Where Is Below Deck Mediterranean Filmed?

On May 3, 2016, Bravo introduced the American reality series Below Deck Mediterranean. It was developed as Below Deck’s first spin-off and has seven seasons.

The show follows the lives of the crew members who work and live aboard a superyacht that is at least 150 feet long during a charter season in Greece (Season 1), Croatia (Seasons 2 and 6), Italy (Season 3), France (Season 4), Spain (Season 5) and Malta (Season 7). Each season lasts about six weeks, during which the cast replaces the regular crew for the duration of the shoot.

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Below Deck Mediterranean Synopsis

Below Deck Mediterranean Synopsis
Below Deck Mediterranean Synopsis

Come along as the Ionian Princess is prepared for a new charter season around the Greek Islands by Chef Ben Robinson and eight new crew members. As the crew learns to coexist while getting ready to host their first visitors, new faces present fresh challenges. While Chief Steward Hannah has her hands full with her ambitious third stew, Bosun Bryan receives an unexpected promotion. They encounter an unexpected barrier while attempting to accommodate the visitors’ one unavoidable request: streaming a live football game in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Jen feels like Bryan is giving her all of the tedious tasks because Bobby has a crush on Julia. Tiffany cries after spending the entire night with the primary’s husband and Hannah confronts her about it.
Hannah sets boundaries when Bobby and Danny bring the girls back to the yacht after the crew’s first night off. While Bryan tries to make amends with the captain, the boys receive their first strike. The crew finds it challenging to meet the demands of an all-female group when they charter the yacht. Drama results when Danny breaks rule number one for yachties.

When Danny chooses to share a love poem with a charter passenger, he defies Captain Mark’s explicit command. In the midst of Bobby’s growing feelings for her, Julia calls her boyfriend. Tiffany tries harder to get Hannah to notice her stewing abilities. On their night off, Ben is torn between two stews but is shocked when he finds one of them in his bunk with Bryan.

The crew gets ready for their upcoming Oklahoma-based charter. The stews are tasked with organizing a hoedown in the country. As a result of Danny accusing Bobby of not being a team player, the deck crew begins to disintegrate. When the charter guests appear to be having a threesome in the jacuzzi after hours, Danny is once more in trouble for overstepping his bounds.

The crew must give the new charter guests the most romantic trip of their lives when they arrive to celebrate their seven-month dating anniversary. Ben goes on a date with Hannah, but any chance of romance between the two may be dashed by a serious galley misunderstanding during the guests’ dinner. The crew of the Ionian Princess must act quickly to save a nearby ship when it starts to sink.

When Ben informs the Captain about their galley misunderstanding while wearing his epaulets, Hannah witnesses the ultimate betrayal. After consecutive charters, the Ionian Princess crew finally has a well-earned day off, but Bryan decides to teach Danny some proper deckie behavior. Bobby is reminded that she is in a committed relationship as Julia shuts the door in his direction. Danny and Bobby are tasked with finding the charter group’s arm candy in Mykonos when a group of bachelors who are all men board the boat.

Filming Location Of Below Deck Mediterranean

Filming Location Of Below Deck Mediterranean
Filming Location Of Below Deck Mediterranean

Beginning in the opulent and lush setting of the Greek islands, Below Deck Med. The Ionian Princess, a 150-foot motor yacht with mahogany wood-glossed walls, an opulent stateroom, and all the amenities to make any vacation better, carried crew and passengers.

Chef Ben Robinson is the only well-known person who served as an intermediary between Below Deck and Below Deck Med. In addition, Hannah Ferrier, Captain Mark Howard, and bosun Bryan Kattenburg were presented to viewers. Deckhand Danny Zureikat became overly cozy with a visitor and struggled to put down his phone, which made for an entertaining installment of the franchise drama. Finally, it was Zureikat who obtained the dreaded return flight ticket.

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