Mountain Monsters Season 9 Release Date, Cast, and More

Mountain Monsters is an American reality television series. The theme of the show is based on Cryptozoology. The series is airing on the Travel channel.

Mountain Monsters has been produced by American Chainsaws and its producers are  Colt Straub, Duke Straub, Russell Geyser, Jay Blumke, Ken Charles, and Royal Malley. The show was first released on June 22, 2013, on Destination America. A total of eight seasons have been released since then.

The series follows the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (A.I.M.S.) team. It is a team of seven native West Virginian hunters and trappers who conducts research and track unidentified creatures in the Appalachian Mountains.

There is also a side series that was released titled Mountain Monsters: By The Fire that features extra facts and never-seen-before footage from different episodes of the series.

Mountain Monsters Season 9 Release Date

Mountain Monsters Season 9 Release Date
Mountain Monsters Season 9 Release Date

There are a total of eight seasons that have been released until now. Seventy-seven episodes have been released till now. The first season was aired in 2013 and had 6 episodes. The second season was released in 2014 consisting of 14 episodes. The third season was released in 2015 and had 8 episodes. The fourth season was released in 2016 which consisted of 13 episodes. The fifth season was aired in 2017 and had 9 episodes. The sixth season was released in 2019 which consisted of 10 episodes. The seventh season was aired in 2021 and had 9 episodes. The eighth season was released in 2022 and had 10 episodes. The running time for each episode is around 42-60 minutes.

The first five seasons of the series were aired on Destination America. It was announced that the sixth season would be moving to the Travel Channel. Shortly after the premiere of season 7, it was announced that the new episodes would only release exclusively on the Discovery+ streaming platform for the rest of the seasons.

Mountain Monsters Season 9 has not been renewed yet. No dates have yet been released for the new season of Mountain Monsters. However, the show has not been canceled. The show is either on a break or the new season is yet to be scheduled.

Fans are excited for the release of the new season and are eagerly waiting for the trailer.

Mountain Monsters Season 9 Cast

Mountain Monsters Season 9 Cast
Mountain Monsters Season 9 Cast
  • John “Trapper” Tice, Team leader (1947-2019)
  • Jeff Headlee, Researcher
  • Willy McQuillian, Trap builder
  • Joseph “Huckleberry” Lott, security
  • William “Wild Bill” Neff, Expert tracker
  • Jacob “Buck” Lowe, Expert caller (formerly “Rookie”)

The show is narrated by Michael Berger.

Mountain Monsters Season 9 Plot

Mountain Monsters Season 9 Plot
Mountain Monsters Season 9 Plot

Mountain Monsters is an American Cryptozoology-themed reality series. The show is all about strong men looking for the unexplainable in the Appalachian Mountains. The show consists of supernatural stories and is capable of providing you with information about the creatures of the dark roaming in the dark alpine forests that you might get nowhere else. Team A.I.M.S gathers and searches for evidence of the legendary and mythical creatures of the Appalachians. One and only goal of the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings team is to search for the truth and bring it to you exclusively without any filters.

Fans find the show overly interesting and love the thrill of the chase. Thus, it is no wonder why the show has gained immense popularity. Fans love the group of seven superstars searching for the legendary and unidentified creatures roaming the Appalachian.

Even though the trailer or the dates for the new show has not been released officially, so there is no confirmed details about the storyline of season 9 of Mountain Monsters. But it is expected that the new season will also follow the same storyline as the previous seasons.

Where To Watch Mountain Monsters Season 9?

  • Destination America (2013-17)
  • Travel Channel (2019-present)
  • Discovery+ (2021-present)
  • DMAX (2013-19)

Mountain Monsters airs on television weekly on Destination America. You can also stream the old episode of the show online. There is no official news released regarding season 9. However, before the release of the ninth season, catch up on the previous episodes online. You can watch Mountain Monsters online on Vudu Movie, Prime Video, and Spectrum TV.

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