Eternal Love of Dream Season 1 Ending Explained

Eternal Love of Dream is a Chinese web series, and it is based on a novel called the Three Lives Three Wonders. This series premiered on January 22, 2020. This series had 56 episodes. This series received a lot of attention from the audience. Here’s a detailed explanation of the finale (lots of spoilers ahead!)

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Eternal Love of Dream Season 1 Recap

This series is based on characters named Dong Hua and Feng Jiu. Dong Hua rescued Feng Jiu when she is attacked by a beast. To repay the gratitude, Feng Jiu enters the Tai Chen palace to work as a maid of Dong Hua. But it is hard for Feng Jiu to get noticed by Dong Hua in the big palace.
But, when Yan Chi Wu steals the Soul Locking Jade, it allowed Feng Jiu to help Dong Hua. But she ends up getting transformed into her fox form and could not return to her human form. However, this incident allowed Feng Jiu to get close to Dong Hua. Dong Hua couldn’t recognize her, but he keeps her close as a pet.

Dong Hua also had the job of making sure the Demon Ruler Miao Luo is always prisoned up in Miaoyi Chasm. The rest of the series shows how Dong Hua and Feng Jiu end up falling in love despite all the obstacles.

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Eternal Love Of Dream Season 1 Ending Explained

Eternal Love Of Dream Ending Explained
Eternal Love Of Dream Ending Explained

The last episode shows the battle between Dong Hua and Mia Luo. Both battled inside the ward, practically sealed forever until evil energy was present inside. Feng Jiu couldn’t see Dong Hua as she struggled to enter the ward.

Meanwhile, Dong Hua got distracted by Feng Jiu’s presence. Mia Luo uses this chance and attacks him. Somehow the ward lets Feng Jiu inside because of the heart ring she was wearing. Even though Qing Ti stopped her from entering, she entered the ward.

Miao Luo’s attack causes him to fall into Fanyin Valley. Feng Jiu becomes desperate. She hits against the ward wall, and it allows her in. It recognizes Dong Hua’s heart ring that she is wearing. Ye Qing Ti tries to pull her out, but she resists. She jumps into Fanyin Valley. Dong Hua and Feng Jiu battle Miao Luo together. They are losing, and Feng Jiu is bleeding from a wound. But her nine-tailed fox blood can cleanse evil spirits. This weakens Miao Luo.

Dong Hua kills Miao Luo with Feng Jiu’s help as her blood can cleanse evil spirits. As Feng Jiu realizes that, she cuts herself and smears her sword with her blood. The couple ends up killing Mia Luo with the sword. Mia Luo dies and vanishes. Feng Jiu and Dong Hua are deeply injured from the battle, and they cannot leave the ward, but the combination of their blood purifies all the dark energy, and the ward breaks.

Feng Jiu’s son visits her, and Dong Hua meets his son for the first time. The last scene shows them living peacefully as a family.

Some of the bonus scenes of the series show Ji Heng realizing her obsession with Dong Hua. Realizing the importance of Yan Chi Wu, she ends up with him.

The series can be streamed on Amazon Prime, Netflix, Rakuten Viki, and VIU.

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