Social Distance Season 2 Everything You Need To Know About

We all went completely nuts during the pandemic, like not even kidding, real-time. We all had never been in such a situation where we had to stay home, and wear masks at all times and we all know how crazy work from home and even studying from home drove us. To depict these struggles, our struggles, and how every individual, every family, and couple coped up with the effects of Covid, Hilary Weisman Graham and the creator of “Orange is The New Black”, Jenji Kohan created a show called Social Distance. Social Distance is an American streaming anthology series that falls under the genre of comedy and drama.

The show also talks about the “Black Lives Matter” protest which took place after the murder of George Floyd. The entire show is based on the fact of how we adapted to the pandemic situation and still managed to stay connected to each other through technology.

The fandom collected by season 1 is now aspiring for Social Distance Season 2 and is rolling its eyes all over the media.

Social Distance Season 2 Plot Summary And Recap

Social Distance Season 2 Plot Summary And Recap
Social Distance Season 2 Plot Summary And Recap

Each episode of the show tells a different story about a different person and how they manage to stay sane in the covid situation. The show depicts eight different stories which explain the eight episodes. The first episode is about a man who talks to his friends and his support group through an app called videotelephony, (basically an AA meeting online) about his past and how he’s trying to stay sober. The second episode is about a family that is attending a funeral and grieving the demise of a member via videotelephony and discusses their arguments and unnecessary interruptions due to lack of knowledge of technology.

In the third episode, a woman takes care of a senior while her daughter is home alone, her helplessness and desperation to meet her daughter. The fourth episode is about a couple of squabbles a lot but is given a reality check when they have to survive the pandemic, the fifth episode follows the footsteps of a man trying to take care of his son while his wife suffers from covid.

In the sixth episode, an older couple struggles with technology and argues a lot while navigating the whole covid situation. The seventh episode is about a 17 yr old girl who has a crush on a guy but is shocked to realize his revelations when she checks his social media and the eighth and the last episode of the season is a story about a young black guy who is refused by his older black boss when he asks to take off so that he can participate in the Black Lives Matter Protest.

Social Distance Season 2 Cast

Social Distance Season 2 Cast
Social Distance Season 2 Cast

The cast of Social Distance includes:

  • Mike Colter as Ike
  • Oscar Nunez as Miguel Villareal
  • Daniel Brooks as Imani
  • Peter Scanavino as Greg
  • Asante Black as Corey
  • Becky Ann Baker as Carolyn Currier
  • Brian Jordan Alvarez as Marco
  • Kylie Lia Page as Mia Huang
  • David Iacono as Jake Miller
  • Heather Burns as Deb
  • Dylan Baker as Neil Currier
  • Daphne Rubin-Vega as Reina Villareal
  • Marsha Stephanie Blake as Marion
  • Max Jenkins as Shane
  • Ali Ahn as Anne-Marie
  • Ayize Ma’at as John
  • Isabella Ferreira as Madison
  • Guillermo Diaz as Santiago Villareal
  • Okieriete Onaodowan as Reggie
  • Peter Vack as Adam
  • Marcia DeBonis as Linda
  • Lovie Simon as Ayana
  • Lachlan Watson as Riley Holcomb
  • Tami Sagher as Lisa

Although if Social Distance Season 2 is released we could expect an entirely different cast because every episode does tell a different story and a different cast would also be required to depict that story.

Social Distance Season 2 Release Date

Social Distance Season 2 Release Date
Social Distance Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of the show was released on October 15, 2020. At present, the show stands at a rating of 5.7 out of 10 on IMDb. The show hasn’t officially been renewed for a second season, the expectations for the same were high at the time of the pandemic i.e. 2021. Although I would say that even if the show isn’t renewed we would still have an ending, and we would still be able to witness our life, and our struggles during the pandemic through season 1.

Social Distance Season 2 Expected Plot

Social Distance Season 2 Expected Plot
Social Distance Season 2 Expected Plot

Season 1 was entirely based on the stories of people just like us should I say based on us. I mean let’s be real we survived a whole pandemic. It’s all about the real-life struggles that we had to face due to the pandemic. If Social Distance Season 2 is released it is expected to be of the same nature, telling us more interesting stories of many other people.

Social Distance Season 2 Trailer

The trailer opens with a man talking to a bunch of people online through a video call and it seems to be an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. We catch glimpses of every episode in a very detailed manner which is pleasing on the director’s part. It is filled with drama, love, and tears just like the show itself. The trailer is perfectly appropriate for the show.

Where to Watch Social Distance?

Social Distance season 1 is available on Netflix.

Social Distance Season 2 is expected to be released on the same platform if renewed.

That’s it for this series. For more Social Distance Season 2 information stay tuned to the Latest Series

Until then ADIOS.

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