Smother Season 3 Updates, Plot, and More!

Smother, the County Clare-based Irish thriller drama series written by Kate ‘O Riordan premiered on 7 March 2021 on RTÉ One. The show is a genius assortment of a large range of characters and has tackled all of them together beautifully making it a must-watch indeed!

Smother Season 3 Plot

Smother Season 3 Plot
Smother Season 3 Plot

The opening scene gives us the mystery around which the whole show will revolve like most shows’ fashion these days, an argument on a clifftop ending with a man’s death on the beach below. We are then taken back in time when successful businessman Denis hosts his wife Val’s 50th birthday party. Present are their three daughters as well- Jenny, who is pregnant and a single doctor working for her father’s validation only, Anna, who is right now at the final stages of a custody battle with her husband’s former wife over his two sons and Grace, the youngest of the three battling a mental illness and at present not on medication.

Many other friends and family are present as guests in the party too including Grace’s ex, Joe, a police detective, then Denis’ brother, Frank, who has an apparent affair with Val, and the cold interaction between Val and her best friend, Alannah indicates she definitely slept with Denis as well as Rory’s ex-wife, Elaine.

Denis plans to make a speech where he will reveal his and Val’s separation and expose Val’s affair with her young lover. Denis also warns confidently that Val would definitely come back to him once she finds out about him.

Denis as one can guess was the one on the cliff later that rollercoaster night. The same night when Val discovers, a shaken Grace went roaming, found out that Joe and Cathy were not just seeing each other but also expecting a child and that her dad was going to sell the café too.

The whole show continues to mingle in more such seeds of suspicions, and mysteries and scatters them at the perfect pace throughout all the episodes.

Everything about Smother Season 3

Everything about Smother Season 3
Everything about Smother Season 3

The second season of Smother released on April 28,2022. As far as the third season is concerned fans would be happy to know the show has indeed been given a renewal and season 3 is confirmed and officially happening! The show has been receiving great reviews and hence the renewal comes as good news to all. It is believed that the filming process for season 3 is already in works as of writing and hence season 3 can be expected to hit the small scream sometime around the second quarter of 2023.

What can Smother Season 3 be about?

What can Smother Season 3 be about
What can Smother Season 3 be about

In the second season, the ‘Aherns’ are shown on a risky journey. There is a huge threat and danger to the family and the women have no idea who to trust. In the finale, Val finally questions Finn about his real intentions, with Elaine, the matriarch giving Finn full details about what happened on the night of Denis’ death. So, the drama and thrills to follow that as well as the injury of Finn add to a rather intriguing storyline for the third season.

Smother Season 3 Cast

Smother Season 3 Cast
Smother Season 3 Cast
  • Dervla Kirwan as Val Ahern
  • Gemma-Leah Devereux as Anna Ahern
  • Seána Kerslake as Grace Ahern
  • Niamh Walsh as Jenny Ahern
  • Justine Mitchell as Elaine Lynch
  • Dean Fagan as Finn Ahern (Series 2)
  • Stuart Graham as Denis Ahern
  • Conor Mullen as Frank Ahern
  • Hilary Rose as Alanna Hutchins
  • Kevin McGahern as Michael Foley
  • Michael Patric as Sgt. Paudie Manning
  • Thomas Levin as Carl Jensen
  • Hazel Doupe as Ingrid Jensen
  • Lochlann O’Mearáin as Rory Dwyer
  • Éanna Hardwicke as Joe Ryan
  • James O’Donoghue as Calum Dwyer
  • Elijah O’Sullivan as Jacob Dwyer
  • Ayoola Smart as Cathy Cregan
  • Carrie Crowley as Mairead Noonan

Where to watch Smother?

Smother is available to stream on Peacock Premium or for free with ads on Peacock. The first season of the show can also be bought on Amazon Video, Google Play, and VUDU.

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