True Story Season 2 Release Date, Updates, Plot, and More

True Story is an American drama limited series created by Eric Newman for Netflix. Ironical to the title, the show is not really based on true events but a work of fiction even though some instances of the show are similar to events in Kevin Hart’s (who portrays the protagonist of the show) real life.

True Story Season 2 Plot

True Story Season 2 Plot
True Story Season 2 Plot

Jumanji’s favorite Kevin Hart has teamed up with Blade stat and Hollywood legend Wesley Snipes for streaming giant Netflix’s big hit series, True Story. The show follows Kevin Hart playing a character influenced by his own life who gets involved in a murder cover-up with his brother’s( Wesley Snipes) assistance. What comes next is a rollercoaster ride of laughs, death, murder, betrayal, and a mixed bag of all sorts of emotions.

How true is a True Story?

How true is a True Story
How true is a True Story

Of course, Hart did not do all the dark stuff portrayed by his character, the Kid in this series but he did mention a person in his position feels tempted to break the rules and misbehave a lot in general because it is too hard to resist. The hectic and fast paced schedule of the Kid in the show is however similar to that of Hart who claims to have mastered the art of multi-tasking which let him do a bazillion of “mind-blowing” tasks at once. He also has an elder brother in real life, Robert, but they have a very close bond unlike the strained and convoluted relationship portrayed between the Kid and his brother, Carlton.

How Did True Story Season 1 End?

How Did True Story Season 1 End
How Did True Story Season 1 End


All the mysteries and twisted storylines of the show do get solved by the finale episode through an array of dead bodies. Carlton confesses to plotting Daphne’s apparent “death” with the aim of extorting money when cornered by the goons and tries to get the mobsters to spare the Kid but the chances of both the brothers surviving seem unlikely.

Kid secretly had a gun on him and kills the goons as well as Carlton to enact it to the police as if the goons killed Carlton causing him to shoot them out of self-defense and escape freely. With the death of these three men, Kid remains to be the only one with the truth but it is overheard by Herschel who then blackmails him, demanding six million dollars. Kid negotiates the money out of the contract for his upcoming film and the series ends with him giving the same speech with which the first episode started off.

Will there be a True Story Season 2?

Will there be a True Story Season 2
Will there be a True Story Season 2

True Story has been released as a limited series and all its seven episodes wrap up a complete storyline leaving behind no unanswered questions from the viewers. But since the show has been such a huge success maybe Netflix can make an exception and renew a limited series for another season where maybe we could see about the Kid’s past misdeeds.

But as of now neither Kevin Hart nor the creators have commented on the release of a second season. Even though there has been no word on the show’s further future but if the fan power can bring it back we should not expect the release to be earlier than 2023 given typical filming schedules.

True Story Season 2 Cast

The main cast includes:

  • Kevin Hart as Kid, a rising comedian
  • Wesley Snipes as Carlton, Kid’s older brother
  • Tawny Newsome as Billie
  • Paul Adelstein as Todd
  • Will Catlett as Herschel
  • Chris Diamantopoulos as Savvas
  • Billy Zane as Ari
  • Lauren London as Monyca
  • Ash Santos as Daphne
  • John Ales as Nikos
  • Theo Rossi as Gene, a wildly excitable and enthusiastic superfan of Kid
  • Chris Hemsworth and Ellen DeGeneres also make star cameos as themselves.

True Story Season 2 Reception

True Story Season 2 Reception
True Story Season 2 Reception

The show has received mixed reviews with many people loving the rollercoaster bond between the two brothers. It has an IMDb rating of 7.5/10 and an average approval rating of 57% from Rotten Tomatoes with critics consensus stating that “Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes make for a compelling duo, but¬†True Story¬†muffles their chemistry with a dawdling, unmemorable plot”.

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