s strategy succeeds as her adversaries and tormentors are eliminated individually.

The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained

The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained
The Glory Part 2 Ending Explained

Who killed Myeong-oh?

Hee’s Park Yeon-Jin killed him to stop Myeong-O from revealing the truth about Yoon So-death. Son Myeong-O ultimately summons Yeon-Jin to the Siesta’s changing room, where she always engages in promiscuous escapades after attempting to extract money from everyone.

Yeon-Jin is not in the least bit scared by the extortion angle when Myeong-O presses the record button on his phone and threatens to start recording discoveries of her cheating. At that point, Myeong-O changes the subject and brings up Yoon So-Hee.

As Myeong-O informs her that the girl’s body is still at Joo General Hospital and that the crucial piece of evidence implicating Yeon-Jin is in his pockets, Yeon-demeanor Jin completely changes. When she dives into his pocket, she discovers a condom rather than her nametag from high school.

Nonetheless, her irrational behaviour is sufficient to demonstrate her guilt and worry, and Myeong-O relishes the opportunity for extortion that this presents. Myeong-joy O’s is short-lived as Yeon-Jin takes one of the alcohol bottles and repeatedly hits his skull with it, causing Myeong-O to fall to the ground and slowly bleed to death.

The group tortured Kim Gyeong-Ran after Dong-Eun, but he still works for them. Kim Gyeong-Ran fully mustered the resolve for retaliation when Dong-Eun returned to take hers, as revealed after The Glory, Part 2.

Who killed Yoon So-Hee?

In high school, Yeon-Jin killed So-Hee by throwing her off the terrace. But a lot happened in the days leading up to her passing.

Yeon-Jin noticed So-Hee wearing a top with the same pattern as hers one day while she was out with her friends. So-Hee was the subject of their shared suffering. Yeon-Jin was extremely upset that a poor girl had the guts to wear a top that looked identical to hers when Sa-Ra, Hye-Jeong, and their commander made fun of her legs.

She immediately demands that So-Hee disrobe in front of everyone, but she leaves as Hye-Jeong records the entire exchange on her phone. Later, Yeon-Jin would face So-Hee again, this time on the school building’s terrace, still unable to let go of her victim while donning an imitation outfit similar to So-Hee’s.

But since she is alone, So-Hee tells her that she pities her and exposes all of her vulnerabilities and faults that come to light when she is apart from her group. Yeon-Jin grabs her lighter and lights So-jumper Hee’s on fire because she finds it even more aggravating to her ego.

In the ensuing panic, So-Hee lunges towards Yeon-Jin, but Yeon-Jin quickly pushes her aside, causing her to fall off the ledge and meet her death. Yeon-Jin killed So-Hee that day with Dong-Eun nearby.

Yeon-mother Jin’s asked Detective Shin to help her clean up after her daughter and sterilise the crime scene after So-Hee died, but he failed to notice the lighter and Yeon-nametag, Jin’s, discovered years later by Dong-Eun.

What happens to Hye-Jeong?

As Hye-Jeong finds a ray of hope in possibly dating Jae-Jun and eventually marrying him, she breaks up with her fiancé by text. She still follows Dong-orders Eun’s since she has no other option.

Dong-strategy Eun’s is a great success as the organisation continues to disintegrate. Hye-Jeong enjoys Park Yeon-Jin and Lee Sa-downfalls Ra’s. She mocks Yeon-Jin by spitting in her face (metaphorically), fooling herself into believing she has a shot with Jeon Jae-Jun.

She shows the group the video of an inebriated Lee Sa-Ra attacking the deceased buddy at Myeong-funeral. O’s Yeon-Jin arrives to confront Lee Sa-Ra about the publicised video of her berating So-Hee, and the two begin fighting.

Lee Sa-Ra puts everything together and understands that Hye-Jeong shared the video with the gang as Hye-Jeong left, mocking the two fighting ex-friends. After realising that, She immediately attacks Hye-Jeong, impaling her neck with a sharp weapon.

In the final episode of The Glory, Hye-Jeong is hospitalised. Although she eventually recovers, the doctor predicts a minimal possibility that her vocal cords will fully recover and allow her to speak normally once more.

Dong-Eun persuades her to use this as her last opportunity to exact revenge on Jae-Jun, which she does by switching out the solution in his glaucoma eyedrops for hand sanitiser, severely damaging his eyes and ultimately resulting in his death.

How Does Yeon-Jin get arrested?

Dong-Eun and Joo Yeo-Jeong, who will carry out her death, attempt to eliminate Yeon-Jin. Yeon-Jin is first invited to Yeo-clinic Jeong’s by Hye-Jeong, who is then persuaded to get some work done on her by Yeo-Jeong.

Yeo-Jeong extracts a piece of Yeon-skin Jin’s from the wound Myeong-Oh caused on her foot after administering anaesthesia. This aids in preserving her DNA, which he later puts on Myeong-corpse, O’s, held in the funeral house he acquired from its proprietors.

As the police re-run diagnostics on the lighter in light of the current events and Dong-revelations, Eun they discover a match with the DNA extracted from Myeong-fingernails. The lighter was never probed since So-death Hee’s was ruled out as suicide.

Nevertheless, Yeon-Jin is implicated in more ways than just that. Gyeong-Ran gives Yeon-Jin and herself the spirits bottle they used to kill Myeong-O after The Glory Part 2. Dong-Eun destroys all the security cameras, places the spirits bottle back at the crime scene, and provides the detectives with an anonymous tip.

Yeon-Jin rushes in, panicked after receiving a video of the alcohol bottle at the crime site as the forensics team works there. Just after this happens, she is taken into custody.

What happens to Lee Sa-Ra?

The first casualty of Dong-ultimate Eun’s retaliation is Lee Sa-Ra. Dong-Eun brings Sa-Ra to an abandoned area in the same building as her family church, tempting her with narcotics and taking advantage of Sa-addiction. Ra’s

Sa-Ra succumbs to the bait and starts to trip, hallucinating Myeong-O and having sex with him while she is high. In the meantime, Dong-Eun sends everyone in the church to the location, and as Lee Sa-Ra portrays her lowest moment, the cameras snap away, recording and broadcasting her blasphemy live.

In the meantime, Yeon-Jin plays her cards by paying a reliable source to write a significant piece on Lee Sa-tax Ra’s family’s avoidance to stifle Dong-efforts Eun to have So-words Hee’s mother’s published online.

This later leads to a split between the two, and in The Glory Part 2’s climax, Lee Sa-Ra is detained by the police as her family’s tax evasion case is heard in court after stabbing Hye-Joo in the neck.

What happens to Joo Yeo-Jeong?

Before he spoke to Dong-Eun, Joo Yeo-Jeong was already aware of So-Hee. That’s because he noticed that she had the same burn marks as her friend’s dead body, which Dong-Eun had gone to examine.

He had made the instantaneous decision to become her executioner and to assist her in any way possible. Initially using him for vengeance, Dong-Eun eventually regrets it, not realising that Yeo-Jeong is aware of her situation and doesn’t care how she manipulates him.

When the link between the two deepens and becomes more vital than ever, she learns about it later and envelops him in her arms, loving him even more. Yet after getting her retribution, Dong-Eun spends their final precious moments together before ghosting him and taking her own life.

But Yeo-mother Jeong interrupts Dong-plan Eun to kill herself by showing up on the terrace of the high school and urging her to save her son. She explains that Yeo-Jeong has been toiling away in his hell and that he cannot survive without her.

Dong-Eun decides to continue living and take on the role of the man who executed her so quickly, who loved her without conditions, and against whom she could not build walls.

While she continues her schooling, she eventually works as a teacher at the Gisan jail, the same facility where she transfers Kang Yeong-Cheon, thanks to her contacts. Yeong-Cheon, who murdered Yeo-father Jeong and tormented him, is the same merciless killer.

Yeo-Jeong decided to exact revenge on the murderer. With the aid of his sweetheart, he enters the jail as the prison doctor, checking on the convicts and building rapport with them by providing support for their families outside of the prison.

As a token of appreciation, he urges them to make Yeong-time Cheon’s in jail a living misery by periodically beating him up with a new group of inmates. In The Glory’s epilogue, Yeo-Jeong is content to exact revenge on the love of his life.

What happens to Hyeon-Nam?

In The Glory Part 2, Hyeon-Nam and Dong-Eun collaborate to have Hyeon-abusive Nam’s husband put to death. Sun-A, the daughter of Hyeon-Nam, is provided safe passage to America before all that, where she will finish her further education and live in safety.

They coerce the vindictive Lee Seok-Jae into extorting Yeon-mother, Jin’s Hong Yeong-Ae. He tries to extract money from her because he knows who her daughter killed.

In the meantime, Yeong-Ae plans Lee Seok-demise Jae’s and ultimately runs her over with her car while Detective Shin is sitting next to her — as per her plan so that he witnesses the crime and stays to aid her rather than fleeing to Hawaii.

Thanks to Seok-passing, hyeon-Nam is finally released from her years of suffering; Jae and Sun-life A are also brought out of the shadows by his passing. She is, however, torn apart when she must leave Dong-Eun.

That is, however, only until the conclusion of The Glory part 2, when she receives a new text from her former partner and employer, who requests her for a new job, much to her utter delight.

All the episodes of ‘The Glory Part 2’ are available to stream on Netflix!

Let us know your thoughts about the ending if you have already watched it!

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