The Royals Season 5 Release Date, Cast, and More

The Royals is an American television drama soap opera that first premiered on March 15, 2015. Based on Michelle Ray’s novel Falling for Hamlet, the drama revolves around Helena, a fictional queen of the contemporary British royal family. The Royals contains 4 seasons in which the audience gets to see all aspects of a royal family along with the dark world of Britain.

Four seasons of The Royals have a genuine rating of 7.4/10 on the IMDB and 30% on the Rotten Tomatoes website, along with 88% of Google users who have liked the show. It’s been four years since the fourth season of The Royals ended premiering, and the fans are still waiting to know when will their favorite show making a comeback with the fifth season of The Royals.

The Royals season 5 related to all the latest updates regarding The The Royals season 5 is available here that we gathered so far for you. So if you are one of those eagerly waiting for the fifth season, read the full article.

The Royals Season 5 Release Date

The Royals Season 5 Release Date
The Royals Season 5 Release Date

The release date of The Royals was first announced on December 2014, which premiered on March 15, 2015, containing 10 episodes. Created by Mark Schwahn, the series has several seasons that premiered simultaneously, which includes four seasons and 40 episodes.

The Royals season 4 ended airing on May 13, 2018; since then, the fans have been waiting for the 5th season. It is upsetting for the fans that The Royals season 5 will likely not occur. Following the ratings of season 4, which seem pretty low compared to the 3rd season, the makers have decided to stop the television series with the 4th season.

The release date of The Royals season 5 has yet to be announced as the show was canceled after the 4th season. The fans should not keep high hopes for the 5th season. Keep reading the article to know all the information we have gathered on The Royals season 5.

The Royals Season 5 Storyline

The Royals Season 5 Storyline
The Royals Season 5 Storyline

The Royals is a primetime television drama soap opera that revolves around Helena, a queen of the fictional contemporary society of the British royal family. As a queen, she has significant duties, whether in her personal life or the public. Helena must balance her dramatic and typical family while maintaining herself in the eye of the people.

The storyline of The Royals captures the British royal family and the dark side of people in the nation. The twins of Queen Helena, Prince Liam, and Princess Eleanor are enjoying their lives, knowing that their older brother Robert will take over the throne along with all responsibilities. However, this remains only a dream of theirs when Robert is killed, and Liam has to take over the throne while his new love internet with Ophelia, the American daughter of the royal head, starts to distract him.

When the bodyguard of Princess Eleanor turns out to be a conman, she finds rock bottom. However, when all of these aspects start to come out in front of the public, Queen Helena allies herself with Simon’s brother Cyrus to preserve their way of life at any cost.

The storyline of The Royals season 5 is not in production. The storyline of the 5th season cannot be predicted as the series will not renew for a new season due to its cancellation.

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The Royals Season 5 Cast

The Royals Season 5 Cast
The Royals Season 5 Cast

The cast of The Royals season five is not set, as the series is officially canceled after the 4th season. However, the fans are still hopeful about the 5th season and are also curious to know the cast of The Royals season 5. Following the previous format of the series, the cast will remain the same as before. Let’s take a quick peek at the star casts of The Royals.

  • Elizabeth Hurley as Queen Helena Henstridge
  •  Vincent Regan as King Simon Henstridge
  •  William Moseley as Prince Liam Henstridge
  •  Alexandra Park as Princess Eleanor Henstridge
  •  Jake Maskall as Prince Cyrus Henstridge
  •  Tom Austen as Sir Jasper Frost
  •  Oliver Milburn as Ted Pryce
  •  Merritt Patterson as Ophelia Pryce
  •  Genevieve Gaunt as Wilhelmina “Willow” Moreno
  •  Max Brown as King Robert Henstridge

The Royals Season 5 Trailer

The trailer for The Royals Season 5 is unavailable as the series has not been renewed for the 5th season. You can now watch the trailer for the previous season of The Royals, which are easily accessible on YouTube.

Where to Watch The Royals Season 5 Online?

The Royals season 5 is canceled officially so the online streaming platform cannot be decided and predicted. However, all 40 episodes of 4 seasons of The Royals are exclusively streaming online on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple Tv+.

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