Is 18if Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?

Have you ever imagined you suddenly got stuck in a dream world in your sleep and you woke up the next day in that dream world? After searching so much you weren’t able to find a door back to the real world where you live. The most exciting thing is that the dream world is very different from the real world. Some powerful witches do magic and you have to save yourself from those witches. 

It will be a strange situation, isn’t it? Someone never thought of teleporting to a dream world without having an idea and waking the next day there is no portal back to the real world. You are stuck in an unknown Bizarre world.

Something like this the anime series 18if is all about. 18if is a Japanese anime series. The concept of this series is a bit different from any other fantasy-influenced series. It’s a story of a boy who was sleeping on his bed but when he woke up he saw a different world.

He couldn’t believe in his own eyes what he is seeing was is in real or just a dream but it hasn’t taken much time for to him understand that he got teleported to the dream world after that he tried every way to find the portal back to the real world but you failed this was not only a is a problem but also have to save himself and fight against the powerful supernatural species whom we call witches.

18if Season 2 Release Date

18if Season 2 Release Date
18if Season 2 Release Date

18if Season 1 was released on July 7, 2017. Season 1 runs for 13 episodes; its last episode was released on September 29. After the release of the first season, it received much praise. After the end of the series, the fans deliberately asked one question about when Season  2 will come. 

The fans were tense that 18if Season 2 might be canceled. Or if it’s going to be released then when is the release date? So your is the update about 18if Season 2 there was no relevant information about the release date of 18if Season 2. 

There is also known information or assurance of  18if Season 2 getting canceled so in upcoming months 18if Season 2 might come with a bang. Let’s hope for the best.

18if Season 2 Recap 

18if Season 2 Recap 
18if Season 2 Recap 

After the end of Season 1 on September 29, 2017, there were many questions about  18if Season 2 but none were answered by the production, writers, or makers. There was no relevant information about the 18if Season 2. For this long 5 years, the fans were deliberately waiting for the 18th Season 2 but there is no sign of 18if Season 2. The makers of the series haven’t announced any release date or any assurance of coming back with 18if Season 2 or any trailer so there is no relevant information about the 18if Season 2 storyline or the existence of 18if Season 2 in the future.

18if Season 1 Storyline

18if Season 1 Storyline
18if Season 1 Storyline

The concept of season 1 is different from any anime series based on fantasy and supernatural entities. In this story, a boy suddenly wakes up in a room on a bed with his phone on, and looking around you understand that he was in his dream world bedroom.

Suddenly his phone vibrated. He got some notification on his phone. The notification was from a weird app. After installing the app, suddenly a woman comes on the screen and tries to take him to the other side of the stream like some magical compulsion. The boy’s name is Haruto Tsukishiro. In the meantime, a girl from nowhere came into the room and saved him.

After got him to save Haruto and the girl talked for a few minutes but as soon as she went from there, the realm again appeared and started to allure him, he got stuck into a realm where he meets a cat which is anthropomorphic and a talking cat. 

The cat introduced herself as Katsumi Kanzaki. 

While they were talking, suddenly a creature came there and tried to follow them when the white hair girl who previously came to save Haruto, entered the realm and helped them to get out of the realm. 

After their escape, Katsumi asked Haruto who saved them,  answering to  that he said 

 He couldn’t remember much but he remembered some white hair girl, to which Katsumi said that girl is Lily who is like a traveler, a dream traveler. After knowing about Lily they both went into the room again to find the door to the real world. They again meet Lily and  Lily reveals the  Secret of the witches to Haruto and Katsumi.

Lily told them the real story behind the attacking witches and told them that these witches were in deep hibernation but to wake up from this hibernation they need to fight and get defeated by someone in the dream world then only they can be from the being the unwanted hibernation them that only after the witches wake up then only the blue door which leads to the Real-world real-world and they will able to get back to their home.

After knowing everything  Haruto and Katsumi went to the realm and fought against the witches and defeated them. After that, the door to the real world opened and both promised each other that they would define the real world. But something unexpected happened, he woke up in the same dream room where he woke up. At first, he couldn’t understand anything that happened but one thing is clear to him: there is more to know and there are more secrets about Lily and the witches.

18if Season 1 Cast 

18if Season 1 Cast 
18if Season 1 Cast 

In the Anime series the main element of the series is the characters and how the characters are sketched and written is very important. In this series there are many characters the main characters are:

  • Haruto Tsukishiro
  • Katsumi Kanzaki
  • Lily

The witches are:

  • Yuko Sakurabe
  • Mirei Saegusa
  • Natsuki Kamikawa
  • Misaki and Yurina Kanzak.

Where To Watch 18if Season 1?

The full anime series of 18if Season 1 is available on Funimation and it is also accessible on Amazon Prime Video.

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