Emily’s Wonder Lab Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Parents always want their kids to watch informative shows and series. But kids being kids hate that kind of show mainly because it is boring and sometimes they can’t even understand what’s happening in the show. Parents want it to be knowledgeable and kids want it to be interesting. Well, we have a solution for this. Yeah, the series ‘Emily’s Wonder Lab’ is the solution. 

‘Emily’s Wonder Lab’ is an educational television series produced by Bunm-Murray Productions, Emily Calandrelli, Trish Gold, Gil Goldschein, and Maria Pepin the executive producers. The series stars Mason Wells, Sky Alexis, Zaela Rae, Kennedi Butler, and Makenzie Lee-Foster. Emily Calandrelli is the host of the series. One of the interesting things that attract the audience is the theme music of the show. The theme music is composed by Parry Gripp, Aylene Rhiger Gripp, Louis Clark, and Dave Stone.

Emily’s Wonder Lab Season 2 Release Date & Updates

Emily's Wonder Lab Season 2 Release Date & Updates
Emily’s Wonder Lab Season 2 Release Date & Updates

The series has one season with ten episodes and has a running time of around 15 mins each. The first season was premiered on Netflix on August 25, 2020. It was a global release. Emily is an MIT engineer who is also a public speaker and author. The series discussed various topics from using air cannons to bowls, working on the various designs of eggs, and importantly how to create rainbow horse toothpaste.

Each episode had something interesting and new to learn in it. Though it is an informative series Netflix decided not to renew for season 2. Unfortunately, they couldn’t make it to become one of the top ten shows in the United States or the United Kingdom. So there is not much support for the show.  Eventually, the show ended on July 13, 2020. 

The audience and fans of this series have filed petitions to bring back the show. They have requested to revive the show for season 2. The creators have not responded to any of the actions of fans yet. Let’s patiently wait for further updates regarding the series.  

Emily’s Wonder Lab Season 2 Cast And Crew

Emily's Wonder Lab Season 2 Cast And Crew
Emily’s Wonder Lab Season 2 Cast And Crew

Emily Calandrelli is the host of the series. Mason Wells, Sky Alexis, Kennedi Butler, Makenzie Lee-Foster, Arya Darbahani, Zaela Rae, Alex Jayne Go, Tenz McCall.

Emily’s Wonder Lab Season 2 Plot Summary

Emily's Wonder Lab Season 2 Plot Summary
Emily’s Wonder Lab Season 2 Plot Summary

‘Emily’s Wonder Lab’ series is an informative and educational series that gives students interesting knowledge exclusively related to science subjects. The best part of the show is the hots, yeah Emily.  In each episode, Emily along with six scientist kids do amazing experiments, which not only interests the audience but also teaches them. Emily explains the theme of the experiments and demonstrates the experiment along with illustrations. They also show an at-home experiment at the end of the show. Different experiments can be tried at home. 

The first episode is ‘Glow Party’, in this episode, Emily along with the crew kids work on ultraviolet light. They mix up fluorescent paint and make a lava lamp. The second episode is ‘Walking On Oobleck’, kids learn about non-Newtonian fluids. They walk and dance across an ooey-gooey pool. An at-home experiment is an oobleck.

The third episode is ‘Rainbow horse Toothpaste’ in this episode they make colorful explosions with colorful reactions, and make rainbow bubbles(at-home experiment). In the fourth episode ‘Tornado Chasers’ the kids learns about tornados indoors and Emily teaches them to make bottle tornados. ‘Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!’ is the fifth episode where kids learn about the strength of the eggs by walking on the floor filled with eggs. They also show an at-home experiment which is an egg in a bottle.

In the sixth episode ‘Slime Time’ the kids get knowledge about the cross-linking polymers and meteorite slime, an experiment to try at home. The seventh episode is ‘Bowling With Air’ the kids learn how to make air cannons with shower curtains, and also how to make clouds in a bottle. In the eighth episode ‘Balloon Power’ they learn about Newton’s third law of motion and build balloon-powered cars. They make hovercraft as an at-home experiment.

The ninth episode is ‘Spooky Science’ the kids create flying ghosts and bubble witches brew with heat and acid-based chemical reactions. As an at-home experiment, they do barf pumpkin. In the last and final episode ‘Solar Bake Off’ the kids make a solar-powered oven with aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and a pizza box. They try static electricity as an at-home experiment.

Where To Watch ‘Emily’s Wonder Lab’? 

‘Emily’s Wonder Lab’ is available to be watched on Netflix. Season one of the series is streaming on Netflix. No other official platform streams this series. Come on, what are you waiting for? Watch it and gain some knowledge. It is interesting and who knows you might become a mini-scientist with amazing tricks. Watch it and flaunt your experiment skills.  

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